Shelby and Scott were standing next to each other washing dishes after breakfast. They were put on dish-washing duty for their public display of affection earlier when they were found kissing.

They scrubbed the pots in silence. Their heads shot up when Daisy came in back by them.

"We're all wanted in the deep, dark woods," Daisy said.

Shelby blinked.

"Whoa. Deja-vu," Shelby said.

"What are you talking about?" Scott asked.

"Well not really deja-vu but this happened before, last year. Me and you were back here doing dishes and Daisy came up and said that. It was when we were talking about how to get you out of here before your dad and that skank got here," Shelby said.

"I wasn't aware that day meant that much to you for you to remember," Scott said, teasing.

Shelby chuckled.

"It didn't. I just have a good memory," Shelby commented.

"Okay. Well while you two are traveling down memory lane, you guys are wasting time. Peter said hurry up," Daisy said.

"Right," Scott said. "Why are we going into the woods again?"

"We have a hike today. Remember?" Shelby asked.

"No. I don't have the great memory you do,"

"Peter told us yesterday,"

Shelby shook her head and smiled at Scott. She took off her apron and gloves and threw them on the counter. Scott did the same and followed the two girls out of the kitchen. They walked over to the group of Cliffhangers, Peter and Sophie.

"Good. Now that we're all here, why don't you guys get your back packs on so we can get going?" Peter asked and pointed to three pack backs that were already packed for Shelby, Scott and Daisy.

"Oh. What fun," Shelby commented with sarcasm while grabbing her back pack and putting it on.

Scott and Daisy both put theirs on. Daisy left the couple to walk by themselves and went up to talk to Ezra.

Scott and Shelby walked in the back of the group. Shelby kept glancing over at Scott as they walked in silence and Scott realized it after a few minutes.

"What are you looking at?" Scott asked.

Shelby shrugged.

"Just observing," Shelby said.

After about an hour of walking, Peter finally let the kids have a break.

"Okay, we're going to stop her and take a five minute break," Peter said.

Scott stopped walking and grabbed Shelby's hand, forcing her to stop as well. He looked down at Shelby. He couldn't resist the chance to kiss her. He leaned down and kissed Shelby gently on the lips.

"Wasn't dish washing duty enough for you two?" Auggie asked teasing them.

"What can I say? I couldn't resist it," Scott said to Auggie smiling. "Honestly, could you resist her?"

"Yes," Shelby commented. "He resisted me before."

"What are you talking about?" Scott asked either of them.

"Early on, when Shelby first got here, she hit on me," Auggie said.

"Don't flatter yourself, Auggie. I hit on everyone," Shelby said.

"Yeah but I said 'no'. Not many other people did,"

"No one else did,"

"I did," Scott interjected.

"For a little while," Shelby teased.

"Almost two months isn't a little while, Shelby," Juliet said from behind Auggie.

"Well, I was going through a phase," Scott said.

"So that's all I was to you? A phase?" Juliet asked, grinning.

"Relax, Princess, you had him for a while. He was even jelouse of Auggie," Shelby said, glancing at Auggie.

"That's true. We actually got into a fight about you," Auggie said to Juliet.

"Awe. I feel so loved," Juliet smirked.

"You should,"

"Why are you guys talking about me like I'm not here?" Scott asked.

"Sorry," Juliet and Auggie both said.

Shelby turned to Scott and smiled.

"I'm sorry," She said and kissed him.

"He may have been with Juliet for a while but, you're the one he's with now," Ezra commented.

"And you're the one he came back for," Daisy added.

Shelby and Scott both smiled.

"Oh. Isn't this sweet. We're all taking a trip down memory lane about how our wonderful couple hooked up," David said with sarcasm.

Everyone rolled their eyes.

"Shut up, David. You weren't even here for everything we're talking about," Juliet said.

"I wasn't here for some of it either," Daisy said.

"Yeah but you, at least, know everything. And you didn't even miss a whole month of the drama with Scott and those two," Ezra said.

"It wasn't that much drama," Juliet said.

Everyone looked at her, even Shelby and Scott were the ones involved. She smiled.

"Okay. Maybe it was," Juliet said.

"All right, you guys, let's get going," Peter said, telling everyone that the short-lived break was over.

"That could not have been five minutes," Shelby said.

"Actually, it was six," Sophie said. "Now let's go. You guys are doing good, keep it up and we'll be back early,"

"Oh won't that just be so fun? We'll be back in time for us to go into our little beds and have a good night sleep," David said with obvious sarcasm.

Sophie shook her head and motioned for everyone to follow Peter.

Everyone started to walk again.

"So, you and your mom still not getting along?" Scott asked Shelby.

"She still hates me. I ruined her perfect life with Walt," Shelby said while shaking her head. "Perfect! How can she even say it was perfect? Me and Jess were going through hell and she was living it up. God. I can't stand her!"

"So she's still pissed at you 'cause you called the cops on him?"


"Well at least Jess doesn't hate you anymore,"

"She only hated me 'cause I left her with him,"

"Yes, but she doesn't anymore,"

"Right," Shelby said.

"We have such confusing lives," Scott commented.

"Not always. Only when it comes to our former step parents. Speaking of our parents, how are you and your dad?"

"He's still pissed about me walking out on him,"

"He deserved it,"

"Try telling him that," Scott said with a chuckle. "He still thinks everything that happened with Elaine was my fault."

"Well, your dad's an idiot," Shelby said.

"So is your mom,"

"Oh. I know,"

Everyone continued to walk up-hill.

"You guys talking about your wonderful parents?" Daisy asked.

"Yeah. Except scratch the "wonderful" part out," Shelby said.

"Am I the only one here who loves my parents?" Auggie asked.

"You're the only one who's parents aren't the reason they're here," Scott said.

"I'm not the only one. Am I?"

"Well, let's observe. Scott is here because of his father and former step mother. Shelby's here because of her mother and former step father. Juliet is here because of pressures from her mother. Ezra's here because his parents never acknowledged him so he got into drugs. David's here because of his father keeping him away from his mother causing his new personality. And I'm here because my parents were alcoholics and now my mother's dead and my father is in rehab 'cause of it," Daisy said.

"Kat wasn't here because of her parents," Auggie pointed out.

"Yeah, she kinda was," Juliet said. "She did all those things to get them to notice her because after her sister died she thought they hated and blamed her."

"What are you all talking about back there?" Peter asked.

"Why we're here," Juliet said.

"And how it's all our parents fault," Ezra added.

"Don't blame your parents," Peter said sternly.

"Why not? You did, too," David said.

"Yeah. And then I grew up," Peter responded. "Come on. You guys slow down when you start to talk,"

Peter continued to walk up the hill as everyone dropped the discussion and followed.

Shelby felt oddly dizzy all of a sudden and stumbled nearly falling over but Scott grabbed her. Shelby shook her head and blinked a few times. She lifted her right hand to her forehead and rubbed it gently.

"You okay?" Scott asked concerned.

Shelby nodded and blinked a few more times.

"Yeah. It was just a dizzy spell," Shelby said and started to walk again.

Scott started to walk again next to Shelby. He watched her carefully, worried about that 'dizzy spell' she just had. Shelby saw him watching her and gave him a confused look.

"What?" Shelby asked.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Scott asked.

"I'm fine, Scott. Really. It was just a dizzy spell," She said again reassuringly.

"If you say so," Scott said, not convinced.

They both continued to walk.

After about another hour of walking Peter called for another five minute break.

Shelby threw her back pack off and leaned up against a tree. She wanted a cigarette for some strange reason. She was good and quit while she was at school last here but over the summer she started up again. It was a terrible habit and one that was extremely difficult to quit.

"Anyone got a cigarette?" Shelby asked allowed.

"I thought you quit?" Auggie asked.

"Well I started again over the summer,"

Peter looked at Shelby sternly.

"It's a hard habit to quit, Peter," Shelby said.

"Well there's no cigarettes here so you'll have the entire school year to quit again," Peter said.

"Yeah, you said there were no cigarettes here last year, too. Yet, I always ended up getting 'em anyways," Shelby said under her breath so no one heard except maybe Scott who was standing right next to her.

"All right, you guys, let's get going," Sophie said.

"Oh. I can't wait!" Shelby said sarcastically.

She leaned down to grab her back pack but she had another 'dizzy spell' and slipped. Her foot went out from under her and she fell down the side of the hill. She screamed as she rolled down the side of the hill on the ground.

"Shelby!" Scott yelled after her.

He jumped over the side of the hill after Shelby as she continued to slide down the side of the hill. He fell and rolled a little as he landed but he regained his footing before anyone really noticed her fell.

"Scott!" Sophie yelled after him as he jumped over. She was trying to stop him but it did no good.

Shelby continued to slide down as Scott ran after her. She couldn't stop herself. She tried grabbing something to stop her but it did no good, she either couldn't get a good enough grip or what she grabbed wasn't sturdy enough. Shelby wasn't stopped until her hit a large rock. Her head slammed into the rock and her body stopped rolling.

She lay there unconscious. She didn't move, she didn't make any noise and her breathing was faint.

Scott ran up to her body and sat down on the ground by her. He didn't touch her though. He didn't want to take the chance of hurting her even worse.

Peter came running up next to Scott.

"What happened?" Peter asked quickly

"I'm not sure. She leaned down to grab her back pack and she slipped," Scott said with a panicked voice.

Peter looked over Shelby's body. Her shirt was ripped and her stomach, back, face and arms had scratches all over them from the fall. The back of her head was also bleeding and her blonde hair was turning red.

Peter stood up and turned around.

"Sophie!" He screamed. "Call a rescue team to come up here and then call the hospital!"

Sophie nodded and picked up the radio.

"The hospital? It's not that bad, is it?" Juliet asked to no one in particular.

David looked over the edge but was careful not to fall over. He noticed the blood in Shelby's hair and sighed.

"Yeah, I'm gonna say it's that bad. She's out cold and she hit her head on a rock. I think that's the only thing that stopped her," David said and actually managed to sound worried.

Scott looked down at Shelby's limp body and fought back tears. She's gonna be okay, Scott told himself. She has to be okay. Scott's eyes scanned over Shelby's body and stopped when he saw just how badly she was bleeding from her head. Her hair was soaked with blood.

Scott looked to Peter. Scott's eyes glazed over with un-shed shed tears and Peters did, too. They both knew how serious it was though neither of them wanted to admit it. Scott felt like such a little kid right now. He didn't know what to do. All he could do was look at Peter with worry showing all over his face.

"She's going to be okay, right Peter?" Scott asked and his voice cracked as he was still fighting back tears.

"I don't know. I hope so," Peter responded as he was also still fighting back tears.

"Peter!" Sophie screamed down to them. "They're on their way!"

"Shouldn't we try to stop the bleeding?" Scott asked

"No," Peter said. "We don't want to move her and take the chance of hurting her even worse."

Everyone was silent. Everyone was looking down at the ground in complete silence as they came to the realization that it was Shelby, their strongest one, hurt.
Scott looked down at Shelby's motionless body and finally let his tears fall. Peter was still maintaining his emotions but Scott just couldn't anymore.

Scott kept telling himself that Shelby was going to be okay. She's so strong. She has to be okay. She'll be fine, Scott was saying to himself but he couldn't bring himself to believe it.

This was Shelby, the love of his life and one of the strongest people he'd ever met, and she was lying there completely helpless and there was nothing he could do to help her; there was nothing anyone could do.

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