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Plot: - A Prequel to Yu-Gi-Oh R. - After defeating Malik Ishtar, Mutou Yuugi and his mysterious counterpart have come out of the esteemed Battle City competition victorious. Now in possession of three Sen-Nen Items and the Genshin kaados (god cards)—things are looking pretty up. Until a dark shadow (invisible to their awareness) begins to lurk around them and their companions, targeting the one person they both can't deal without: Mazaki Anzu…
Genre: Angst/Romance/Horror/Suspense/Drama/Action Adventure


Warning: Rated T (PG-13) (Parents Strongly Cautioned) For Sensuality, Cursing and Misdeed.
-Imperfect Paradise (Yamiko)

Before R-A Project
By Imperfect Paradise


-Chapter Five-
"Within My Eyes"

As the three girls continued down the sidewalk hugging the street of downtown Domino, a fair-sized figure was moving his way towards them, trying his best to avoid detection. Quietly moving through the crowds of people, his eyes were locked on his intended target, wanting more than anything to get to her. After all, he had much to lose if this went array, and the slightest misunderstanding could cost him everything he could ever dream of.

Almost there, he thought, reaching the point where he was about five feet away. Now all I have to do is—

Nevertheless, what the figure hadn't factored in was that his "target"—having gone through her life in darkness for such a long period of time—would catch on to his presence without much difficultly. Hearing the sound of familiar squeaking sneakers, Shizuka turned around to face her stalker, meeting him directly in the eye.

Recognizing him in a flash, she blinked for a moment, before a genuine smile came and abducted her features. "Oh," she chirped, friendliness (as always) lacing the outline of her tone, "Hello Bakura-san."

Realizing that he had been caught dead in his efforts to make contact with the young auburn haired girl, the now panic-stricken Ryou Bakura froze instantly, the hairs on the back of his neck standing on end in spite of himself. As for Anzu and Mai, having taking notice of the fact that one of their own had broken away from them (and for the cause of a familiar subject, none the less) the two of them stopped in their tracks and turned around, facing the young duelist. Instantly registering the identity of their previous stalker, Anzu smiled brightly and commented, "Oh my gosh. Bakura, what are you doing out at this part of town?"

Bakura made a small attempt to crack a smile (while in the darker corners of his mind, he contemplated over how this situation could have possibly gone so array without him even realizing it), and soon felt an unwelcome lump build itself up inside both his throat and stomach. Trying his best not to look at Shizuka, his eyes darted between the three girls as he tried to think of a suitable excuse.

Crap… what could have possibly possessed him to follow Shizuka Kawai on a public street while in the company of two of her most treasured friends? All he had done that day was stop by a nearby coffee shop, hoping to get a small sized tea, when he had just happened to glance over at the window and see the young, aspiring beauty walk right past him. It was almost surreal. Seeing Shizuka there, with her radiantly beautiful fire-tinted hair, her angelic skin and her gentle voice, all ensnaring him like a lure on a fishing-line. That didn't matter though… Not at the present time, anyway. What mattered was the fact that he had been stupid enough to follow her and was stupider still for not coming up with an alibi to explain his erm… questionable actions if in the event something like this had ever happened.

"Uhm… Bakura-san?" Shizuka asked, staring at him oddly. "Are you okay?"

Bakura had little time to reflect on the sympathy being cast at him. Instead, he chose to think about all that could and most likely will go wrong if he stuck around any longer. If he lied, there was the possibility for suspicion from her and her peers that could lead to further or potential problems. Heh, wouldn't his dark half love it if he had the chance to manipulate his friends and lead them into a more serious situation. God, he could see it now; his dark half taking over any second and leading them away to a secluded area and restraining them, refusing to let them go without the promise that Yuugi would duel him—and that was something that someone in his position couldn't afford to let happen.

Then there was telling the truth.

Sweet- "Christ"—that one (although it was probably the most frank thing he could do at this point) was even worse. If he had let loose that he had uncontainable feelings for the youngest member of their party, there were a number of bad things that could happen. For starters, Shizuka would probably laugh at him, and the chances of Mai and Anzu doing the same were almost a guarantee (Man, who was it again that brought up the observation that girls travel in packs? Whoever he was, he was right!) Then there was what would happen next. Obviously, the news would travel—to Yuugi, Honda, Otogi (the previous two were bad enough) but he was quite sure that the person who would probably get negatively hyped up would be none other than Shizuka's dearest brother; Jounouchi Katsuya. Although Jounouchi was oblivious and probably wouldn't notice in any other case, Bakura's chances were still quite slim in evading the wrath of Shizuka eldest sibling, all because of the fact that one of the members (whom he had the luck of meeting in response to his mindless, puppy-loved trance) was probably the most gossipy of the three girls. Glancing at the woman for a brief moment (Mai's eyebrow raising in response) he began to juggle his options as quick as he could.

Realizing instantly that whatever game plan he had before was absolute not worth it, Bakura cringed for a moment, before he screamed out the words, "Got-ta go!" and bolted in the opposite direction, not giving his confused audience a second thought.

For the longest times, no one said a word. But after a few seconds following this, Shizuka asked, not really caring if it was answered or not, "What just happened there?"

Anzu answered mindlessly, "No clue."

Hearing an extended sigh coming from behind them, Anzu and Shizuka cocked their heads backwards, just in time to see Mai reach up and run a hand through the front of her golden locks. "Typical…" she murmured, looking somewhat put out. Then glancing over in Bakura's direction, she stated ingenuously, "I always knew that I was attractive and all, but it's actually somewhat disgraceful if someone eight years younger than me is in possession of such provocative thoughts."

Hearing this Anzu leaned in Mai's direction and asked, inquisitively, "Come again?"

Placing her hands on her hips, Mai leaned towards Anzu and Shizuka and began, "Face it, Hon—you saw the way he looked at me before he ran off. I suppose he just couldn't handle it. In the long run, he's better off—I mean, I wouldn't associate myself with minors in that perspective anyway, but still." (A/N 1)

Looking off in the direction Bakura ran off, Shizuka blinked for a moment, before commenting, "…I guess so."

Throughout the course of what remained of the afternoon, the trio continued walking through the assortments of shops and firms, the event of Bakura having been completely dismissed from their minds within no less that fifteen minutes. At one point, the group of girls were unfortunate enough to come across a COACH store outlet, and Mai immediately dragged Shizuka and Anzu into the American shopping chain, forcing them to watch as she tried on several shoes and sampled several different tints of makeup. By the time they left, Mai was carrying a few handbags with Shizuka assisting her (who, which didn't have much choice there), looking only relieved to have finally left the premises. Nevertehless, as the party continued onwards, Anzu walked slowly and quietly, her attention having diverted from the physical world to another one of similar consequence. She was so absorbed in her thoughts that she didn't even notice that Mai and Shizuka had paused behind her because someone had tripped over one of the bags she was carrying. But even as Mai shrieked and cursed (the poor auburn haired girl quivering, wide-eyed at the sight of the dominating blonde) in the background (getting almost everyone's attention in the mall), it was still not enough to rouse Anzu from her not-so-comfortable rapture.

It was strange. From what had seemed like the entire day Yuugi had been avoiding her completely. Then again, shopping for conventional female products wasn't his type of thing at all anyway, but that hadn't stopped him from coming on previous excursions with her before. Moreover, it wasn't because he was with Honda and Jounouchi, because from last she heard, they were still making up detention hours that stretched out before Battle City and even before Duelist Kingdom (Anzu rolled her eyes). But when they were at school, he had just sat at his desk, staring into open space, not saying anything. During the study break, he hadn't brought out any kind of a game or collectible (which seemed to be almost a trademark of his at times), and from the scheme of things (or so it looked), it appeared as if he hadn't even "packed" one. And when school adjourned, he had just grabbed his bag and left the second the bell had wrung, not saying another word.

This worried Anzu for many reasons. Where was the genuine smile Yuugi had? Why hadn't he packed his deck, capsule monster tokens or even something as basic as a set of traditional cards? Seriously, what could possibly have happened to him?

Then again, it wasn't as if Yuugi was immune to trouble. For he had had many shares with dealings in major thugs such as Ushio, Sozoji, Inogashira and others that had been crafted into the course of his life. Was that the reason? Was he being picked on by one of those thugs again? But if that was the case, then…

…Well, she could certainly rule out Ushio; the lousy, near-homicidal lunatic had been transferred to a high school down south for students with "special needs," as his mind had been transformed into a near schizophrenic state (even to this day, Anzu "still" didn't know why he had thought her school pin was a one-hundred yen piece). Sozoji had graduated the other year and was now working at a karaoke bar under a different name (why, she didn't know). And Inogashira? Well… Even after three years of being hospitalized before the school carnival due to major burns and scarred facial tissue, the fact remained that the sorry bastard still hadn't woken up. So, what was left to conclude about the strange emotional changes in her most cherished friend?

Still, she had little time to reflect on it, when a pale hand reached out and grabbed her by the shoulder.

"So; we meet again, Anzu-chan…"

Anzu shrieked and after jumping slightly, she spun around to face a pair of two familiar silver-colored irises, accompanied with what seemed like a complacent smirk.

"You!" she spat out unintentionally. But after recoiling from the sudden action, (and realizing the error of what she just did, and in front of someone else) she suddenly stated quickly, at a rather fast pace, "That is, uh—Tenma! I mean, Tenma-san… I-I didn't notice you there."

Letting a few seconds pass by, the silver haired boy put on a genuine smile (as if he understood her panic) and after cocking his head to the side, stated in what seemed like a kind sounding voice, "Sorry about that. I really didn't mean to frighten you… I suppose it's just a bad habit or something of the sort."

Anzu stared at him for a few moments (briefly thinking how what seemed so similar to stalking could possibly be considered or classified as "a bad habit," which was already kind of creepy along side with the evidently cultured and unusually attributed-"Mr. Nice-guy" voice) but then realized how awkward this situation might be for anyone passing by. Forcing a small smile on her face, she slowly said (being careful not to spit it out in a blurting like motion) the first response that came to mind, "Yeah, uhm… … … … It's okay… … I guess."

Letting out a brief tender laugh, Tenma looked around and asked, "It's so nice to see you again, Anzu, but what are you doing in this part of town? Isn't school still in session?"

Anzu answered, while averting her attention to the ground giving off an almost uncomfortable look (she still didn't like how this kid—if he was one —was looking at her), "Well… Today is the teacher's meeting schedule, so our timing was altered slightly. In response, we all got out a few hours early…"

After saying, something immediately came to Anzu's attention. Looking back out at the silver-haired boy, she asked, suspicion clearly evident in her tone, "What about you? Doesn't Rintama have a different schedule?"

For about three seconds, the silver-haired boy didn't speak. But then, slightly looking off to the side , Tenma sighed wistfully (looking like he was dreading something) before looking back at her and explaining, "First off, I apologize; for I know what I am going to tell you doesn't seem normal even in the slightest. Pretty much, the story is that a third year—who I suspect was probably under the influence of, err… non-friendly chemicals—somehow got the idea that it would be quite corking to set fire to one of the front-row desks in my second period class. So…" (he smirked slightly) we were let out early while the teachers tried to resolve the matter."

For about three moments, Anzu stared, slack-jawed, surprised that a student could talk so casually about something so… severely screwed up. Then, collecting herself, she asked, "But if something like that happened, wouldn't the teachers want to question some of the witnesses? You were there, weren't you? I mean, right there when it happened? Why didn't they ask you asking?"

Reaching back to scratch the rear of his head, Tenma cast his glance slightly to the left, explaining thoughtfully, "Well… I don't really know, to tell you the truth. But if I was a betting man, I suppose it might have something to do with the budget cuts they recently had on the campus security department."

"… … … … Yuh- huhhhhh…"

Smirking slightly, the Rintama student shifted his weight casually and asked pleasantly, "Making the most of your time?"

Anzu nodded, and explained, "Yeah, I guess…"

"Would you mind if I joined you?"

Beginning to become a little freaked out and even somewhat terrified with the direction that this little conversation was going, Anzu opened her mouth to complain, but was cut short with—

"Hey, Anzu-sweetie!" Mai called out from about twenty feet away. "There's a "great" sale at EXPRESS; Twenty-five percent off your third pair on designer jeans! Can you lend me a buck or two?" (A/N 2)

After this sudden jolt of reality that sent her back to her previous affairs, Anzu (realizing what Mai was implying and at that, adjusting to it almost instantly in a negative way) yelled hoarsely back, " Are you "kidding" me? After "all" that money you blew on that professional imitation diamond encrusted purse" (hearing this dose of information, Tenma's face instantly converted into a somewhat off-balance expression) "you still want to buy something else? Can't you just be satisfied?-!"

From afar, Mai cocked her head to the side, and whined, "Come on Anzu—be a dear for me for just this one time and I'll buy you a chocolate sundae afterwards!" She then turned heal and walked back into the designer clothes retailer, while Anzu let out an irritated sounding groan on the sidelines. She then looked back at Tenma, and explained, "I'm sorry, but this really isn't a good time. Maybe we can arrange something in the future, but…"

The silver-haired boy sighed and while shaking her off, stated, "Nahhh, It's alright. I should probably be going anyway; I do have homework, after all."

He then turned to walk away, leaving Anzu standing there (who was presently undergoing self-denial for her asking to meet him again), staring gawk-eyed at his departing form. Nevertheless, he didn't take any more than a few strides before stopping. Anzu stiffened slightly as he began, "As for your proposal," he turned around to look at her directly in the eye, and smiling slightly, "I'd like something like that… See you around, I guess." With that, he turned the corner, letting Anzu trudge on off after Mai, looking completely and totally irked…

As he continued walking in the opposite direction, the boy's eyes suddenly cocked back towards the mall, making sure that he had reacched the point where he couldn't see it anymore. After getting to that point, and also being careful to ensure that he was a safe distance away from ear-shot of anyone who might have been watching, the eldest Tenma brother reached for his breast uniform pocket and pulled out a cellular phone. After dialing memory one and brining the communication device into its proper position, he waited patiently for the other end to pick up. Without going through even three rings, a click sounded, followed by a disgruntled sounding voice (but identical to his), which instantly came through from the other end.

"What it is it?-!" the voice barked, rudely.

Smirking slightly from his brother's grumpy attitude, Gekkou smirked and informed his younger twin, "I met the girl …"

"… … And? …"

Taking one last glance to see if wasn't being watched, Gekkou then turned his back to the street, brought the phone closer to him and asked, "Do you really think that this girl is going to be eligible enough to get us inside news on the Duel King's status? Why not just hire a spy to observe him directly?"

"Of course I'm sure. That brat has known Yuugi Mutou for almost her entire life. She'll give us everything we need without further pulling funding from our master's namesake. In short, it's a guarantee. So you better get used to it!"

"Still, it seems like the young women doesn't trust you very much," the perfect duelist commented frankly. "In fact," he murmured quietly to himself. "Seemed like she was almost terrified of me…"

"What was that?"

Hearing another question from his brother (and yet another that made him feel severely uncomfortable) Gekkou quickly added, "It's nothing; don't you worry about it." Then deciding to change the flow of the conversation (and also wanting to see what would become of it), the older Tenma suddenly put on a grin and asked merrily, " So anyway—how's life at hell-high? Did you remember to check if the office found heads or tails of the whereabouts of your missing pager?"

An irritated growl was heard from the other line. "Don't patronize me, dear brother," Yakou spat menacingly. "Which reminds me; what excuse did you give her?"

Gekkou put on a happy smile and responded, in a bright and cheerful voice, "By innovating an epic conflict involving the ignorance of a pyromaniac and a high school professor's utmost malevolence."

A disappointed groan sounded, before Yakou confessed in bitter voice (with just the slightest shade of self-pity), "Wish something like that would happen—and least in one of my classes" (Gekkou snickered a little bit)"—it would just give me so much more time. Anyway," (Yakou suddenly snapped, making Gekkou twitch slightly in response) "Continue to follow and observe her. I want to know everything about her, her friends, her acquaintances, her family, and even her freaking cousins if she them."

Hearing this, Gekkou's face suddenly fell. "Wha?" he asked, unintentionally, sounding somewhat confused. After recollecting himself and taking the liberty to re-grip his cell-phone, he asked into the speaker part, trying to take every precaution to understand what his twin was getting at, "Wait just a minute, Yakou—I thought we were only doing this for the sake of inside information on Yuugi. Would good would it do to know about—"

"Listen to me, dip-shit—right now, your job is just to stand in for me and do what I would do you in my stead! And what I want, right now- at this very moment- is hard-core data about everything revolving around that senseless twit and by God—you are going to give me info on every day of her life whether you like it or not! Now get- off your sorry ass and do it!"

Slapping his cell-phone shut, Yakou heaved his briefcase off his desk and stormed out of the class-room, kicking the waste-basket which stood besides the door, not giving a crap on what anyone else might have thought (Hey, in this school, who would have anyway?).

In truth, his last class had ended just a moment ago, and he was pissed. Although he considered himself lucky that it wasn't one of those periods where he was swarmed by pesky paper-airplanes, mysterious mind-numbing vapors and those annoying flirting laughs (which seemed to be following him constantly, now that he thought about it) it still prevented him from picking up a good attitude and shrugging everything off. And what was it that was making him mentally throw daggers on the one responsible for his agony? (God, he would rip the bowels from that stupid two-bit guard the second he saw him again) It was what was that miserable waste of time was dedicated to. And what was it? Geology. Geology! Geology for Christ's sake! Here he was—the heir to a multi-billion dollar company, with stock higher than both Apple and Microsoft combined—taking an Earth Studies course at a public high school, as if he was trying to get into a community college to ensure his "future!" (A/N 3)

Murmuring darkly under his breath, he walked by the cafeteria marquee and after glancing up at it, took the liberty to read today's caption:

All our food is made and processed by our own students.

Today's menu is:
Tonkatsu and rice
Chicken Chow-mien

and for desert:
Green-tea flavored Ice-cream.

Go Rintama Scorpions!

Raising a single eyebrow at today's given school provided luncheon (and also in response to the caption "All or food is made and processed by our own students") Yakou stared up it, looking much less than enthusiastic about what he was supposed to "eat" today (and also briefly contemplating on all that could be in the ice-cream). Then, pressing on, he shook his head, muttered to himself, "That can't be good."

Walking into the lunchroom, his eyes quickly scanned over the various tables and the people that inhabited them. In the middle of the room, there were the punk-dressed children (who looked very much like the ones he saw last night), who were presently restraining another student, one of them actually holding a serrated weapon up against his throat. Scratch that. Besides, there was no way he was going to lose another expensive item to the likes of them. Looking off towards the side (seated at the table closest to the door) was a group of gossipy girls (who wore a school uniform even worse than Mazaki Anzu's), who were currently swearing and verbally assaulting one another, with one boy seated at their table, pretending to be deeply engaged with an imported Playboy magazine, while actually looking down one girl's shirt and feeling up the calve of another's. No way he would sit there; he had one girl to deal with in his life, and that was all that mattered. Last but not least, sitting at the far end table (on the other side of the room), was a group of stoner-kids who were staring out at what appeared to be a fire hydrant still encased in glass against the wall, one of them actually smoking what looked like a wrapped up manga-page. He didn't even need to think up an excuse to not sit with them. It was obvious enough as it was.

Deciding he wanted to be in and out as quickly as possible, Tenma quickly grabbed a tray and walked up to the buffet-line. Sliding through the whole thing without stopping for 'anything' (passing by and carefully moving around another kid, who actually appeared to be drunk now that he thought about it)—Yakou finally reached the end of the line and stopped in front of the cashier-table. The woman who was operating it was extremely overweight and was in possession of a face that looked like a toad's. Also, her outfit, accompanied by an ugly-looking hair-net, only made her appearance look just about five times worse.

Glancing at him oddly, after noticing that his tray was vacant, she looked at him and asked, in an expression that sounded like she was extremely grumpy, "You not gett'n anything? Look dude, we wash those trays so you can use them; or are you too high to see what real food is?"

Narrowing his eyes (absolutely hating that this woman was affiliating him with these… these… morons) Yakou inhaled sharply before responding, "Hardly. I was just wondering if this little chicken-feeder that happens to be under your supervision has possession of anything that's fit for human consumption, let alone high-school students."

Not evening taking three seconds to respond, the woman retorted, "Possibly the hot-dog buns. Five hundred yen please." With that, she opened the cash-register and held out her hand towards Tenma, as if expecting something for her services.

Yakou stared at her, wondering if there was at all the possibility that this woman was not in the right mind (perhaps the hag was affiliated with the kids in the back of the room) but decided to go with her, but in an exceedingly different way. Laughing slightly, he leaned against the edge of the register counter, and while looking at the woman directly in the eye, slyly inquired, "Tell me, woman. When was the exact "moment" when you lost your passion for your legitimate career—if this was what you wanted to do with you life, that is?

Hearing this, the woman suddenly began to shake violently, Tenma obviously having hit the most vulnerable and spot on the woman's bulky form (man, what were the odds). Then, collecting herself, the woman suddenly stood up straight and sneered, "Oh, I see. A smart-ass, huh? That's kind of rare now these days…" Taking out a pen from behind her hair-net and then retrieving a napkin from the other side of the cash-register, she began furiously scribbling down on the stiff piece of paper. After forcing the miserable excuse for a teacher's note into the boy's grip, she looked back at the cash-register, snapping from the sidelines, "See your principal in an hour, Socrates…"

Deciding to take this debate all the way to the limit, Yakou raised his eyebrows and commented, inquisitively, "Oh, you know him?"

As the children walked by or emerged from the cafeteria, they paid no heed to what happened next. Whether it was because they were too stoned or just didn't care about it at all, not one of them gave heads or tails of the sound of loud, hard, vicious slap, which echoed through the halls and classrooms of Rintama High School.


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Author Note 1 – (Gasping for air, she's laughing so hard. Tries to calm down—fails… Then tries again) Poor Ryou—he doesn't know the damage he's caused himself. Anyway, know that I do support the coupling of Mai times Jounouchi (very much so)—but personally, II think it's kind of scary when you see it in the hardcore anime. I know I'm not one to talk (seeing as I like Pegasus times Shizuka—of all unusually creepy couples) but it's different because this has been actually made into the official Yu-Gi-Oh. I mean, let's face it; Mai's twenty-four years old and Jounouchi is around seventeen-ish, yet they're "practically" canon (Not quite, though. Here's a lesson for all you kiddies out there: Pegasus/Cyndia is the only- true- "canon" pairing in the whole series. Everything else is either speculation or one-sided. Yu-Gi-Oh R might change that, but it's highly implausible, considering that it is still a "shonen" genred comic series and unlikely to change). I just think it's kind of uhm… er… unusual, is all.

Author Note 2 – This is so typical of EXPRESS. You buy a shit load of already expensive jeans (which for me, only last about a year or even leess) and they say, "Hey! Buy two more you can have the next one FREE!" I mean, hey—they're very nice (I love their jeans) but seriously… Any who, that was the best example in which I could see Mai getting lured into something like that (she just appears to be the type that would be vulnerable to the dark-side of the international economy—not that I can criticize it… sigh).

Author Note 3 – In truth, I doubt "any" company could have stock like that in real life, but in the Yu-Gi-Oh Universe, why the hell not? I mean, it seems more people buy those cards that computers—so it seems like it could actually be plausible.

Random Note: Well, that's what I was working on for the past few months, along side with my Cinematography practical(s), creative drawing-class assignments, Astronomy quizzes and midterms, and my class projects (times two) for my digital animation class. So quite frankly, you people were lucky to get anything from me with my present schedule. (and here I thought having a bunch of electives would 'help' me—I should have known damn-it) Sorry to bite. I'm just really stressed. Anything, thank you for those friendly "happy-birthday" e-mails and messages. I really do appreciate it. This is not sarcasm, a few people actually went out of there way to do this for me, and I'm very thankful for their kindness). Anyway, catch you people later. I got a character to construct for my animation class. (walks away)