AN: yeah this is my little rant about Allen's hair. Allen's a really cool character and all but i love his hair more then him. ;;. kinda strange considering i don't like Allen very much. BUT I ADORE HIS HAIR. no joke. it's awesome. So all you Allen lovers out there enjoy. All Allen haters, you better leave. Flames are fine as long as they don't put down Allen's hair.gets the garden hose ready Oh and by the way i know i'm a bit obsessed with his hair and maybe a bit insane. meh.

Allen has the best hair EVER!

Allen's hair is perfect

It is always perfectly gelled

He has wonderful hair.

His hair does this swishy thing in the breeze. And afterwards it always comes back to it's original spot.

He spends lots of time brushing his hair. That's why it's so shiny:D

He must use Herbal Essences cuz it smells so prettyful!

Allen wins the best anime hair competition brushes down. Yay! Go Allen!

Did I mention how perfect his hair is.

He uses intense conditioning. Very manly

The only reason he lost that fight to Van was because he had to fix a very nasty split end. It wasn't his fault HELLO

His hair is invincible.

It's so straight and Blonde just like rest of Allen. (Allen is straight by the way)

He wears a shower cap to bed because he doesn't want to ruin his night

hair doo. Allen's hair is always on duty!

Everyone is jealous of Allen's hair (Krissy insert):Hitomi is jealous of his hair cuz she doesn't have a lot.

Sometime after Encia died someone gave Allen a disgraceful bowl cut. shivers How dare they? We should smite them!

Allen's hair has it's own theme music! Cool eh?

His hair looks wicked cool in a pony tail.

Dornkirk shames Allen's hair, shames.

It's as smooth as a baby's bottom (just cuz we said that doesn't mean he's gay, he is so not gay.)

Allen's hair loves the ladies. Yep and the ladies love his hair.

Krissy: Allen's hair is a player.

His hair is so damn sexy.

Allen's shaves every morning unlike Dryden who is a hippie

Allen has a 24 hour crew to maintain his beautiful locks it essential.

Allen has better hair than Millerna. Ha Ha. Her hair is so boring compared to his. Poor her.

If Allen's hair could talk it would say "I'm so great and I know it"

His hair has it's own specialized guard because it is a national Austurian

treasure. OR IT SHOULD BE. (mumbles under breath)

Allen's hair shelters the world in it's beautiful goldenness. tear

His hair is untouchable.

There should be a sacred shrine for his hair.

Tangle the hair and you will be smote. (smite smite)

His hair is flame proof. Dilandau beware of the hair. (it rhymes)

His hair is so gelled he doesn't need a helmet. Safety first.

When Allen dies his hair will live on in the hearts that have seen it. tear of course his hair won't

die what are you talking about!

Allen's hair has a fan club. Select members only (me!).

His hair avoids chlorine. Green is not clean. (Nickel is excluded from this. His hair is so cool by the way. Well not as cool as Allen's but cool none the less. NICKEL RULES!) Nickel from Gundam Seed

It is so naturally blonde. NATURALLLY! No dye here. If you even mention dye you will die.

It sparkles in light. So very sparkly.

You can get disoriented just by watching it. (it's the truth, trust me)

Allen's hair is as great as Dance of Curse and Black Escaflowne

Every man dreams about having hair like his even though they won't admit to it. Even women

His hair is softer than the finest silk. sigh

Allen's hair is the best thing that ever happened to Escaflowne. How did they ever manage without his hair for two whole episodes?

Without his gorgeous hair Escaflowne would not be as popular.

The only reason Allen was called "the heavenly knight of Austuria" was because his hair was so damn heavenly.

We love you Allen's hair!

His hair gives us hope and the strength to live on!

Gotta love the hair. You just gotta love it!

His hair just can't be duplicated. It's one of a kind.

His hair is just so……… Allen.

The hair makes Allen. Allen does not make the hair. Without the hair Allen is nothing. Do you think he would act like a ladies man without the hair. I think not!

All those peoples with the fanfics murdering Allen's hair should be beaten. No one messes with Allen's hair. If you're going to bash Allen in a fanfic make sure his hair is left out of it. It doesn't deserve to be bashed.

The only crime Allen's hair has committed is the crime of being to beautiful. It's the raw truth.

In battle, Allen's hair kicks ASS. It's like a whip, Smiting all that oppose it! Muhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Allen's hair is more graceful than Allen himself.

Allen's hair deserves a whole book dedicated to it.

Ohmygosh, his hair should have a name. It must be graceful, intelligent, awesome name. Something worthy of Allen's hair.

Allen those puffy puff sleeves don't do your hair any justice. Remove them at once. You're ruining your hair's image. You monster.

Allen keeps his hair spotless. All the time. Even while on the crusade. His hair is never in disarray.

Yay! Go Allen. Go Allen. Dryden could take a few pointers. Dryden only has his hair down once during the entire series. That was for his wedding and he even shaved! (if only he would do that every day, one of his many problems would be solved)

All Allen's enemies are frightened and awed by the sheer beauty and grace of his hair.

Allen's hair always keeps up appearances. It must. It's expected.

Allen's hair is as much of a character as Allen himself is. Even though it has no speaking parts. One swish can say many things. Sign language for hair, like Hello.

Allen if you try that bowl cut stunt again you will be pummelled to the ground, ugly hair and all.

His hair gives Allen his confidence.

His hair is the only one who will listen to his crazy ramblings about his sister. It's such a good friend, and a good listener.

Allen's hair is magnificently, amazingly, fantastically, awesomifying majestically, drop dead gorgeous and don't you ever doubt that!

Everyone wants Allen's hair and there's no need to be ashamed of it, cuz it's a natural feeling…

(don't worry we all feel this way )

AN: i wrote this awile ago and someone cough KRISSY! cough said i should submit it. she even helped me write this a bit over the phone. What a pal. she had to listen to me for at least 2 hours on the phone while i recited it to her. teehee.