Another lame poem--Dance craze

AN: Are you sure you want to be reading this?




Folken marhed onto that dazzling stage,

Wearing a cape that was all the rage.

Suddenly, he began to dance!


More like, he began to prance.

He lunged himself into his triple hitch kicks,

And gave his silvery mullet a few flicks.

Van sent him an odd glance,

But he too took up a wild stance,

And began to crazily dance.

How the crowd roared!

They were truly floored.

The audience ooo-ed and aww-ed,

Very enthusiastically they did applaud.

Then, like quick silver, onto the stage Allen ran,

Leading the boys into the can-can.

Man, they were hot,

Considering all their moves were self-taught.

From his seat, Dilandau threw roses,

As the dancers made flirtatious poses.

Even the Dragon Slayers had to admit they were mean,


Dancing mashines!


AN: Oh my word, that was warped.

Dedicated to Destiny Foretold. Her psycobabble is contagious.