By TheLostMaximoff

Disclaimer: Don't own these characters. R/R because you like Harvey or because the coin you just flipped told you to.

Since the dawn of human civilization, one thing has always been apparent. We see things in terms of polar opposites. Good and bad, light and dark, wrong and right. Everything has a yin and a yang to it. It was how our society functioned so fluidly. The people that were wrong were punished, the people that were right were rewarded. For a long time, I watched Harvey uphold that belief. He was in the right and he knew who was in the wrong. The world's always simple when things are in black and white. It helps human beings function, gives us purpose. But it's weird how just in the last few decades or so things have changed. I see it now, we see it now. The world is becoming so gray now. Not dreary gray, just murky gray. Good is not as good anymore, bad no longer so bad. People aren't evil anymore, merely misunderstood. People are only as right as the next person. It's a paradox for me, you see. If everything exists in a world of opposites then I have to be the opposing force to this wave of politically correct tolerance.

It's so strange how this change occurred. Suddenly I am right or at least it seems that way. But am I truly right or am I just right from my point of view? Great, I'm starting to sound like that idiot, Riddler, always questioning things. But I guess that's what this world does to us these days. Before, we believed in absolutes. Right was right no matter what point of view you had. Killing someone was wrong, plain and simple. But now? Now it all depends on your point of view. Murder is only wrong now under the circumstances. Other times it's glossed over or justified. But in the end, is it really okay or does our society just say it is?

I do not live in this gray world. To me, things are black and white, right and wrong, heads and tails. I suppose you could say that in today's society we've discovered that right and wrong are very much entwined. We haven't. All we've done is take right and wrong out of the picture. There are no absolutes anymore. And isn't that the reason why they keep me in here, in this asylum with all the other freaks? Maybe they know my way is right but they can't admit it. Society has used the coexistence of opposites for centuries to function smoothly. Did we all just forget about it, want to forget about it by sweeping it and everyone who believes it under the rug?

Too many questions. I need answers. The coin always tells me what to believe in. I reach into my pocket and pull it out. I keep spares, extra coins so the Batman or orderlies don't rob me of my ability to discern the truth, to tell black from white and wrong from right. I hold the piece of metal up to my eyes and watch the coin shine in the moonlight that streams from my barred window. I read the inscription on it. In God We Trust. The only God I believe in is chance, the unexplainable randomness that holds life together. At least I believe in a God. I laughed when there was such a big fuss over us having that inscription on our currency. It's just another example of us trying and failing to please everyone. By taking away the notions of what is absolutely good or evil we've created a society that cannot last. Society needs opposites, not gray quandaries. Is that what I really believe though? Do I really believe that the world is black and white or do I see the gray that everyone else seems to see? Who is right and who is wrong? The coin will decide, the coin always decides. Good head is black and white, bad head is gray. I smile as I flip the coin. Good head and bad head? Looks like I've already made the decision. And the doctors here say I'm not getting better.