AN Okay here is the end of this particular story, now before you string me up for torture I PROMISE there will be more, this just started off with angst so it kind of had to end that way. This made more sense in a 'twisted' sort of way. :) Again thank you SO MUCH for all of your positive feedback, I'm really glad you guys like this story, I hope you like the sequel as well!

"Why now?" He asked with a sigh, "Why after all this time? Why now?"

She was trying to think straight, but it wasn't working. His lips were moving but she couldn't hear him. She licked her lips and shook her head out of its fog and said, "What?"

Greg stared at her and just groaned, "Damn Sara, this isn't fair!" He was exasperated. He'd watched her for years, flirted with her and basically resigned himself to the fact that she would never see him as more than just the lab tech turned CSI and now this!

"I'm sorry." She managed, "I was trying not to make this difficult."

"By avoiding me?" Greg rolled his eyes, "You are far from stupid Sara don't try to act it."

"Fine." She threw up her hands and started pacing. "But do not blame me if you can't handle this."

"I can handle a lot more than you're giving me credit for." He said as he sunk into one of her arm chairs.

He was speaking to her so expectantly that she almost lost her nerve. For once in her life she was going to be vulnerable. Despite his annoyance she had still never been as comfortable with anyone in her life as she was with Greg. She was looking at him, but he was staring at his hands. "I've taken advantage of you Greg."

His head snapped up to look at her, a questioning look in his eyes.

She gave him a small smile and continued, "Not on purpose and I honestly didn't realize it till recently."

"Payton." He breathed, still staring at her.

She nodded sadly, "Yeah." She sighed and started wringing her hands, "It dawned on me last week when you told me you'd finally taken the hint. You, um, look at her like you used to look at me."

He blushed and looked down again, "I, uh, what do you mean?" He had never expected to have this conversation so he wasn't at all sure how to conduct it.

She was blushing too because it was an awkward thing to say. "With admiration and that…" She cleared her throat and debated not saying it, but did anyway. "…sexy smile of yours that dared her to guess what you were thinking. You used to look at me like that and…" She inhaled deeply. "I liked it."

He cleared his throat, he was staring again, "You, um, what?" It's all that seemed to make its way out of his mouth, this was insane. He half expected to wake up and realize it was a dream.

She sat on the coffee table in front of him, "I liked it."

He wanted to grasp her hands, he wanted to kiss her, and he wanted to scream at her. "I can't believe this." He stood up to force some distance between them. "You have the shittiest timing Sara, you know that? Why do you have to tell me this now? What am I supposed to do with this information?"

"Need I remind you that you came here and you told me you could handle it?"

"I can handle it but that doesn't mean I have to like it." He just stared at her torn between being angry and wanting to hold her, "She told me she loved me Sara. Payton did, last week and…and…now this." He threw his hand in the air, "pardon me if I'm feeling just a little bit overwhelmed."

If she hadn't been breathing she would have been sure that her heart had stopped, "Did you…I mean, what did you say?"

He looked at her sadly, "Nothing actually, but I've thought about saying it. I just don't know if I am or not. This isn't making it any easier."

"Life isn't easy Greg."

"Oh don't give me that! You are not in the position to give me advice about my life." He fumed, "Listen, I can't talk about this any more I have to think and possibly drink a lot." He went to the door.

"Wait," She called after him, which made him turn around, "What about work?"

"Don't worry about work Sara?" He gave her a forced smile, "We've faked before, we can do it again," and with that he was gone.

She felt like she had stared at the door for a long time before she made her way over there to latch it. This wasn't how the situation was supposed to turn out, although, truth be told, she couldn't think how she actually wanted it to turn out. She put her fingers to her lips and slowly slid down the door to the floor pulling her knees up to her chest. Why did he have to kiss her? She didn't even feel the tears until they hit her knees. She didn't have to ask the question of whether she wanted him any more, she most definitely did!

Payton and Greg moved in together two weeks after Greg and Sara had talked. It was awkward at first but eventually they got back into a semblance of their normal routine, working so hard the sleep was infrequent. The only problem was neither of them could look the other in the eye any more and their silences were never comfortable.

Greg hadn't wanted to move in with Payton but she had insisted as a way to 'prove' he didn't want to be with Sara. So he did it, out of complete guilt. He hadn't told Payton about the kiss and it haunted him. It haunted him because he couldn't get her lips out of his mind and no amount of drowning himself in Payton could make him forget how unbelievable kissing Sara made him feel…

AN This is what you call a slightly little teaser of where the next story is gonna go...just so you don't think I really want to be so cruel to Sara:)