My Band: Prologue


"You are so on!" Bulma hissed. She didn't believe for one second that his little idea would work. "But you have to write your own songs and come up with your own music."

"Woman, you make this too easy." Vegeta laughed haughtily, heading out the door. "Just give me whatever the hell a two man band needs."

"Two man band?" Bulma blinked. "When did this happen?"

"What? Playing by myself is the easy part. The only difficult part is teaching an imbecile to play." Vegeta explained like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Bulma regained her composure.

"I was just thinking what a pathetically small number that is. Why not a four man band?"

"Well now, I figure if I have to do all the work anyway I might as well keep it low," he retorted, heading out toward the backyard. Meanwhile, Bulma was grinning from ear to ear. This was too perfect! If he did succeed in making a great band, then they could go on tour and he could finally make his own damn money for his own damn food. She'd keep him in the house though. Good protection. He's much more efficient than the security system. If he failed though, well then that'd just be a really funny sight! She grabbed the phone and proceeded to bark at the music store for the necessary equipment. Delivery would be paid excellently of course…

"Kakarott!" Vegeta called mentally. "Get your ass over here if you're not training. I have a break for you from your harpy wife." Goku did not need another reason. Almost a soon as the words "harpy" were out of Vegeta's head, Goku was in front of him in his instant transmission pose.

"Hey what's up! So ready to spar?" Goku said cheerfully, settling into his fighting stance. Vegeta smirked.

"Surprisingly, not today Kakarott. I have a much more… productive idea." Goku looked like he'd been shot in the face.

"Productive? What could be more productive than training?" Vegeta chuckled.

"Yes, yes, Kakarott, I understand, but I think its time we Saiyans proved ourselves more than 'monkeys'." Goku cocked and eyebrow and stood up, crossing his arms. "We're going to create a two man rock band. Our own music, our own songs, everything." Goku shifted and got into his 'thinking position' just as the guitars and drums were loaded into the backyard right in front of the GR.

"I dunno. I don't think I have much thing for stuff like that."

"Kakarott, just think of it like a fight. There's a beat to battle, and there's a beat to music. We are much too advanced for this Earthling shit. This will be a piece of cake. Saiyans are very fast learners, and I'm sure your instincts will kick in. Now get on the drums." Goku went and sat down at the drums. He picked up the sticks like they were foreign and not made of wood. "Just play around and see what kind of sound they make."

Vegeta looked at the assortment of guitars and picked an electric one he liked. He'd learn classical later just for variety. He proceeded to play every note, logging it into his memory. For the next 30 minutes or so he then figured a variety of chords while Goku was testing out the symbols and how to mute them.

An hour later they were pros.

"Ok Kakarott. Time to start playing."


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