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She couldn't believe it. He'd forgotten. That was the only explanation! He's forgotten. Why else would he be locked up in the GR with Trunks, pushing them both like madmen?

Don't take it wrong, she loved the idea of him spending time with Trunks. Even if Trunks did get a beating out of it. She wanted her boy to become a fighter and defend the planet! But why this day, of all days?
He'd forgotten. That's why. That damned Saiyan had forgotten their anniversary. That was the only explanation! Fists clenching and eyes watering, she stormed inside from the backyard.

He always did things like this. Mind you, trivial things. Like forgot about a party they were supposed to go to together and then refusing to go. But never had he forgotten their anniversary!

Usually he did small things, like take her to a nice island he found while training, or send Trunks off to Goku's so that their 'nighttime workout's' were not restricted to just 'night'. But it almost been like he was avoiding her all day. He didn't even acknowledge her at breakfast, and when she was about to give him his present at lunch he outright left with Trunks and locked them both in the gravity room.

She sighed deeply and wiped the tears from her eyes. She really shouldn't be making such a huge deal out of it. Vegeta was… Vegeta. It was a miracle he'd managed to get her that beautiful azure necklace on their 2nd anniversary, the first anniversary avoided because he didn't know what they were celebrating. When he found out, he called it a stupid custom that celebrated the wrong thing, talking about how their real 'mating' was actually a year earlier than that and they'd only gotten 'married' when she told him about the ceremony. He'd obviously felt guilty when she started crying, and gave her that necklace the next year.

But what had happened? He went from that… to just plain forgetting. Her eyes widened in horror suddenly. What if he didn't forget? What if he just plain didn't care?

Feeling the tears starting to resurface, she stifled a chocked sob and wiped them away furiously, turning on the TV to try and focus her mind on other things. She placed her legs on the table lazily, regretting not shutting the curtains to the screen door. The bright sun was starting to magnify through the glass and it was getting quite warm.

Suddenly there was a flash of light and there was a paper on the door. Eyebrow cocked, the now intrigued Bulma turned the TV off and got up to retrieve the paper. Whoever put it there had taped it so she could read it through the glass.

"Go to the GR," she read aloud, recognizing Trunks' handwriting. Hope starting to shine, she reluctantly slid the screen door open and made her way to the GR. She hesitated a moment before opening the hatch.

What she saw caught her totally by surprise. There stood the GRINNING, unbeaten (meaning untrained today) Vegeta and Trunks. Vegeta had his guitar strapped on, and there Trunks sat at the drums looking absolutely gleeful.

"You… weren't training?" Bulma asked slowly, looking both of them over.

"Nope! Just some last minute practicing!" Trunks chirped, twirling his drum sticks absentmindedly. Bulma looked at Vegeta questioningly.

"I… wrote a couple more songs," Vegeta informed her with a smirk. As he started to play his guitar, Trunks followed suit and came in with the drums. She smiled at him excitedly. She hadn't heard him sing since… well… you know.

"I like your pants around your feet… and I like the dirt that's on your knees. And I like the way you still say please while you're looking up at me. You're like my favorite damn disease…"

The now mortified Bulma looked horridly at Vegeta (who's smirk could not be wiped off), quite concerned about the language and speech he was using around Trunks. But she couldn't hold her grin at what Vegeta was doing. More songs for her! She supposed Trunks was old enough to handle it by now.

Suddenly Vegeta's volume grew. "And I love the places that we go! And I love the people that you know. And I love the way you can't say 'no'; too many long lines in a row…. I love the powder on your nose. And now I know who you are; it wasn't that hard just to figure you out. (Now I did, you wonder why)…"

"I like the freckles on your chest. And I like the way you like me best. And I like the way you're not impressed while you put me to the test. I like the white stains on your dress. I love the way you pass the check! And I love the good times that you wreck. And I love your lack of self-respect while you're passed out on the deck. I love my hands around your neck! And now I know who you are; it wasn't that hard just to figure you out. Now I did, you wonder why… And now I know who you are; it wasn't that hard just to figure you out."

He repeated the humiliating verse that started the song off before reverting to the 'I hate the' section, which replaced the 'I love's. She couldn't help but laugh. He always reminded her how much of a love-hate relationship they had.

The second the last note rang, they started up the second song. "I love the way you look at me… I feel the pain you place inside. You lock me up inside your dirty cage… we'll I'm alone inside my mind. I'd like to teach you all the rules. I get to see them set in stone. I like it when you chain me to the bed; well then your secrets never show. I need to feel you… you need to feel me. I can't control you! You're not the one for me… no. I can't control you. You can't control me! So why's it even?"

"I love the way you break my skin… I feel the hate you place inside. I need to get your voice out of my head. Cause I'm the guy you'll never find. I think you know all of the rules. There's no expressions on your face… I hope that someday you will let me go. Release me from my dirty cage!

"I love the way you look at me… I love the way you smack my ass… I love the dirty things you do! I have control of you."

Blushing furiously as he grinned seductively at her, she cast a quick glance a Trunks, who was too focused on his drum part and didn't even seem to notice the lyrics nor the looks he was giving her.

As soon as he finished, Vegeta quickly explained, "Silly woman, I wouldn't let the boy hear that. I blocked it all from him. All he heard was the guitar and his drums. That's why it took us so long to practice. He had to learn the songs based purely off my part."

Turning to Trunks, Bulma smiled down at him. "That was wonderful! Thank you sweetie. You're a very good drummer."

"Kakarott can play drums as well, brat. Go run over to his house and ask him for pointers."

"Alright cool!" Trunks said, immediately recognizing a chance to see Goten and bursting out the GR doors.

"And boy!" Vegeta called after him.


He smirked at Trunks before grabbing Bulma around the waist and leaving to head inside. "Spend the night there."

;D Those two songs are kinda similar. Lol oh well. Hope you at least enjoyed that a little bit! The first song was Figured You Out by Nickelback, and the second was "Control" by Puddle of Mudd. I know that one or two of the lines don't fit in with a good anniversary song but… no ones perfect! ;D I figured they're good anyway. Well thanks again everybody! If you really like this story, go read my other epics, cause those are at least 10 times better than this. ;D Bye bye!