A/N: This story is really short but it is just a one-shot I had in mind.

Dear Klaus,

When you find this letter I probably will be far away from you. I don't know where I am going I just know that staying here isn't helping me. I am in a really bad place right now and I need time away from my family. But I know that I will never be able to see you after this because all of the pain and emotions. It isn't anything against you. Just because I left doesn't mean that I hate you or anybody else for that matter. I know that you are with Fiona now and that your feelings don't agree with mine, but I needed you to know that I love you. For the past 10 years I have kept it quiet wanting and waiting for you. I can't do this anymore. My heart rips to pieces watching you and Fiona. It drives me crazy to sit silently by. I want you to know that just because I'm leaving doesn't mean that I stopped loving you or ever will stop loving you, but this is one of the reasons I need to go away from you forever. I will have you in my heart forever. I know that if I stay that I will not be able to stand it. Goodbye forever Klaus.



I folded the letter and stuffed it into an envelope. I wrote Klaus on it. I tried to hold back my tears but I could no longer do a few silent sobs escaped and fell down my face. I wanted to cry just lay there and cry my life away but I couldn't I knew that this was a drastic step but I knew it was better than option B which no one really would like I decided to start over and become a free person. Not having to look in his face day after day would help me with this. I took the sleeve of my shirt and wiped my eyes with it. I noticed that the black from my mascara end up on my shirt, but I didn't care I just needed to get out of here. I tried to stand up but my legs wouldn't budge. I figured a few more minutes wouldn't hurt. Why am I doing this? I tried to figure out an answer but none came. I could stay here and let things continue on how they have been for the past few years. I can't do this anymore. More tears fell down my cheeks and I again brushed them away. I looked on my desk and saw the bottle of pills sitting there. I was glad that I had opted out of that option it wasn't in my head for very long it was just a suggestion that I had contemplated. I tried to stand up and found my legs working. I stood up and looked around my room. It was painted lilac and everything that surrounded it matched. I sighed I didn't really like it but Violet had insisted that I should have my room like this. I didn't care then I just wanted a place to write my poetry. I looked at the bag with my books in it. There were 3 books in that bag with my published poetry in it. Everyone had made such a big deal about it and threw me a big party. I suddenly felt my legs feel like they were going to give out and quickly sat back down. All of the memories I had in this house was I willing to give up the ones that were in my future if I stayed here? I looked at my desk and saw a picture of us. Violet and Quigley were embracing, Duncan had his hand in Kate's, Sunny and I were just standing there smiling, and Fiona's lips were planted firmly on Klaus's cheek. I suddenly felt more confident and stood up I grabbed my things and walked out of my room for the last time. I walked some down the hallway of the Baudelaire/Quagmire mansion and stopped at a door. I released two letters from my hand that fell in front of the door. They were addressed to Violet and Quigley. I silently walked to the other side of the hallway tears clouding my vision and dropped Sunny's in front of her door. The tears were now streaming down my face and I didn't bother to wipe them away so they fell freely. A few doors down I stopped and dropped Duncan and Kate's letters in front of their door. As hard as it was I only had one more room to visit so I made my journey down the stairs to venture to Klaus's room. I stopped in front of the door stopping myself from what I really wanted to do. I dropped one letter onto the ground. I didn't bother writing one for Fiona because telling her what a traitor bitch she was would give away my true reason for leaving. Before I knew it I had the door open and was watching him sleep. I'm glad my feet stopped me before I did something stupid that I knew I would regret.

"Goodbye Forever Klaus," I whispered to him the last line that I had written on his letter. With all of my strength I held in my urge to sit on the ground and bawl, but I calmly picked up my stuff and walked toward the door. I was almost to the car when tears poured down my face uncontrollably. I barley made it to the car when I started to cry. I was really crying now not just tears falling from my face. After a few hours of sitting there wishing my life was different I put my car in drive and drove away.

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