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Warning: yaoi, rape, bad English (not my first language), saiyan pregnancy, lemon (don't like, don't read).

This story happens just after Buu's saga, Frieza will come back with a huge power level (and maybe magic),and kidnap Vegeta.

Leave Me Alone

Chapter One.

It was a nice normal morning at Capsule Corp; clear sky, birds chirping, fresh air, explosions "ONNA! THE GRAVITY ROOM DIED AGAIN! GO FIX IT!" came the cry of a too familiar voice we all know and love.

"Vegeta! This is the millionth time you killed it! AND MY NAME IS NOT ONNA YOU JERK, IT'S BULMA!" came the lovely reply of his wife.

Bulma went to Vegeta with an angry look on her face. "Vegeta, you know I have a lot of work to finish. AND I think I should tell you now that we will have a party today, so all my friends will be here. I want you to look good you know." Bulma said.

"Onna, you know perfectly well I don't care about your parties or your pathetic friends or my looks." Vegeta snapped. He then turned his back to her. "I am going to the woods to train. Just fix it." And off he went.


it was now in the middle of the day and Vegeta stopped his training to eat his lunch. While he was eating he heard a meow come from behind him. He turned his head to look over his shoulder to see a cat. It was mostly white with blue eyes and so thin that it was obvious it hadn't eaten in days. But what caught his attention was that the cat's right paw was twisted. He couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor beast. He knew it was hungry and the food he was eating was more than enough, so he grabbed a piece of chicken and threw it to the cat. It ate happily and then sat down little ways from Vegeta. Vegeta didn't mind the cat's presence as long as it didn't bother his training.


After a few hours the sky clouded. Vegeta knew it was a sign of rain from the look of the clouds' color. He stopped his training to go back home and see if the onna had fixed the GR so he could continue his training there. Vegeta decided to walk there, but unknown to him, he was being followed.

When he arrived at Capsule Corp. he heard laughter coming from inside the building. "Great! Just what I need." Vegeta said sarcastically and entered.

The Z Fighters heard the door slam shut and looked up to see Vegeta coming. "What are you staring at?" Vegeta snapped at them.

Goku was the first to react "Oh, hi to you too, Vegeta. Say, you didn't tell us you had a pet! It's cute!"

Vegeta looked at him as if he were insane. "What are you talking about, Kakarrot?"

Tien chose to answer his question. "He is talking about the cat behind you, Vegeta."

Vegeta looked behind him and was greeted by the cat from earlier that day. The vein on his forehead popped signaling to the group that he was about to kill it. "YOU! It wasn't enough for me to feed you and to let you stay with me! Now you decide to follow ME?" He lifted his hand to blast it, but Trunks came between them and interrupted his father's attack. "Dad, stop! I like this cat. I want it to stay." Trunks held the cat in his arms and they sat there glaring at each other, or rather, mirroring each other. The others tried their hardest not to laugh; Vegeta and Trunks were so alike it was cute.

"Whatever." Finally, Vegeta walked to his beloved corner and folded his arms over his chest. Bulma then went over to Trunks and took the cat to examine it. "This cat has an owner. Her name is Miako and she lives in this city. The cat's name is Kouichi. It's a male," ahe said, not looking at the group.

"Wow, Bulma! We all know you're a genius, But I didn't know you're a witch as well," Goku said in awe.

Bulma and the others sweat dropped. "Goku. I know I am a genius; but it is all written on the cat's collar." Bulma explained to Goku.

"Then, what are you waiting for? Call this Miako whatever to take her cat so I can get rid of it." Vegeta said highly annoyed by the cat. However, the cat, as if to annoy him some more, ran to him and jumped up and settled itself on his left shoulder. The Z Fighters fell laughing their hearts out.

"Hahaha…Vegeta ..hehe ..I think the ..he…cat likes you…AHAHAHA!" Krillen managed to say between laughing, but then he couldn't even breathe. Vegeta growled and lifted the cat off his shoulder and went to his room. Bulma on the other hand wend to call the cat's owner.


Fifteen minutes had passed since Bulma called the cat's owner and they all sat waiting for her to come; even Vegeta was now sitting on the couch, and then….


Bulma went to open the door. There were two girls standing with another cat in the smaller girl's arms. The first girl had a dark violet hair color which was under neck length. Her eyes were sharp and deep blue and she was wearing a sleeveless purple shirt with the word 'cat' written across it. There was a yellow cloth wrapped around her right elbow and a digital watch on her left. She was also wearing black jeans and black sport shoes. She appears to be in her late teens.

The other girl appeared to be younger than the first, barely older than Trunks. She had a purple hair about down to her back. Her eyes were slightly sharp and blue. She wore a red shirt and skirt with black shoes.

"Eh.. hi. You are Bulma Briefs, right?" the older girl asked.

"Oh yes, I am. Well, come inside," Bulma said, smiling all the while. The three of them went in and sat down on the couch among the others.

"Well, I am Miako Miazaki. And this is my sister Masako. And the cat there is Akari. Thank you for calling us; I was worried sick about Kouichi. He has been missing for five days now," Miako said with a small bow.

"It's ok, do you want me to bring him to you?" Bulma asked politely.

Miako smirked. "There is no need; he will come here by himself." Before anyone could say a thing, Miako screamed at the top of her lungs, "KOUICHI! MAMA IS HERE!"

Vegeta, Goku, Trunks, Gohan, and Goten held their ears tightly while Piccolo fell to his knees; his sensitive hearing couldn't handle the high-pitched voice.

After what seemed like only seconds, they all heard a happy meow followed by the cat running to Miako as fast as it could. Miako held him in her arms rocking him back and forth. "Oh, Kouichi! Where have you been? When you went missing like that, I couldn't sleep for days! Who found you by the way?" Miako asked it looking it in the eyes. It only meowed back to her.

Goku stuck his hand up. "I know! I know! It was Veggie head who did!"

Vegeta glared at Goku "Kakarrot! My name is Vegeta, not Veggie head!" But before he knew what hit him, he was being hugged to death. Miako was hugging him and kissing his cheek.

"Thank you for saving my Kouichi. You are my hero! I owe you this."

Vegeta blushed a little, but then screamed, "GET OFF OF ME, YOU PSYCOH!"

Bulma was trying her best to control her anger. "Is she always like this?" she asked Masako. Masako shook her head "Only when it's something to do with her cats." Trunks then tried to rescue his father. "Emm… Miako? Why is its paw twisted like that? Is it broken or something?"

Miako let go of Vegeta and turned to Trunks with a serious look on her face. "No, it is not broken or anything. It's been like this since he was born. It's natural."

"I've never seen anything like that before! Cool!" Goten said with a goofy grin.

Akari jumped out of Masako's arms and ran to Kouichi. Kouichi was oblivious to Akari running to him until he felt something attack his tail and bite it. Kouichi let out a loud meow and jumped out of Miako's arms. Akari followed Kouichi straight to Piccolo, who was meditating. They both jumped into his lap and fought playfully. Piccolo was startled and fell to the floor cursing. Trunks and Goten were watching with delight. Kouichi then turned to Akari to have his revenge. Akari noticed and turned on her heels and ran for dear life, Kouichi following.

Vegeta was sitting comfortably on the couch, eyes closed. He opened them when he heard noises coming in his direction. Vegeta saw Akari running to him. The cat jumped over him to the other side. He didn't give it a damn thought until he saw Kouichi jump onto his head and stand for a moment over his hair. Then he jumped again to continue chasing Akari, leaving Vegeta with a few bangs falling over his eyes, mad as hell, but ignoring it for some reason.

The Z Fighters were laughing; it was so amusing. Then, Vegeta's face silenced them. The chase had ended a while ago when Trunks grabbed Kouichi and Goten had grabbed Akari. "GOTEN! Put that dirty cat down. It can cause you illness!" Chi-Chi yelled at the top of her voice, causing Goten to drop the cat.

Vegeta was annoyed by Chi-Chi's scream. "HELLCAT! CLOSE YOUR DAMN MOUTH!"

Chi-Chi was about to reply to him when Miako sat up, angry. "My cats are NOT dirty! I clean them personally at home! Don't you ever DARE to call any of them that again!" Miako exclaimed. Chi-Chi was rendered speechless by the all too sudden burst, while Vegeta just smirked. The others also fell silence, but Masako sat there not surprised at all; she was used to her sister's defensive attitude for her cats. But then, Vegeta noticed a sudden peak of power. It disappeared quickly, however, so he simply sat there suspiciously.


After a few hours the two sisters decided to go home. Unfortunately, there was a storm stopped them; it would have been too dangerous to leave.

"Sorry, but I think you will have to stay here tonight." Bulma suggested to them.

Miako wasn't sure what to choose. "Well, we don't have many choices, huh?" Masako pointed out.

Miako looked at her then at Bulma. "I suppose so then. Thank you very much for your offer, Mrs. Bulma."

Bulma smiled "There's no need to thank me. Besides, there is plenty of rooms in this house. Follow me; I will show you to your room." Then, they were off with the cats. Bulma showed them where they could stay. The room was big and had two separate beds. There was even a small animal bed for the two cats to sleep on.


All the Z Fighter stayed that night at Capsule Corp because of the storm.

Vegeta lay in bed, Bulma sleeping beside him, He couldn't sleep; he was thinking about the power he had felt when Miako had gotten mad at Chi-Chi. He was also wondering why no one else had felt it besides him. He decided to talk to Miako the next morning.


Miako was sleeping in her room with Masako and the two cats when she noticed the door had beenopened and some dark figure sliding in and approaching her. Her eyes widened and she did the only thing she could.

Piccolo was meditating when he felt a power spike for a while then disappear. He got up and walked in its direction to find its source. Piccolo then met up with Goku, who had also felt the power, and they continued walking. Then they saw Vegeta as well. It was obvious that he too had felt it and was going to find out who it belonged to.

They stopped at the door of Miako and Masako's room; it was slightly opened. Vegeta's eyes narrowed; he was sure it was Miako's power that spiked again. They entered the room and found Miako standing on her bed holding her hands out, breathing heavily. Masako, who was awakened by the attack was sitting on her bed rubbing her eyes sleepily. The two cats were standing near Masako, frightened.

Vegeta, Piccolo, and Goku then looked at the other side of the room to see what caused Miako to attack. They saw Yamcha on the floor; having been knocked unconscious. They understood at once what had happened. Goku and Piccolo threw Yamcha to his room and came back to stand behind Vegeta. Vegeta looked Miako in the eyes. "So, you have some kind of power? What is it?"

Miako just sat down again on the bed. "The wind. I can control the wind, and I know that you have powers too; I could feel it."

"This is great! That means you can help us in our battles!" Goku said, his goofy grin on his face. Piccolo stepped in. "That would explain why you didn't care about me flying or my color."

Miako smiled at that. "Well, yeah. I assumed you were from another planet. And I can fly too."

"And she knows?" Vegeta gestured towered Masako.

"Yes, she knows. Even my cats knows." Miako answered proudly and crossed her arms over her chest with a smirk on her lips. Piccolo sweat dropped 'Seems we will have to deal with someone who acts like Vegeta.' Vegeta then spoke again.

"Follow me Cat Girl." Miako did as he told her and he smirked; at least there was someone who would do as he said.

"'Geta, wait. Where are you taking her?" Goku asked following them.

"Where else, Baka? I am going to test her power." Vegeta said annoyed by Goku's stupidity, "And don't call me 'Geta, you third-class Baka! I am Prince Vegeta , prince of all saiyans."

"You are a prince?" Miako exclaimed admiring him. "Well, you sure look like one. I should have known, my prince." Miako bowed her head to him. Vegetas smirk widened but they saw the cats coming their direction, Masako following.

"Miako, Kouichi wants you and Akari wont leave him alone, and I don't want to stay alone."

Now Vegeta was fuming. He went for a while and then returned holding Trunks by the back of his shirt. Trunks was still half asleep not knowing what had just happened. Vegeta then threw him in front of Masako. "Stay wherever you want but don't interrupt us, understood?"

"Yes, Dad."

"Yes, Mr. Vegeta." Trunks and Masako spoke at the same time. They then looked at each other and blushed.

"What? A new friendship?" Goku said with a sly smile. They blushed even more and went to play in Trunks's room with Kouichi and Akari.


In the GR Vegeta and Goku sat on the ground watching as Miako and Piccolo faced each other, ready to attack. They had chosen Piccolo because he was the weakest one amungst the three of them. The two began attacking at the same time. Piccolo fired at her, but Miako was ready for him, disappearing and reappearing behind him then kicking Piccolo hard in the back. He flew upward and opened his eyes wide. A blast was fired at her again. She avoided the blast at the last second and flew to the middle of the room. Miako then closed her eyes and focused her power on Piccolo. A powerful force like a tornado filled the room, then a falcon-shaped power attacked Piccolo and knocked him out. Then it was over, but they knew that Miako was powerful and would be very useful to them.

Just as they were about to go back, Trunks came running into the GR screaming, "DAD!"

Vegeta turned to his son, Masako following. "What, Brat?"

"Dad, it's Masako! She has powers as well as Miako!" Trunks said with delight.

"Wow! Did you know about it?" Goku asked in shock.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Piccolo asked. Miako crossed her arms and smirked.

"I said she knows about me, but I didn't say she doen't have her own."

Then they went back to Capsule Corp to get some sleep, and discus everything at breakfast.


Everyone was sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast by now. "So, Masako has power as well as Miako, huh?" Bulma said, not really surprised.

"Yeah. Isn't that fascinating? I mean, more people, more chances to won, you know." Goku said smiling.

"I should have known no one normal will come here." Bulma sighed, then looked at Yamcha. "You know you won't get away with what you did."

Yamcha gulped, but as he was about to protest, the Z Fighters looked as if they had seen a ghost. Even Goku stopped eating,

"What happened?" Chi-Chi asked.

"Power! A huge one too! It's coming fast toward Earth." Piccolo said with a frown.

"Bulma, you and the Hellcat stay here, and keep the cats and the young girl. We are going to check the source of that power,. though I think it is quite familiar to me," Vegeta murmured the last sentence. Bulma didn't say anything; she knew if Vegeta called her by her real name he meant business.

"I want to go too. I can fight you know." Masako protested.

"OK. But make sure to be useful." Vegeta said ready to blast off to the sky.

"Wait! Let me call someone to aid us. She is also powerful like us. Just give me a minute, please!" Miako said then closed her eyes, focusing her thoughts. After one minute she reopened her eyes. "Uzaki will join us as fast as she can. We can go now."

" Let's go then." Goku said. They all took off.


They landed and then some other girl landed in front of them and walked over to them. She had blood-red hair and eyes of the same color. She was wearing a black shirt with blue jeans.

"I told you I would meet you as fast as I could," the girl smirked.

Miako ran to her. "I knew you could do it!" Miako hugged her and then faced the others. "Guys! This is Uzaki, my friend I told you about. She has the power of fire if you wanted to know."

"Hi." Uzaki bowed.

Goku stepped over. "Hi, I am son Goku, and these are my sons Gohan and Goten..." Goku pointed toward each one, "...That is Vegeta over there, and there is Tien, Chiauzo, Yamcha, Krillen, Piccolo and there is Trunks over there; he is Vegetas son."

"Trunks? He looks almost exactly like his father." Uzaki said in awe.

Suddenly, some capsule landed in front of them, and a teenager jumped out of it. "Oh, Trunks! It's nice to see you again," Goku said, welcoming Mirai Trunks.

"Hi, Goku, guys. Hello father." Vegeta only nodded to him. Mirai knew this was his father's way to say 'Hi' or 'Hello' to anyone.

"Trunks? How could two sons have the same name?" Uzaki gawked. Miako and Masako didn't understand what was happening so they preferred the silence. Piccolo answered Uzaki's question.

"He and the other Trunks are one; the older Trunks is from the future," Piccolo explained.

"I think I can get used to that. Oh my god!" Uzaki sighed.

"Boy? What brought you here?" Vegeta asked deadly serious.

Mirai Trunks looked at him, "The same reason you are here; I was wandering around, and then I felt it. And here I am." Mirai Trunks shrugged.

Just then they all felt the power approaching them, and they saw a space ship landing nearby. Vegeta's eyes widened, "It's… it's…it's Frieza's spaceship!"

The Z Fighters all turned to him, Tien asking, "Are you sure? How do you know?"

"How couldn't I? I spent most of my life abroad it! I coouldn't forget that hell even if I tried!" Vegeta said, pure panic on his face; it was rare to see that kind of emotion on him, and that meant they were in real danger. Some of them still remembered Frieza, and now he was back with greater power.

The dust cleared, and the door to the ship opened. A white figure stepped out, causing all the Z Fighters to assume their fighting stances, ready for the big battle against the tyrant, who caused many people's miseryand death. Frieza looked at them, amused. "I see you came to say 'hello'! How nice of you!"

"What do you want Frieza? Why did you come back?" Goku screamed.

"Didn't you learned your lesson the last time?" Vegeta agreed with him. Frieza looked at them innocently.

"But, Goku! I only came here to find my pet! Can't I do that?" Frieza said, "the Kais said I was good enough to have another chance, so they told me if I came here and you gave me your permission, then I could come back to look for my pet!"

"Uh! Is that so? Well…" Goku started to reply, but Vegeta cut him off.

"Kakarrot! Don't listen to him. He is lying!"

Goku looked at him oddly. "Why, Vegeta? It's only a pet."

"But, I am..." Vegeta tried to protest, but Goku turned to Frieza.

"Well, OK. You can have your pet to look for." Vegeta's eyes widened and Frieza smirked.

Then, Frieza jumped straight to Vegeta landing on top of him. Goku was shocked. "What do you think you're doing? You came for your pet, not for Vegeta!"

Frieza laughed hard. "Stupid monkey! Stupid, stupid monkey! Vegeta is my pet."

Vegeta couldn't move; Frieza was holding him tightly to the ground by his shoulders and legs. "Why, Kakarrot? Why won't you listen to me for once in your life?"

The statement struck hard in Goku's mind like a slap, but then he came to his senses. "Leave Vegeta alone!"

Frieza turned to him smirking. "Why? You said yourself I can have my pet back, didn't you?"

By this time, Piccolo had had enough. "If you really care that much for him, then you should have treated him better than you did before."

"I didn't have a choice, did I?" Frieza said.

"Get off me, you freak!" Vegeta screamed at Frieza, attempting to free himself.

Mirai Trunks decided to step in to save his father. "You heard him. Leave him alone!"

"I came all this way to have my pet back and I won't give up so easily," Frieza said seriously.

"Why?" Krillen screamed angrily.

"Because I love him!" Frieza yelled, and everyone, including Vegeta, went silence.

"Now that is a laugh! If you really love him, why did you kill him on Namik?" Goku yelled after regaining his senses. Frieza looked at him madly.

"Because I didn't want him to mate with you and bare your child!"

Now every one went deadly silence; the last sentence sinking into their minds. "What… what are you talking about? What do you mean?" Goku couldn't understand the meaning of this.

Frieza smirked and pulled Vegeta up by the waist, "Oh, I see. So Vegeta didn't tell you his little secret!" Then he looked down at Vegeta. "I am impressed, prince! I know it's very hard to ignore or avoid your…needs. Am I wrong?" Vegeta's face drooped and he closed his eyes.

Piccolo wanted to know what was going on. "Vegeta? What is he talking about? Can you really bear children?" Vegeta didn't answer.

"Vegeta?" Vegeta's eyes snapped open and looked toward the voice; it was Goku! "Is it… true? Tell me." Vegeta's eyes closed again.

"Yes. It's true," he merely whispered.

"Why?" Goku asked in shock, "Why didn't you tell us this before?"

Tien joined in, "I thought you were proud of your saiyan customs and nature! Don't you think it is an important thing to know?"

"IT IS NO USE! It is no use at all!" Vegeta felt like crying. "Do you know why I didn't tell you this? You want to know? FINE! Then so be it!" Vegeta yelled, his eyes shining with fresh tears. The Z Fighters prepared themselves for the explanation.

"Saiyans, as everyone knows, were powerful. There was lack of females because males were more important than females for fighting. So their bodies changed and there is one kind of male saiyan that can bear children to protect us from the lack of babies. They were called 'khas', and another kind is able as well: they are… the... royalty." Vegeta swallowed hard. "My father was my mother. My real father was killed in a fight. If you care to know, saiyan royalty can't stand or avoid their desires. It's too hard. I couldn't stand it either, especially with Kakarrot around. That's why I hated him. After overpowering me, of course. I avoided him as much as I could without gaining suspicion. The desire of having your own child takes control of a royal saiyan, and if he didn't have it he may go insane. I didn't tell you because when I came here, Kakarrot's already been married. Nappa and radidtz also were 'khas', so there wasn't a chance. After that I got Bulma. It was no use; and Kakarrot and I are the last of our kind, the saiyans. And when I die… this whole case will end. So I told myself, why talk about it when there is no use?" Vegeta finished. The Z Fighters were speechless. They didn't know what to say.

Goku was the first to break the silence. "And what do you want him for?" he asked Frieza.

"I want him to have what he wanted for so long, a child, my child." Frieza smirked.

"WHAT?" they all screamed in union.

"I know you are not new for dominance, Vegeta, but I know for sure you are still virgin to submit to me."

"NO! LEAVE ME ALONE! EVEN IF I WANT A CHILD BADLY I DON'T WANT IT TO BE YOURS!" Vegeta tried to struggle, but Frieza put two fingers to the side of his head and they started to glow.

"We don't want you to waste your voice like that, now do we? I want it to be loud while you are beneath me writhing and screaming your pleasure out."

Vegeta tried to break free but he felt dizzy. "I would have done this before if I had known about it, but when I did you were already on Earth, and then you know what happened. So goodnight for now, Prince." With that said Vegeta's eyes closed as he slipped out of the world of consciousness. Frieza held him in his arms and turned to go back inside the ship. Suddenly, he felt something attack him. Goku, Piccolo, and Mirai Trunks had jumped to attack Frieza but he only looked at them and a powerful force made them freeze in their places. "Just to let you know, you can't defeat me." And with that he stepped inside his ship, closed the door, and he was off.

The Z Fighters couldn't believe what had just happened, and how helpless they were to help Vegeta. Goku fell to his knees crying, "It's my fault! My fault! Vegeta was right. If I had listened to him this wouldn't have happened." His tears danced slowly down his cheeks.


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