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Silkspun Dreams VI

precious treasure

The hot water felt wonderful as it ran down her skin. It caressed her back, rolled down her stomach and caused strands of lemon colored hair to cling to her face. She stood with her face tilted into the water shooting out from the shower head. It felt so nice on her tired muscles, slightly sore from last night's... events. She couldn't hide the smile that crossed her lips, not that she tried. After all, there was no one here to see it. Sighing, Winry moved her head and opened her eyes to find the shampoo. Lazily she squirted the lavender scented liquid into the palm of her hand. She had to squeeze a couple of times since the bottle was nearly empty. Satisfied with the amount she had gotten, she placed the bottle back in its holder on the wall and began to wash her hair. She massaged her scalp lazily as she rubbed the shampoo into her locks, eyes down cast to the water running into the drain.

She had woken up rather early and she didn't know why. She was still pretty tired yet she hadn't been able to go back to sleep. So Winry rolled over to the one sleeping beside her and watched as his chest rose and fell with his breathing. It was amazing how peaceful Edward's face was when he was asleep. Although she knew all to well that it was rarely that way. He was often plagued by nightmares caused by the anguish and the terrible memories of the past. Winry wondered if he would ever truly be rid of them. She hoped so. He didn't deserve anymore pains in his lie, that was for sure. Winry ran her hair under the water to rinse out the shampoo. She then went about with her washing before she shut off the water. She shivered at the suddenly freezing air and climbed out of the shower, locating her towel hanging on the wall. She dried herself slowly, staring at herself in the mirror but not really seeing her reflection. In truth she was just spacing out, running over the night she had experienced and the pain that would come next. He was leaving today. Instantly the smile that had formed was replaced with a frown. Just like his nightmares would never go away, neither would her concern for him. Sighing softly, Winry wrapped the towel around herself and fluffed her hair. The damp locks tangled and fell messily around her face and shoulders. She turned and left the bathroom, padding quietly back to her room and slipping inside. She leaned back against the door and turned her head to glance at the bed.

Ed was still sound asleep where she had left him and Winry was surprised. He was the early riser, not her. By now it had to be almost ten. Winry straightened and walked over to stand over him, peering down at his face. He slept on his side with his head on his pillow, long strands of spun gold he called hair fanning out on the white pillow case. The ends curled and the whole thing was messy. Strands stuck out at odd angles and his bangs hung all over his face, tangled when Winry had run her hands enthusiastically through them last night. His breathing was soft and even. Winry could hear it clearly in the near silent room. The white sheets were pulled up to his waist to hide the rest of his currently nude body underneath. The bedspread had been lost and was currently somewhere on the floor during all the earlier activity.

Winry could not turn her eyes away from his face and she got sleepy just watching him. He looked so... She reached down and gently swept the messy strands of his bangs out of his face to see it better. He didn't even stir at the touch, although his eyelids twitched. Winry wondered if he was really awake and just pretending to be asleep.

"Since when did you sleep so soundly?" She muttered, smoothing down his bangs to keep them from falling back into his eyes. "I should wake you up."

But she didn't. She just kept stroking his hair slowly and gently, treating him as if he would break. That was the way he had treated her last night. Come to think of it... It was the way he always treated her. Winry's hand slipped away from his hair and traveled a light path across his cheek and down the side of his neck. That got him to move. He stirred a bit and clutched at the pillow underneath his head, grumbling something that wasn't even a word. Winry smiled and moved her hand down to touch his flesh one, curling her fingers between his. She crawled back onto the bed and left her towel on the floor, slipping underneath the covers with her hand still intertwined with his. She pressed close against him, the heat of his body soothing her. Winry smiled as she tucked her head underneath his chin, kissing him softly a few times. Ed moved again and made some indistinguishable noise followed by her name. Oops. She hadn't wanted to wake him up.

Ed was still groggy as he blinked his eyes open only to squint at the sunlight filtering in through the window. "Nggh...?"

Winry released his hand and slipped her arm around his waist, lifting her other one to press her fingers lightly against his lips. "Sshh... I want to stay like this a little longer... before you leave..."

Ed blinked, eyes adjusting to the light. Then he frowned, now slightly more awake. Oh, right. He had to leave today, didn't he...? He had promised Al he would only be in Resembool a day and he couldn't leave his little brother waiting in Central alone for too long anyway. He had originally come for some quick repairs instead of bothering Winry to come all the way to Central, but... Well, he had arrived late and no automail maintenance had gotten done.

Ed flushed. "Actually... I need work done on my automail. That's kinda why I came."

"Mm. It worked just fine if you ask me."


Winry lifted herself half way up to place a kiss against the corner of his mouth. "Shush..."

She managed to push him over on his back and settled her head on his chest, snuggling up close to him. Damp strands of hair clung to her back, shoulders and arm and some sprawled out across Edward's chest. She traced the muscles of his upper half in slow movements with a single finger, making them jump underneath her touch.

"Wiiinnrryyy..." Ed whined from somewhere on the pillow as she watched her finger make patterns on his skin.

"I'll get to it," Winry huffed, turning her head on his chest to look at him. "We never get time like this so let me enjoy it."

"That it is so not true... We need to be careful or--"

"I've taken the necessary precautions. I'm not stupid. Maybe you should too next time."

Edward flushed again. "You didn't give me any time!"

Winry smirked and buried her face against his chest, suddenly smiling like a child on her birthday. It wasn't like she could help it. Despite what Ed had said, it had been a long while since they had gotten to make love or share a peaceful morning. She couldn't remember how long ago it had been since the last time she had felt his lips and hands on her skin. She had missed it so much. She brushed her lips against his chest, feeling the rough texture of a scar. He had so many. She hated everyone who had scarred such a beautiful body.

"Please just a little longer..." She whispered, lips still against that one scar.

There was a pause before she felt flesh fingers tangle themselves into her wet hair. Winry smiled and shifted again so that her head was resting with his on the same pillow. He gave her a look with those bright amber eyes peering at the world behind strands of hair. It was such a gentle and loving look that it made her heart beat faster in her chest. He always looked at her like she was the most beautiful thing in the world and it made her feel she felt really was. Winry brushed her hand through his hair and brought him closer to kiss him. He responded of course, wrapping his arms around her to bring her even closer.

There were many things Winry cherished in this world, but Ed was so much more. He was her precious treasure, a diamond in the rough... and as long as he allowed her to, she would always stay right beside him.