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Longer version of summary: Raven and her siblings were orphaned and forced to live without their parents for the rest of their lives. She isn't exactly the most popular girl in school, but she does have friends. She is paired with her most hated enemies to do a science project. During the project, Garfield spills an already mixed chemical all over another chemical, making fumes go everywhere. Everyone n the room accidentally breathed a little but all went home thinking everything was ok. Oh how they were wrong. They wake up the next day with extraordinary powers. Powers they only thought existed in the comic books. The weird bunch gets closer as they learn they are all not so different. The question is, what will they use their new powers for, justice? Or to get whatever their teenaged heart desired?

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Raven woke up with a start. 'What the…'

"AUGH!" Raven grunted loudly as a blur of orange came zooming in her room and tackled her.

Raven sighed annoyed, "Did I ever mention how much I love it when you do that?" She said dripping with sarcasm.

The little girl in her lap looked up and gave Raven a heart-warming smile as she nodded.

"Alright then get off me." The small girl hopped off her older sister and ran out.

"DON'T FORGET TO PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!" The girl yelled running down the hall.

Raven rolled her eyes, "Yeah we wouldn't want that to happen…"

Raven's POV

Why do I even bother coming to school? I wake up early, I hate that. See people, who annoy me, I really hate that. And I do worksheets that will definitely not help me in the future, I hate that. It was about half a year into my last year of high school, and I was already wishing someone would just shoot me.

Hello. My name is Raven Roth. I have 2 brothers, and one sister. Me and my brother's father left after the knowledge of the birth of my youngest brother. Our mother raised us for another 5 years alone. On the 6th year, she found another man and had my youngest sister with him. But unfortunately both parents died in a car crash returning from the hospital. Being a new born with flexible bones, as well as wrapped in layers of blankets, my sister survived. Now it's just me and my siblings in one house. We're known as the Roth children. Babysitters are hesitant to baby sit my younger siblings because of me and my older brother's appearance, but that changes when my ever joyful sister pops up.

I had one real best friend. His name was Garfield Logan. He had lost his parents to drunk driving. His aunt takes care of him now, but he's like a part of my family. When we're lonely, he sleeps over my house. Nothing happens, he's just like a brother. Infact, all my siblings like him. Even my cold and weird older brother.

I put on a Grey tank and a long sleeved fish net shirt that wrapped around my knuckles. I slipped on a pair of black jeans with a black belt, having slightly pointed metal squares aligned from one side to another. I walked into my boots and buckled them up in record timing. I had done it for years.

Raven ran a hand through her artificial dark purple hair. She remembered when she wanted to dye it that color; she wanted it to be pure purple. But because she was born with black hair, it turned out a lot darker of purple than she wanted.

(Normal pov)

Raven walked out of her room and locked the door. Her younger brother was never one to be trusted.

This was a daily thing, get woken up by annoying younger sister, get dressed and do the hygiene thing. Then get dressed and lock the door just incase her younger brother tried anything, like he did a few years ago. Next Raven would walk by her brother's rooms, giving three loud knocks to each.

Raven would then walk down the stairs and start breakfast, toast and tea. Their family were never big eaters.

After Raven started the kettle she heard her brother moving around upstairs. Another normal thing.

"3…2…1…Good Morning Dove." Raven said.

"Hello Raven!" Dove said sending her a 100-watt smile.

'How does she do that every morning…' Raven thought.

Dove was Raven's younger sister. In fact, Raven's younger brother had named her. Raven knew how much her mother wanted her children to be named after lovely/interesting birds, and knew that her mother always guessed her child's personality from birth. Her mother was always right.

But since Dove was the only survivor of the car accident, the Roth children were left to name her. Raven remembered Dove's father, (which was her stepfather). He was a lovely, kind man. He looked so pure, blonde hair and blue eyes. While Arella (Raven's mother) had amethyst eyes and black hair. Raven knew Dove was going to turn out softhearted, especially since she was born dark blonde hair, meaning she took some things after her father. So Raven's youngest brother named her Dove. A bird with white feathers, and was a symbol of peace and tranquility.

Raven was glad that Dove had dark purple eyes, it showed that she was part of the family. Because with out it, she'd look like an outcast of the family. Dove was only 5 years old, she doesn't remember either of her parents what so ever. And she doesn't have any pictures to look at either. Raven and her older brother had burnt everything of their past. Maybe it was a spur of the moment, or maybe they wanted to never be reminded of the pain they would suffer from looking upon their mother's lovely face.

Dove looked up to raven like a hero, and Raven knew that. Maybe that was why Raven was so protective over her. She wasn't exactly sure though.

Dove, who was wearing a cute orange sundress with a bow in the middle, sat next to Raven and ate her toast happily. Dove and Raven heard loud stomping.

"Here comes Falcon." Raven sighed.

Falcon ran down the stairs and jumped the last three in one hop.

"Good Morning fellow sisters." Falcon said, showing them an innocent smile.

"What'd you do this time?" Dove giggled. She was always Falcon's audience, while Raven and her older brother were always the victims.

"Nothing, why would you say that?" Falcon said, moving his eyes towards Raven a couple of times. In Falcon language that meant that an adult was in the room and cant hear about it.

"I can see you, stupid." Raven deadpanned.

Dove just giggled some more as Falcon chompped down on his breakfast ignoring his older sister's comments.

Falcon was 11 years old. He was the last child Raven's Father and Mother conceived together. After her father learned Arella was pregnant with Falcon, he left. Not a word to anyone during the night. Arella gave birth to Falcon alone. She predicted that he would be brave, yet mischievous. So she saw Falcon as a fit name. When Falcon was about 5, Arella told him where his father was. Falcon was so depressed, thinking that it was his fault father left that he didn't speak again. Not a word to anyone, but Raven swore she heard him crying during the night sometimes.

After the birth of Dove and death of Arella and their stepfather, he said one word. And that word, was Dove. Falcon had spent so much time with the baby; he fell in love with her giggles. Raven and his older brother were trying to figure out what to name her, when Falcon said 'Dove'. The elder siblings though for a second, and agreed.

When Dove was 2, Falcon started to talk again. At first only to Dove, but he slowly warmed up to his elder siblings, and everything was back to as normal as possible.

Falcon had his father's jade green eyes, and his mother's jet black hair. It was always up in small spikes.

Raven had to congratulating him for picking a pair of dark green khakis and a black shirt that matched his description perfectly. This morning was like no different than every morning. Dove wakes Raven, Raven wakes brothers, but one brother had already woken up a long time ago and did a prank on of his older siblings.

Raven knew it wasn't her, because the last prank done by Falcon was last week, and she was the victim. She was free this week, but he was a tricky guy. So she kept her bedroom door locked everyday.

The teakettle whistled and brought Raven out of her thoughts. She stood up and poured everyone their drinks.

Raven had to admit (going back to her previous thought) that her mother was right. Falcon was a mischievous and rebellious little boy. He was the only one who dared to actually provoke his older brother. Raven just argued with him, while Dove felt nothing wrong with annoying the life out of him by begging to go places and wrapping on to his leg when she was scared and Raven wasn't there. Others would say doing such things to her older brother were suicidal, but deep down Raven knew that her older brother loved each of his siblings, and that alone kept him from beating the shit out of each one.

"Did you plan a vengeful prank on Crow?" Raven asked.

Falcon shook his head and folded his arms over his chest, "I can't say!"

Raven sighed, "You know he's going to get you back this time. He never goes back on his word."

"Word shmerd! He's just a barking dog that never bites," Falcon said, finishing his breakfast before the rest of them.

As if on cue, Crow came jogging down the stairs.

"Morning." He said in his usual monotoned voice that even Raven's voice couldn't beat.

"Good morning Crow!" Dove perked.

Crow sent her a smirk and sat down, starting to devour his breakfast.

"Hello dear brother Crow, how was your morning so far?" Falcon stated, obviously wanting to see if his prank worked.

"Actually, it was fine." Crow lied. Crow had found one of Falcon's disgusting toads in his left boot. Crow played games his way, and knew Falcon would hate it if his pranks would back fire.

"…Fine?" Falcon asked.

Crow nodded and gulped down the last of his tea.

Crow was 20 years old. Being the first heir of Arella Roth, he took responsibility over his siblings. Though he knew Raven was just as mature as he was, even though she was younger. They argued from time to time, but he had to give her credit for such witty comebacks. He knew that came from Arella, being the one who knew her longer. When his father left, he was secretly stealing a bag of cookies to eat in his room. His father made him swear not to tell anyone where he was going, and that's exactly what Crow did. Crow cried for the last time that night while his father left. And after that, Crow changed forever. He was now more cold and distant. But he become a lot wiser, just like his mother ad predicted.

When he was born, he hadn't cried for 5 minutes. Arella was worried, but knew he was going to turn out ok. And when he did, she predicted that he would be intellect, yet threatening. So she named him Crow. Crow now stands at 6'3, with upper arm strength while the rest of his body was sleek and skinny.

He and Raven both shared the ability to make people cower in fear just by sending them a cold glare. His of course was more practiced and caused more mayhem than Ravens. Crow has straight yet a little shaggy hair that goes down to his chin. One of his longer bangs covers over one eye most of the time. He had inherited his father's piercing green eyes. Both he and Raven were a lot paler than Falcon, who loved being outside, and Dove who was born a soft peach.

Crow was clad in baggy and ripped black jeans, a 'Nightmare Before Christmas' tee with a black and white striped long sleeve under it, buckle up boots, and a metal spiked necklace.

Raven never knew why Dove was never frightened by her and her older brother's appearance. But she knew why Falcon wasn't afraid. He wasn't because he was becoming a goth just like his elder siblings. He would sometimes wear his brother's chains or necklaces, and borrow Raven's fishnet arm warmers.

The Roths were known to be good looking people, even with the gothiness. Crow always seemed to have a girlfriend or a fan club of some sort. Raven had to admit that Crow was good looking, and knew why some of her friends (if you want to call them that) always wanted to come over her house.

Raven did have boys calling her, but she ignored every one of them. And when Dove asked why, Raven just told them they were evil.

Dove and Falcon were 'adorable', as people would call them. Dove held the innocent eyes, while Falcon held the mischievous smile.

Raven was thinking it over, and if she had to describe each Roth child in 3 words, Crow would be; Smart/intellect, silent, strict. Dove would be; sweet, pure, baby-ish. Falcon would be; rebellious, mischievous, yet brave. And last, Raven would be; sarcastic, witty, mature.

"Well, would you look at that. Falcon was conned out of his own prank." Raven smirked as she took everyone's plate and set them in the sink to be washed later.

"What did you do anyway Falcon?" Asked Dove as everyone stood up and took their backpacks heading for the door.

"Well…I put one of my toads in Crow's boots." Falcon gave them a weak smile.

"Really? I thought I'm just stepping on a wet sock." Crow said as he helped Raven put on her favorite trench coat.

"WHAT? YOU'RE STEPPING ON PAUL! GET OFF OF HIM!" Falcon said dropping towards Crows shoes. "Don't worry Paul I'm getting you out!"

The Roth children left their house and locked the door. Falcon was being dragged as he held on to his brother's walking foot.


"Get off kid," Crow shook him off, "I was just joking. He's probably hopping all over the house by now."

Raven tensed, "Are you saying…that you didn't even lock that toad up or anything?" She cringed.

"Ewww!" Dove squealed.

"What's 'Ewww'?"

The Roth children looked to the left as the family friend, Garfield, walked up to their car and hopped in the back in between Dove and Falcon.

"Hey Gar." Raven said seemingly unfazed.

"GAR!" Dove cried and hugged his arm, resting her head on his toned bicep.

"Hey Dove." Garfield chuckled as he looked down towards the sweet girl.

Crow backed up and out of the driveway and headed for his younger sibling's school.

(AN: By the way, for the story I made Elementary school-highschool all in the same campus, so if Crow drops off Garfield and Raven in the highschool building, Falcon can walk to middle school in 5 steps while Dove can be there in ten steps. I'm exaggerating the steps of course. But you get what I mean hopefully.)

Garfield and Falcon looked at eachother and stared, then after 20 seconds of staring…

"DUDE!" They yelled in unison and gave eachother high 5's. Dove giggling afterwards.

That was another daily deal.

"So what's ew?" Garfield asked.

"Crow didn't lock up Paul after Falcon used Paul to prank Crow." Dove answered, never letting go of Gar's arm.

Crow had one hand on the wheel while the other was propped up on the window ledge playing with a zippo. Raven was resting her head on her elbow using the open window's ledge as the support as she let her shoulder length dark purple hair wave behind her.

Last year Raven had her hair shortened in the back much to her disliking. And was thankful it grew back quickly to its original, all-ends-the-same-length form.

"…Who's Paul?"

"My awesome pet toad!" Falcon beamed.

"Dude! I love toads!" Garfield exclaimed.

"You love everything that breathes Gar." Raven pointed out.

"Well, yeah. Imagine life without them…" Garfield was an animal lover. That's probably why he was a vegetarian.

Raven rolled her eyes.

"Ok stupids, out of my car." Crow said suddenly, stopping infront of his former campus.

His younger siblings and Garfield hopped out.

"Thanks for the ride, I owe you one." Garfield thanked.

"You owe me a million. I'll just stick it to your tab." Crow said, face emotionless like always and drove off.

"That guy freaks me out—" Garfield turned around to see Raven staring at him boredly.

"Make that both of you…" he added.

Raven just rolled her eyes, "Hey Gar can you take Dove to kindergarten? I have to run to the library real quick."

"Oh yes, would you please Gar?" Dove asked, giving him the quivering bottom lip.

"You know I would never say no to you!" Gar handed his backpack to Raven, who usually didn't mind taking his backpack to advisory as long as he took care of her younger siblings, and he lowered himself to give her a piggyback ride.

"Yes!" Dove shot a fist in the air as she clutched his shoulders.

"Gar, if she falls, you're the one to die." Raven warned.

"Don't worry, she's fine. But don't run to far Raven, you're next." Garfield winked and ran off, Falcon trailing behind them in a sprint and Dove giggling the whole time.

Raven dismissed the idea and walked into the building.

Raven made the usual stops to her and Gar's locker. She already memorized his combination a long time ago. Then power walked to the library holding her books to her chest.

On her way, the 17 year old saw the same people she usually did.

First, there would be Terra McCoy and Kory Anders. Terra was one of the most popular girls in school. Raven noticed how when her group would make fun of her, she would only laugh, never add. She had long blonde flowing hair that she kept in a loose braid everyday, and blue eyes. Her attire usually gave her a more rocker girl look than she wanted.

Her bestfriend Kory Anders was an exchange student from Europe. Raven still remembers the day she came to this school; she talked funny and wanted to be friends with everyone. She even introduced herself to the going-to-be dissected frogs. Kory wasn't exactly the most popular girl because she would frown and say it was wrong everytime her group would make fun of someone. Though, she was in the group for her looks. She had long red hair cascading down her back and large emerald eyes. Her unattainable tan skin made her different, in a good way, from the others. She was tall, model tall and her attire sported that model look exactly.

Terra and Kory would usually be standing with their group in their normal spot every morning, gossiping it up. Occasionally their group would point and laugh at Raven's attire, but Raven learned to ignore it.

Next up would be Garfield Logan, talking in his usual group. But then would join Raven in her walk to wherever she was going. Garfield had died his hair a dark green, matching his eyes. And surprisingly it looked good, and everyone liked it. His hair was messy on his head, but added to his 'I don't give a damn' look.

He was the class comedian, always making everyone but Raven laugh hysterically. Garfield was very determined to make her crack a smile though, and that's what started this whole charade.

And last would be Victor Stone and Richard Greyson.

Victor was on the basketball team, football team, and swim team. It was rumored that his parents had pushed him to be on so many athletic teams, so he can be big buff like his older brother. For all the other students know, he was the definition of buff. Heck, he had his own cheerleaders. Victor was sweet, and usually gentle. Just like Kory, when his group would make fun of someone, he would just stand there. But back to his other attributes, he was a tall, muscled, African American, blue-eyed superman.

Richard Greyson…is complicated. It was rumored, that he lost both of his parents to an awful accident, just like Raven did. Richard was an ebony and spiky haired young man. He had aqua colored eyes that held mischief in every glance. No one's seen him give a real smile since the accident, only smirks, snickers, fakes and chuckles. Mocha was the color of his skin, as muscles slightly tainted his body. Oh yeah, and he's a class 'a' jerk.

Raven, like usual, ignored the popular girl's jests. Hesitantly waved hello to Garfield's group of friends. She knew what was coming next, and she was trying extremely hard to avoid him.

She finally walked past Richard's usual hang out spot and sighed in relief. Still walking, she turned around to see if he might come from behind.

Ever since they were younger, Richard always had a nag for picking on her the most out of everyone. It's probably because she doesn't have the reaction he wants. It started ever since kindergarten, when Raven stole a cookie Richard had taken forever to steal from the teacher himself. Then when he lost his parents and become a little less sympathetic, everything just got worse. She could honestly say that she hates the most popular punk kid in school.

Right when she was about to turn around, she bumped into something.

'…Damnit…' Raven slowly turned around to see Richard standing taller than her, smirking.

"Well, look who we got here Vic."

"Yeah, Hey Rae." Victor smiled.

"Hello Victor."

Richard turned slightly and scowled at Victor.

"…Sorry." Victor mumbled.

"So Raven, whatchya been up to lately?" Richard said smirking down at her.

"None of your business, ugly." Raven said through clenched teeth and walked around him. She hated how Richard never said her name correctly. He always said it as if he was forced to say it…as if it was a curse to say it.

Richard narrowed his eyes and turned her around, "What did you call me?" He asked menacingly, nose to nose.

Raven just inched forward, daring to crush her nose into his, "I said you were ugly."

If it was possible, Richard narrowed his eyes even more but suddenly released his anger and smirked at her, knowing that would aggravate her more, "…Cookie stealer."

Raven's eyes widened, but looked annoyed. She backed up until she was back to her normal stance, breaking the nose to nose contact and sighed, "Will you ever let that go?" And again she walked away from him.

Richard stood there staring at where she was standing a few seconds ago.

"Tell me, Raven, did your father teach you to steal like that?"

Raven froze, and dropped her books.

"Or was it your annoying mother?" Richard sneered, slipping his hands in his pockets and turning around to face Raven's tensed back.

Raven was furious. Her teeth were clenched, her hands turned into fists and her shoulders were squared.

'Just ignore him…emotions are useless…just ignore him…emotions are useless.'

Raven turned to face him without thinking, "Look who's talking!"

Her outburst surprised Richard. She never yelled. For all the years he's known her…this was the most emotion she had ever let show.

"You're the one who stole the damned cookie anyway! My parents were noble people don't you ever talk about them like that!" Raven pointed an accusing finger at Richard.

"They must be or else they would have never named you Raven." Riachard snickered, the comment full of sarcasm.

The crowd forming 'ooh'ed.

Raven lost all tranquility and control and ran towards Richard, only to be held back. She looked down at the hands holding her by the waist then looked back to see Garfield gritting his teeth at Richard.

"Give it a rest Greyson."

"Whatever Logan, c'mon Vic." Richard ordered and stalked away.

Garfield let go of Raven and shooed away the crowed.

"I hate him." Raven muttered as she stared at Richard's figure walking away.

'Now would be a perfect time to-'


Raven was brought out of her dangerous thoughts as Garfield waved a hand infront of her face.

"Sorry Gar…"

Garfield picked up her books, "…For what?"

"Because I can't control myself, you have to get more enemies. Because I can't control my anger, you have to come and rescue me everytime." Raven looked down. She hated having to always be saved or rescued. Why couldn't she live a life of independence?

Garfield looked at her confused, "Raven…I don't care if everyone in the world is my enemy, as long as you're my ally. I don't mind having to save you either, I remembered all the times you saved me from insanity…you…you're like me sister. I'll watch out for you, as long as you watch out for me."

Raven looked up at him, he was so sincere. No wonder she was best friends with him.

Raven just chuckled and nodded. "Sure Gar."


"Pinky." She said, referring to the time they made oaths to being friends for a long time.

This chapter is more like an introduction to characters and relationships. It shows who the people, their background, and who their close to.

Relationships: The Richard/Raven: They are classmate enemies. But don't worry, this is a Rae/Rob fic.

Raven and siblings: They are all protective of each other. You'll see more of that in the next few chapters. I'm really sorry that I have a knack for talking about my made up characters more than I do for the main characters…(lol I did that in my other fic too.)

Raven/Beast Boy: BB is over protective over Raven, just like they were very close brother and sisters. Its not any kind of Romance, don't worry. I just like the idea of having Beast Boy watch over her.

Situations: This story is going to have a lot of drama. I want to try and explain different problems out there in the teen world with their parents. Everyone thinks that weight/cutting/romance problems are all that happens, or atleast they focus on that. I don't want to get that deep and freak yall out, so I'll just explain 'the parent issue'. You'll see in later chapters.

NOTE: Lol, ok you can kill me if you want…but I kind of wanted to add a character like Sesshomaru (inuyasha)/Jin (Samurai Champloo) so I added 'Crow'. Tall, skinny but muscular, cold and heartless. But strangely has a liking for atleast one character. Inuyasha fans know that Sessh carries around a human girl around with him, and holds her under his protection, though he proclaims to hate humans. I don't know about Jin…he's just so serious yet smart as well as Sessh. So in conclusion, Sessh and Jin have created a monster…a monster called CROW!

I liked the idea of having Raven's whole family (save for dead rents) being named after birds, especially based on their personality.

A real chapter (when something actually happens) will be up soon, do not pout!