Youll never guess what i just did. I KNEW i did this, i just didnt check untl now.

If you read the 11th chapter, then the 1st chapter over again...you'll see that they explain how Garfield's parents died. In one chapter (the first) they died of drunk driving...then the second to last explains how he lost them on a trip neevr returning to him. WTF! Damnit...i'll have to find a way to fix that. Please bare with me a few more days while i sort my stories.

I am also sort of stressed...i'm rereading the first few chapters of All I Really Wanted...OMG I FREAKIN' SUCKED. No, dont even try and defend me. Here's a task for all you people who read Changed Forever...go read(again or for the 1st time) All I Really Wanted (the first few chapters). You will agree with me in saying i sucked. Then again i was a newcomer then...BUT STILL! GEEZ! i dont think i would even read my own story. DONT DEFEND ME, YOU NICE PEOPLE OUT THERE! DONT! Just go read it and agree with me, that will make me happy. No wonder my second review EVER on this site was a flame.

But anyway, i dont have TIME to fix all of the chaps(or ATLEAST the first few chapters...those definitlly need some help) of All I Really Wanted. All i really have time to do is delete the seperate Notes and unnecessary A/N's. I still cant beleive i dont have time to fix them, but i honestly dont lol. But i cant just leave them there...they take away reveiwers! If i were a reader...i'd stop after the second chapter and discontinue cuz of the mistakes and weird and LONG descriptions. I seriously dont know what to do. Any suggestions?

In need of help,

PS: This note will self-destruct in a week.