"Leia, sweetheart, please stop that now," Padmé stretched out an arm to catch the edge of her dress, but the material slipped out of her reach faster than her fingertips even had a chance to graze it.

"No- no- NO- you don't do that Leia Skywalker-" she gritted her teeth, lunging out again to grab her but again failing by an inch. Leia scrambled up the booster seat and now eyed her mother with an over-bright naughty grin.

Padmé's patience was wearing thin. "You come here now! Leia, I'm warning you-get here- now!"

She shot her a severe stare. It was her 'mummy-means-business' look. A little reassurance filled her inside, and she calmed herself down a notch. It had never disappointed her before.

One, two. Three… Yes, she could see Leia edging closer.

"That's my good-" Padmé's words died on her lips as Leia gave her one very naughty look, then shook her head and giggled, right before her very eyes. Her chest started rising up and down again. It isn't good for the baby and it isn't good for pregnant ladies, she told herself. Calm down, calm down.

Time for a new approach. "Anakin!" she called frustratedly, looking down at the seat next to her.

Instantaneously a pair of hassled blue eyes flew up to meet hers. "What?"

She rubbed her forehead to keep an aggravated furrow from etching itself on it and gestured to Leia, now scuttling and crawling excitedly up and down the seats and making funny faces at Luke.

Anakin looked down at Luke, red-faced and agitated, stuck in his seat due to a safety catch that had bizarrely gone faulty and back to her.

"I'm sorry angel, but I really can't-" the rest of his words were drowned off by a piercing shriek of glee that had its origins from Leia's mouth.

Padmé was sure she was going to sue the company that made these booster seats. Thanks to them, the Skywalker family had been trapped in their maxi-speeder while a lovely dinner reservation waited for them outside.

Her resolve was cemented when Luke, now having been stuck for fifteen minutes, started to scream. The knowledge that Leia was taking great delight over his fix, as she evidently informed him by cracking up in peels of laughter each time he squirmed in his seat, only angered him more.

Anakin shot her an apologetic look. There was nothing more he could do than soothe her raw nerves in this situation. His wife was four months along, her stomach fairly huge and she could hardly do much to stop their daughter who had gone on a rampage.

"I'm really sorry angel, but I've got my hands full with this one…"

Padmé sighed designedly. She leaned over and kissed his temple, just as Luke let out another earsplitting scream. "It's okay. You just worry about getting Luke out before the windows shatter."

Since Anakin had his hands full, there was only one way she had to do it. Trust her three year old daughter to make a pregnant woman resort to such measures. Her daughter was capable of getting her to do what every medic and medical droid told her not to.

With a deep breath, she heaved herself off her seat and twisted herself around. Convenience aside however, she was extremely uncomfortable. Her expanding middle prevented her from turning more than thirty-five degrees; hence her neck and arms were stretched forward so much they'd begun to tingle.

Padmé craned her neck so she was now at eye-level with Leia and fixed her with a dead-serious, non-compromising stare.

"I'm giving you three counts Leia Skywalker. You stop teasing your brother right now, sit down and stay quiet in your seat."

Padmé Amidala wasn't playing any games right now. All mothers had their limits. And Leia had just crossed that line.


Leia closed her mouth mid squeal.


She gazed uncertainly at Anakin. Go on, he prodded her on with a nod of his head.

"Thr-" Padmé raised a warning eyebrow. Leia stood momentarily stunned. Her fear-stricken brown eyes shot from her father to her mother. Security or fury. There was the choice.

"Three!" She finished triumphantly as Leia shot towards her booster seat in the last second after a final anxious glance towards her father.

Padmé shot a little wink to Anakin. Told you so, she mouthed superciliously. He responded with a smirk before swiveling back to Luke.

"Leia," she turned towards her. "I'm not pleased with your behavior at all. Now stay there quietly and be a good girl. Understand?"

Leia nodded fearfully.


Finally with an immense effort and a loud grunt, she hauled herself back into her seat and remained perfectly still till she felt the blood rush back again. Ahhh…It was then her stomach gave out a fierce rumble, and as if to emphasis the point that she was positively starving, the baby gave a definitive thump against the palm of her hand.

She frowned and gazed at the time flashing on the dashboard.

"Ani?" she bit her bottom lip tentatively. "How is it going? I don't mean to rush but the baby and I are really hungry…"

"Me too!" Leia quipped from the back.

"And Luke too I'm sure." Padmé added.

"Almost done angel…just, wait-" Anakin gave one fierce tug at the safety belt. "Nearly there-" He gave one final tug, and with a flourish it flew off, springing Luke free and Anakin's head finally reemerged from somewhere under the arm rest.

"Done!" he proclaimed thankfully.

"Not just yet," she laughed, leaning over to smooth down the messy tufts of hair on his head. "Okay! We'd be lucky if they kept our reservation. Button up the two of you and let's go…"

Padmé exhaled gratefully as at long last they finally reached the entrance of the restaurant. "We have a reservation for four under Naberrie?"

The pretty Twi' lek smiled as she leaned forward to see where the other two were. "Give me a moment to check."

Anakin pulled her close as he ran a hand over her protruding tummy. "So guess what Obi-wan told me today. You'll never believe it." He laughed as he remembered his disbelieving reaction to the news.

"You're free to amuse me."

Anakin laughed again. "I don't know if you read the gossip news magazines or watch those trashy channels Ryoo loves so much nowadays, but apparently there's much speculation over the galaxy's favorite senator's current state."

Padmé's brown eyes twinkled with amusement as she placed her hand atop Anakin's. "About this?"

"Uh huh," he nodded his head. "I don't know why they care, but it seems someone leaked the news and now there's this crazy frenzy to get pictures and affirmations."

"Really?" she arched one mock disbelieving eyebrow.

Inwardly the news didn't take her too much by surprise. When they'd decided to make their marriage public after the Council's consent, the mayhem it caused far surpassed any political upheaval she'd witnessed. The both of them hadn't been able to step out of the apartment for weeks without being surrounded by two dozen media droids snapping their pictures and reporters from all over the Republic clamoring for interviews.

Anakin chuckled softly in her hair as he rested his chin lightly atop her head. "Which explains why there were these pesky little droids always hovering outside the apartment these past few days. 'Think I might have caused permanent malfunction with a few of them."

"Anakin!" she chided, but she could make this an exception. All the better if he managed to shut down all of them. Those droids were remarkably persistent in their tasks, as she recalled.

"Wait till we get inside, and I'll show you something that'll make your day," he grinned and scooped up Leia as the Twi' lek gestured inside to show them to their tables.

"I'm hungrwee!" Luke whined as soon as they got him settled in a baby chair.

"Give us a minute okay sweetheart? We'll order now and the food will get here fast…" she thumbed his cheek, smiling. "Lucky for you two, I have this," she pulled out two squishy toys from her bag and handed it to them.

"Alright, so what is it?" she leaned towards him now that the twins were satiated.

"This." Anakin's blue eyes sparkled mischievously as he placed a virtual magazine in front on her.

Padmé's eyes widened as the pages of the magazine began to flash before her.

Underneath an already large and highly noticeable heading, 'Family bliss yet again for the galaxy's favorite couple?',were pictures of her leaving the apartment, pictures of Anakin helping her out of their speeder, pictures of the both of them with the twins at the balcony, pictures of her and Anakin leaving a maternity wear boutique, and that was just yesterday!

"How on earth did they get these?" she whispered, alarmed. "I thought you got rid of the most of them?"

"So did I…I think the Couruscant Informer has gotten craftier in stalking us after most of their droids returned eternally damaged,"

"I shouldn't have worn this then!" she sighed, looking down at the snug woolen dress that clearly revealed her baby bump.

"But we should be safe here…And you'll be wearing your robe outside." He pointed out, placing a protective hand over her stomach. "Besides, I like seeing you like this. It makes you so much more…"

He leaned in to brush his lips with hers. "-so much more…desirable."

"Mmmm...You would, wouldn't you?" She teased him in a low voice as she deepened the kiss. "But not now…" She pulled apart reluctantly.

"So tell me, how long has our personal life been splashed across every tacky magazine?"

Anakin shrugged. "A week or so?"

Padmé shook her head in disbelief. "No wonder I had five missed interceptors from Sola and my mum yesterday!" She peered up at him glumly before she frowned as a thought occurred to her. "Wait- so how does Obi-wan fit into this?" she questioned.

"Well so happens he was –pestered- yesterday by a hound of columnists on the way back to the Temple from Dex's diner."

Padmé choked on her sip of water. "Yes. And mind you, according to him, that's putting it mildly."

"Anakin, as it is we have to make all reservations under Naberrie, or risk the possibility of your teenage fans causing a stampede for your autograph during dinner, Hero With No Fear,"

Anakin grinned at her. "It'll die down soon enough. It always does. Remember the twins?"

"That took a whole month Ani!" she rebuked, memories terrorizing her. It was hard to forget the time when the arrival of their twins was announced. Practically the entire galactic federation of reporters had pounced upon the medicentre and their home.

"Or would you like to entertain them with one exclusive comment?"

She stared at him. "I wouldn't even entertain the thought. First, we're both too busy. Second, as a Jedi Knight and a Senator, we shouldn't be entertaining them, and last, it's really is-"

"None of their business?"

"Exactly. They've no right being so intrusive." She sighed. Reaching across she stroked Leia's soft brown hair. "And we need to protect these two from them."

Anakin looked towards them and grinned. "I don't think we need to worry there; they're about the feistiest three-year olds you can find." He glanced at them again, where the two of them had currently engaged in a fierce wrestling and pummeling match between the two toys.

"I have to agree with you on that." She said dryly, wrinkling her nose.

"But, I'll put R2 on high security just in case." Anakin reassured her.

The conversation was suspended as the food was served at their table and at the same time, the Skywalker family eating ritual kicked into action.

"Okay, so apart from my handmaidens, their nannies, and the Council, no one else knows." Padmé paused to spear a piece of greens and pop it into her mouth. "I'll contact my mum and Sola tomorrow, but aside from them, we'll leave it as that."

"Oh, I almost forgot! We should let Owen and Beru know too. The two of them adore the twins. I'm pretty sure they'd like to know about the new addition." She added.

"Whatever you say…" he grinned, leaning over to wipe Leia's mouth with a napkin.

"Okay, I'm done." She pushed aside her empty plate. "I'll take over from here…"

"Mmmm open up…" she took the spoon from Anakin and fed Luke a mouthful. "You want some more?"

Padmé began to relax as dinner wore on. Anakin was right. It would be impossible for any of those intrusive cam droids to hide in here. After all, this was a rather high-end place with a reputation for privacy.

She'd be confounded if they managed to sneak in here!

Anakin looked up from his dinner to give her a smile and finally, she put her worries at rest.

But little did they know…


The next day…

"Anakin! Anakin! Are you here?" Padmé called right away as soon as she got through the door.

"What's wrong now?" he poked his head out of the bedroom immediately. "Are you alright?"

"I just went to visit Bail and his wife, since she's here with him for a change, and she showed me this!" Padmé tugged a virtual magazine from her bag and placed it in front of him.

She lay back on their bed and pursed her lips. "Look at page 7 Ani." She instructed flatly.

Gingerly Anakin scrolled through the magazine, this one with a promising name; The Galactic Inquirer. He came to a stop at page 7, where a large, big and bold heading screamed at him.


Anakin choked. "What do they mean by that?"

Padmé raised an eyebrow. "You don't say?"

"Read on. It gets better."




My, my. Anakin Skywalker is without a doubt a very fast worker! The handsome Jedi Knight and the delectable Senator are most definitely not lacking in passion! The past week has seen the couple under a flurry of speculation, with fans of the twice voted 'Hottest Couple of the Year', swarming with questions on whether Naboo's beautiful politician is yet again with child. After days of futile enquiries with close associates of the couple, the truth has finally been revealed, thanks no doubt to the delicious undeniable evidence the Inquirer has managed to catch for the record!

The lovely Senator Amidala was spotted with an obvious baby bump, as seen below, while out dining with the family last night. Medical droids the Inquirer consulted were quick to pronounce that according to her appearance, the Senator is into her second trimester and possibly four months along. It is a delightful piece of news that the Skywalker family yet again awaits more family bliss. Aren't they the perfect family?

The staff at The Galactic Inquirer would like to offer our congratulations to the picture-perfect pair for the baby they are expecting. But then and again, since Anakin Skywalker has gotten himself quite the reputation for being a real good strong man,hint there, readers shouldn't be surprised if the beautiful Senator is again expecting twins, or perhaps even triplets! The thought is just absolutely thrilling!

But for now, we will just have to be satisfied with this tasty tidbit, for the pair are known to be intensely private, a real pity! (But with two such irresistible people together, one can only imagine the hot and heavy, steamy details of their marriage that they would undoubtedly want to keep under wraps!) Thus it is yet again time to sit back and watch and wait for anymore exciting happenings in our favorite family!

Your faithful editor,

Wandla Tilkiko







Steamy details of our marriage?

A reputation for being a real good strong man?

Anakin slumped back on their bed, completely dumbstruck as his eyes left the edge of what he could only describe as, a scandalized monstrosity of a gossip article. The horrific warblings from the warped mind of that positively terrorizing woman floated around like a nasty bug in his head.

Anakin felt the blood rising up his face. "I do not have a reputation for being a 'real good strong man'!"

"Well obviously, some people have been ogling at my husband in places they shouldn't be. And I'm sure Miss Wandla isn't the only one…" Padmé remarked, crinkling up her nose.

Until now she had never known the full extent of desire Anakin's fan club had. She was now slightly disturbed at the notion of thousands of horny young or, she shuddered, old women lusting after her husband. She shook her head to clear out those thoughts. She was anyways, the lucky wife. There was nothing to worry about.

Anakin turned a deeper shade of red.

"Why so shy Ani?" she teased him. "After all, both you and I know what a 'good strong man' you are."

Anakin spluttered.

"I, for one, can certainly testify to that," she breathed naughtily in his ear.

At her words, all thoughts about his dirty-minded fan club left his head at once. Clearly his own wife had a little dirty-minded problem of her own.

Rolling over onto his side so he was now slightly shadowing her, he leaned over, bringing their faces only centimeters apart. "Feeling amorous aren't you?" he whispered, trailing one finger from her chest down to her rounded stomach.

"It's the hormones…" she curled her lips up seductively. "They say pregnant women are full of it."

"And they're most definitely not wrong…" Anakin trailed off as their lips met in a kiss that Miss Wandla Tilkiko's imagination would have been proud of.

"Mmmmm…" Padmé giggled softly as Anakin broke off and began nibbling her soft spot on her neck. "We really have no right to protest against that article you know, because-" she laughed as Anakin placed a kiss atop her stomach, "it really is quite true. We're terrible…"

"When Breha passed me that magazine, she couldn't stop laughing despite herself. I was so mad at first when I read it, but now it really seems quite funny…I can't blame Breha at all."

She giggled as Anakin slid one hand under her heavy velvet top and his fingers began exploring the smooth skin that stretched over her tummy.

"Well now that we know they're able to penetrate nearly every thinkable place, we really must be more careful…"

"They're not going to see us here…"Anakin murmured amidst kisses.

Padmé giggled as Anakin hit another soft spot. "I meant outside Anakin. I've learnt my lesson…"

Anakin paused in his administrations. He crawled up the length of her body till they were face to face again. "I've learnt my lesson too,"

He paused and brought his face nearer till her warm breath tickled his skin.

"Oh yeah?" she breathed, quirking one eyebrow up.

"Pregnant women are the downright sexiest creatures." He whispered wolfishly before capturing her mouth with his once again.


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