This is based on a true story! I recently had an encounter with bugs as well, which inspired me to write this. I acted a lot like this triad… Note: I had a lot of fun with this. These three needed to be less macho. Please enjoy!

"I could think of nothing else to say to her. In fact I could never think of anything to say to her, and I sat thinking of past painful conversations between us: How are you, Jean Louise? Fine, thank you ma'am, how are you? Very well, thank you; what have you been doing with yourself? Nothin'. Don't you do anything? Nome. Certainly you have friends? Yessum. Well what do you all do? Nothin'."

The room was dimly lit, a small lamp on the surface of the desk giving off a low golden light, which gave the room a comfortable feeling, yet the vibe of the room was also eerie, and… old. Farther into the light than other things, was a futon, opened up. It was under a small rectangular window, which was paned and curtained by sheer, see-through cloths, enabling one to see the black night sky beyond. The futon was in a white wooden frame, which was higher up off of the ground than most futons. A lavender sheet covered the futon, with a periwinkle comforter laid sloppily over it. Lavender and blue pinstriped pillow cases clothed the pillows, one pillow hanging off of the side of the bed.

To the left of the bed, in the corner, was a bookshelf, filled with books, magazines, figurines, and scrolls. A ship in a bottle was displayed handsomely at the very top of the shelf, quite close to the ceiling. The bookshelf was a dark brown colour, wooden, and very narrow, with many shelves. It was cast in shadows, being farthest from the lamp. To the right of the bed was a small nightstand. It had two drawers and was of the same wood the bed frame was, white and smooth. On its surface was an average sized electric alarm clock, reading 2:52 am. A half-empty glass of water sat close to the bed, atop a thin spiral notebook. Next to the alarm clock was a small scroll, seemingly Asian, with a heart seal on it.

A desk of the same wood as the bookshelf was in the far right corner of the room, on which the small lamp sat. There were magazines scattered across the surface, some cut up. Behind it was a bulletin board with cut-outs of clothing fashions and hairstyles and intriguing articles tacked to it. Next to the desk on the ground was a large bean-bag chair, purple with blue splotches, almost tie-dye.

"Maycomb welcomes her. Miss Maudie Atkinson bakeda Lane cake so loaded with shinny it made me tight; Miss Stephanie Crawford had long visits with Aunt Alexandra, consisting mostly of Miss Stephanie shaking her head and saying "Uh, uh, uh." Miss Rachel next door had Aunty over for coffee in the afternoons, and Mr. Nathan Radley went so far as to come up in the front yard and say he was glad to see her."

A short beep could be heard from the nightstand, followed by another short beep, and another.

Shishiwakumaru looked up from his book at the alarm clock, checking the time even though he knew it was 3 am on the hour. His eyes widened slightly as he looked at the actual clock. Wide-eyed, he looked round and then reverted to the clock, checking the time. He looked above the face of the clock again. His stomach jumped and then tied into knots. Shishi dog-eared the page of the book carefully, cautiously setting it down on the floor next to his bean-bag chair. He stole another glance at the top of the clock, shut his eyes, inhaled, and then…

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Shishi cried at the top of his voice, bolting up and zapping across the room frantically, hastily grabbing his katana that leaned against the wall. His eyes were wide and wild, his posture shaky, and his breathing was hastened, in addition to his knotty stomach.

He stared at the top of the clock in a frenzied haze, his katana unsheathed before him, shaking. There, atop his clock, sat a monster. Was it actually a monster? No, but it could kill him. …Yes, that's exaggerated as well. It could not kill him, nor was it a monster, this creature. God knows what it COULD do, but Shishi didn't particularly fancy finding out, and settled for: THE THING IS DAMN SCARY.

It was black, with a mustard-yellow orange mix countering it. Clear, big, fairy wings sat to its sides, the wings actually being bigger than the body itself. They were lined in the same mustard-yellow orange mix as the bottom of it was. Below the wings was a pair of legs, semi-long and spindly, two of them slanting towards the back on each side, and a pair of them in the font, bent, seemingly hairy, bigger, creepier, moving… The creature had huge bulging red eyes, and a rounded snout. Shishi looked round, dropped his katana unsteadily to the ground, and dashed to the bookshelf. He grabbed a thick book-The Complete Story Collections of E.A. Poe-and lifted it high over his head walking guardedly towards the other side of his bed.

Shishi stepped quietly up to the nightstand, book at ready, and stared at the creature on his clock. It suddenly, turned, languidly, and looked at Shishi with bulging maroon eyes full of malice, if one can pull emotion from a bug's eyes.

Shishi smirked at it, feeling confident he could simply squish it and kill it and that would be the end. The bug must've been thinking "O, what a nice smile. I wonder why he's smiling at me!" Shishi raised the book a little higher, stepping closer to the bed. At that moment-"O, Hell no, biznatch!"-the bug flies up at Shishi angrily. The samurai dropped the book with a thud and sprint out of his room screaming shrilly.

He flung open the door across the hallways and nearly flew in. Suzuki looked at the samurai, shocked, and was then knocked backwards, loosing all air in his lungs as the samurai clung to him pathetically.

"SUZUKI, KILL IT, SUZUKI! KILL IT KILL IT KILL IT KILL IT!" Shishi cried into the man. Suzuki pat his shoulder unsurely, cocking an eyebrow.

"Kill WHAT, Shishi-kun…?" he asked coolly.

"IT…!" Shishi responded. Suzuki narrowed his brow.

"Okay. What is IT and why should I kill it?" he questioned now.

"IT is a monster, and IT tried to eat me!" Shishi looked up into the blonde's face, affrighted. Suzuki looked him dead in the eyes.

"It tried to eat you? Well, then, I shall most definitely murder it bloodily! How dare it do so!" Suzuki replied smugly, a sardonic tone in his voice. Shishi knitted his brow at him.

"NO, I'm SERIOUS! This is a joke, Suzuki! GO SQUISH IT!" The samurai let go of the man and tugged at his T-shirt, waving his hand frantically out the door at his half-closed bedroom door. A look of confusion and question spread across Suzuki's face.

"Wait. It can be SQUISHED, Shishiwakumaru?" he asked bluntly. Shishi's head wagged frantically, nodding in reply, his hand continuing to wave out the door. Suzuki narrowed his eyes and furrowed his brow, his lips turning downwards in a seemed frown. "So, why can't YOU squish it, Mr. Samurai?" Suzuki smirked, and Shishi scoffed and tugged the man into his room.

"Kill it." Shishi ordered. Suzuki looked around for the said 'it.' Shishi placed his hand atop the man's head and turned it towards the desk. "Dumb blonde. Now go squish it."

Suzuki chose to ignore the dumb blonde comment, and went to the desk and observed the bug, a yard or so in between them. He looked to Shishi. "It's a cicada…!" he said smoothly, a ringing of amazement in his voice.

"A WHAT?" Shishi wrinkled his nose.

"They come out every seventeen years or so… But that's really all I know of the little guys. What're you doing so far east, huh?" Suzuki looked at the bug fondly, and then smiled at Shishi. The long-haired samurai was struck a slight blow.

"…Traitor. Kill it anyways!" He ordered. Suzuki looked at the samurai through narrowed eyes and saw that he was completely serious. Suzuki lifted his eyebrows and grinned.

"Your wish is my command, master." He said jokingly as he bowed and headed out of the room.

"Where are you going!" Shishi poked his head out of his door, looking at the bug warily. Suzuki moseyed back in, carrying a rather large wooden spatula. Shishi didn't even bother to inquire WHERE the man might've gotten that. Suzuki grinned and stepped up to the bug, spatula at ready.

"To-night was not the night, bug. To-night you meet your end."

"Why are you talking to it?"



Suzuki smiled wryly and went to hit the bug when suddenly it's wings began flapping as it sat there. All of the sudden, to the men's dismay, the room filled with a long, eerie, buzzing sound. It was… a bug song. Despite the frightening noise, Suzuki, unlike Shishi who cringed in the doorway, made to squish it dead. Suddenly it flew up and went to attack and eat Suzuki as well. The wooden spatula clattered to the floor as he screamed and ran out, a screaming Shishi at his side.

The door was shut once more after they departed. The two men stood in the hallway, frantically looking at each other, scared out of their wits, gasping and panting, Suzuki laughing dryly. Their gasping and panting turned into heavy breathing, affrighted.

"I see what you mean now. I'm sorry for doubting you, Shishi. I'm also sorry for underestimating it!" Suzuki said in his rich, melodic voice, looking to Shishi out of the corners of his eyes. The long-haired samurai smiled slightly. A door was pulled open to the men's left.

Touya walked out, holding a portable CD player and a black and red paperback novel with "From The Corner of His Eye" sprawled across the cover in his hand. He scowled at the two men sitting in the hallway with their backs to the wall.

"Why does it always seem that whenever I am two or three paragraphs away from the climax of my book, I always get interrupted…?" he said coldly, waving the Dean Koontz novel at them.

"Hey, that's usually Jin, not us!" Suzuki protested.

"It's all of you. All five of you. Why are you making so much noise at three o'clock in the morning?" he continued sharply, his icy blue ears piercing the men.

"…There's a scary bug in my room?" Shishi said uncertainly, a lopsided grin plastered on his face.

"And it's trying to kill us." Suzuki added quickly, smiling. Touya stared at them with cold and emotionless eyes, unreadable. He shut his eyes and sighed. He shook his head and started heading back into his room.

"TOUYA! You're going to let me sleep in the hall!" Shishi cried sadly. Touya came back out, hands empty except for his book.

"Why not?" he replied, irritated.

"Touya, please, just come look at it. Try and help us. Please? Will you?" Suzuki pleaded. Touya sighed and nodded his head. The blonde grinned at the samurai and they stood up and opened the door to Shishi's bedroom.

Okay. So this is turning out longer than I thought. No matter. One more chapter should cover it. I hope your enjoying reading this so far, 'coz I'm having a hoot writing it. ((Moosic: "I Will" - The Beatles))