Okay… Here's the second chapter… Woot! I'm on a roll! I would just like to say, before we begin, three years ago, I went to Pennsylvania with my mother. It was the year for the cicadas. I couldn't sleep, they were too noisy, I couldn't go outside, there were too many, and I was even afraid inside the grocery store, because their carcases and shed skins littered the ground still. As a child, staying in Pennsylvania for that short time with the cicadas was one of the most frightening things I can remember. So, I completely sympathize with these guys. Cicadas are ugly and scary. Thank you for reading! Please enjoy!

Touya looked around the room, an eyebrow raised. Shishi stood at his side and Suzuki behind him. From his pocket, the ice master pulled a small sheet of paper, and bookmarked his page in his novel. He sat the novel in Suzuki's hands and observed the room.

"I'm assuming a book was attempted, as well as… a… wooden… spatula? Where the Hell'd that come from?"

"Broom closet." Suzuki answered briefly. Touya nodded and continued to look around the room.

"So, where is this homicidal bug?" he looked over his shoulder at the pair, who shrugged. Touya sighed and began to walk around.

He moved towards the bed and looking to his side, was greeted by two bulging red bug eyes, staring at him intently. Touya, on his knees from looking under Shishi's futon, glared at the bug. He began to make hand incantations, ninjutsu spells soon to be cast, when the bug began screaming its buzzing noise and flew at Touya. The ice master bolted out of the room, a short, shrill gasp escaping his lips. He hid behind Suzuki in the hallway, one hand clutching the back of the blonde's T-shirt. Touya was wide-eyed and gasping, his breathing heavy as Shishi's and Suzuki's had been.

Shishi ran out when the bug began flying round the whole room, seemingly coming at all of them. He shut the door swiftly behind him, leaning on it, and flashed Touya and Suzuki a smile.

"Ninja-boy, it's still not dead…!" Shishi pointed out blatantly through gritted teeth. Touya narrowed his eyes at the samurai.

"No shit, Sherlock." He said calmly. "So… Should we get someone else to kill it? Because, you know, if it willed it, that bug could easily move into Suzuki's room, or my room… And what if it wants to lay eggs?" Touya pointed out, not a single one of them knowing anything about the out-of-place Western bug.

"Shishi, you're going to be a father!" Suzuki laughed as the boyish swordsman glared daggers at him. "You'll have so many babies in there you won't know what to do with yourself!"

"Nymphs." Touya said briefly.

"What?" the two men asked in return.

"Nothing. Let's go get… someone else." Touya replied.

"Hey, did that scare you, Touya?" Suzuki questioned. There was a short silence as the triad walked down the dimly lit hallway, anticipation of Touya's answer in the air.

"Yes." Touya finally said after a while. Shishi smiled.

"So, I'm not the only one who's afraid of bugs!" Suzuki snorted at the samurai's confession. The back of his head met the swordsman's hand.

"No, I'm not afraid of bugs… Just that bug." Touya laughed a little at himself as he quietly poked his head into Chuu's room. He was passed out. Touya suddenly realized something. "What if it eats paper! Some bugs eat paper, you know!" he gasped. Shishi's eyes widened, concerned for his collection of literature.

Touya dashed back into the room, stealthily stepping in and picking up Shishi's book, To Kill a Mockingbird, before looking for his own. There! His paperback Dean Koontz novel sat on the floor by the door. He kneeled down and picked it up nervously, not knowing the whereabouts of this bug. He stood up and suddenly the buzzing filled the room. He looked around frenetically, and listened for how close it was… which was too close for his taste. He looked down and lo and behold, there sat the cicada on the cover of his book. Touya screamed abruptly, waving the book in the air and jumping out of the room, shutting the door behind him as fast as he could. He ran down the hall, eyes wide and just as affrighted Shishi had been, and burst into Jin's room, Shishi and Suzuki at his heels.

The room was dark, but moonlight shone through the window bright enough for them to see. On the bed was a big wad of blankets, concealed in the night-time shadows. Touya pounced on the lump in the bed, deriving from it a loud OOF! noise. Jin poked his head out from under the blankets, scowling at the frightened ice master that clung to him. Shishi and Suzuki were silent in the doorway. Jin moved so that he was sitting up and Touya sat on his lap, facing him.

"Jin! Jin! There's a bug! And it's horrid! It's impervious to us! Go kill it, Jin! It's a big scary bug!" Touya cried, hugging the wind master. Jin scowled and pushed him off lightly.

"S'at it?" he asked in a deep voice. Touya nodded his head in the dark, telling Jin it was. The wind master blinked. "An' 'ow'd I be o' any use ta ye? 'Bout the li'l fecker…?" Jin said in the same irritated, deep voice.

"…Well… You could kill it!" Touya told him sweetly. Jin narrowed his eyes at him in the dark.


"Please, Jin! Why not!" Touya pleaded sadly. Jin tilted his head to one side, still looking at Touya, annoyed, through narrowed eyes.

"'Coz ah git narky when I'm woken up… Ye know tha', Toy. So keep ye'r Alans on an' jes' 'g'nore it, 'kay? Ye can come sleep in 'ere if ye can't…"

"Nonono, it's in SHISHI'S room…" Touya corrected him. Jin furrowed his brow.

"Then why the 'ell 'r'ye comin' in 'ere an' wakin' meh up?" Jin cried. Shishi stepped forward.

"Because the three of us are a bunch of shit-headed pussies and are too afraid to kill it." Shishi's arms were crossed at his waist.

"Bang on, ye feckin' ape! But tha' du'n mean I'm gonna beh doin' nothin'!" Jin scowled at the long-haired man. Touya hugged Jin close.

"Please, Jin! It could get in my room! And eat my books! And lay eggs and make other bugs to finish eating everything in my room! Please, come kill it! It's scary!" Touya pleaded. Jin looked at him, and even though that was just about one of the cutest things Touya has ever done, Jin just… wouldn't do it.

"No." He stood up, pulling his blankets close around him.

"Jin, you see—" Suzuki began, only to be cut off by the cranky wind master.

"Ara be whist. I ain't doin' nothin'. Git outta me room, 'less ye gonna beh goin' ta sleep." He pointed to the door. Touya sat sadly on Jin's bed, crosslegged.

"Jin…! Jin—"

"Touya… NO." Jin leaned down and kissed the ice master's forehead. "Are you going to sleep yet?"

"No, I was reading… I want to finish the chapter." Touya told him. Jin looked at the demon dotingly. He smiled, kissed Touya quickly, but tenderly, as he picked him up in his arms. Jin set him down in front of the doorway.

"Then ye gotta git out. I'm sleepin'. If ye wanna come sleep in 'ere later, ye'r welcome ta, but I ain't squishin' no God damned bugs tanight." Touya looked down.

"Okay." He said quietly. Jin looked to Shishi and Suzuki and pointed to the door, sullenly.

"There is a bug in my room and nobody knows what it's capable of doing, and all you care about is sleeping!" Shishi barked. Jin frowned and literally threw Shishi out of his room. Suzuki stood there, and smiled. He then began to walk out, aided by Jin pushing him out. A slam of the door and a growl of the wind master and that option was officially out.

Shishi looked to a saddened Touya, and a bubbly Suzuki. After a minute of collecting his thoughts he cleared his throat. Though this scared the shit out of him, it made sense to say it.

"Why can't we kill the bug ourselves? It's a tiny bug, two inches, and we're three demons, not to mention we're martial artists. We can't kill it because…?"

"Are you suggesting teamwork, Shishiwakumaru?" Suzuki asked with a smug tone.


"Works for me!" The blonde man smiled. "Touya?" The ice master simply nodded noiselessly.

The three demons made their way back to Shishi's room, ready for battle. They pulled the door open and walked in. The bug was nowhere in their sight, but it thought "O no, not you guys AGAIN! Leave me alone, you lamers!"

Suzuki, looking through the drawers of Shishi's desk, why no one knows (simply because he's nosy), came across something of interest…

Touya stood at the bookshelf checking the shelves for the cicada. He was standing on his tip-toes, arms up holding onto the shelf, looking over the edge just barely. Suddenly, he felt a tickling feeling on the back of his neck. His eyes widened considerably and he made a low squeaking noise.

"Hey, guys…" Touya squeaked softly without moving. Suddenly Suzuki's voice boomed behind him, and the tickling on his neck got stronger, worse.

"O MY GOD, TOUYA! IT'S ON YOUR NECK! THE BUG, THE BUG! THE HORRID, SCARY, BIG BUG! AAAIIIEEE! SHISHI, IT IS THERE! IT! AAAAIIIIEEEE!" Suzuki laughed as he poked fun at the both of them. Touya lowered himself to the ground roughly, and quickly turned around and swiped a large, white feather away from Suzuki, who was laughing so hard he had to hold his ribs, which were in pain. Touya scowled.

"That's not funny, clown…" Shishi growled at the man, who was still giggling. Shishi smirked. "To-night's not the night! You're going to die to-night, Mr. Bug!" Shishi exclaimed, impersonating Suzuki in a mocking manner. The man frowned.

"I never said that!"

"I bet you did." Touya spoke softly, and Suzuki glared at him. Touya's eyes widened as he watched something under the bed. It seemed to be moving, but he couldn't tell yet. Shishi was howling with laughter at the enraged Suzuki, and in return Suzuki was growling and attempting to strangle the bird demon. Touya squinted in concentration, attempting to focus on the moving thing despite all the chaos. Suddenly, Touya flew back against the wall, finger extended and pointing downwards.

"Suzuki! Look! You even got Touya into it! STOP MAKING FUN OF ME!" Shishiwakamaru barked. Touya shook his head furiously.

"IT! IT! LOOK! IT! BUG!" he cried. Shishi's eyes grew as large as saucers. The bug was at least one or two inches away from his bare foot. The samurai jumped suddenly into Suzuki's arms, squealing, and the blonde flew backwards from surprise. He dropped Shishi's on the surface of his dresser and began chastising the samurai, who didn't even listen. Touya was on the other side of the room, rummaging through Shishi's desk for something to kill it with. Shishi's knees were drawn up to his chin, one armed wrapped around his shins, the other pointing to the bug on the ground as he screamed.

Suddenly, the door flew open, catching everyone's attention, even the bugs. "O no! Not another one! This is a lame house! I thought my trip to Japan was going to be so nice! THIS IS LAME! LAME!" thought the bug in the middle of the room. In the doorway, stood a very tired, very annoyed… Rinku! Touya looked at the child questioningly.

"Rinku, why aren't you in bed? It's four in the morning!" he said superiorly. Rinku was glowering at the ice demon.

"YEAH! It's FOUR O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING!" the small child growled. Shishi's eyes looked to the side guiltily, and Suzuki stared blankly at the child, as did Touya. "What the Hell is wrong with you three!" he scoffed through gritted teeth. Suzuki pointed to the bug in the middle of the room with one hand, and with the other he pointed to Shishi.

"Shishi was afraid of the bug right there and so he came and got us to kill it. It's his fault." Shishi's mouth droppe for a second and he looked astonished at the demon next to him.

"MY fault! It's your fault! And you were afraid of it, too!" he cried sharply. Touya rolled his eyes and shook his head, leaning against the desk. "You, too, Touya! You were the one who was sc— "

"YOU were the one who was screaming." Touya finished Shishi's sentence smugly. Suzuki giggled.

"Aaaiiieee…!" Shishi hit the blonde upside the head again. Rinku stared at the bug.

"So, if Shishi got you both in here to kill the bug because he couldn't do it himself, WHY is the bug still alive…?" he asked peevishly.


"Because the three of you are wussies!" Rinku shouted.

"THAT THING'S HOMICIDAL!" Shishi countered. "It attacks!"

Rinku glowered at the demon on the dresser through tired and angry eyes.

"It attacks? Well, watch it attack this!" Rinku walked over to the bug in a huff. He got down on his knees and looked at the bug. "O, yae! It's a little kid! Little boys love bugs! He's coming to play with me! I can't wait until I——"


Rinku's hand landed squarely on the cicada. For good measure, he wiggled his hand some, squishing it further, making sure it was dead. Touya, Shishiwakamaru, and Suzuki all stared in astonishment at the child. Rinku stood up and walked over to the samurai on the dresser. Shishi got down and bowed to Rinku formerly, a smile plastered on his boyish face. Rinku gave him a sardonic, lopsided grin and wiped his hand on the man's gi, smearing bug guts on the white cloth. He snickered and walked out of the room, but not before wiping what was left on Suzuki's pant leg. Touya smiled and waved at the two following the child out.

"It's been a trip, guys! Good night!" Touya called jokingly to the two as he made his way back to his room to get a pillow for himself, deciding that he'd be sleeping with Jin that night.

Suzuki looked at Shishi, and Shishi Suzuki. A long, drawn-out silence filled the space between them, and then they both started cracking up. Suzuki moved over to Shishi and gave him a quick, but close hug, to the samurai's dismay. Shishi grimaced and pushed Suzuki away. The blonde laughed.

"Fuck-ass clown. Ew." He said as he shook from being hugged by another man. Suzuki grinned.

"Whatever, Bird-Boy. Goodnight." He waved and stepped out of the room, closing the door quietly behind him. Shishi sighed. He cleaned up bug remnants on the floor, changed into his sleeping clothes, and picked up To Kill A Mockingbird once more as he curled up comfortably into his bed.

"She never let a chance escape her to point out the short-comings of other tribal groups to the greater glory of our own, a habit that amused Jem rather than annoyed him: 'Auntie better watch how she talks—scratch most folks in Maycomb and they're kin to us.'" Shishi read aloud the last paragraph on the page, where he had left off, and shut the book with a thump. He sat it on his nightstand, smiled quaintly to himself, and switched off the lights. "I'm happy I'm rid of that damned bug…" Shishi said softly to himself as he began to drift off to sleep. On the verge of such, a low, melodic buzzing began to sound and got louder and louder, and the flapping of wings could be heard. The samurai's eyes shot open wide in the dark.


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