Phantom Shadows
A KaitouKid/Shadow of Destiny Crossover
Deborah J. Brown.

Kaitou Kid is Copyright Aoyama Gosho. Shadow of Destiny and all concepts relating to it is Copyright Konami.

"I don't suppose you'd care to explain what was going on, just before I left?"

The two are sitting in the bar 'sharing' a beer. Rather, Eike is drinking it and Homunculus, mind linked forever and all with his creation, is sharing the taste through the link. It's a good beer, too, one that is rapidly becoming one of Homunculus' favorite tastes. That and, oddly enough, hot buttered toast.

Homunculus coughs. "There was a complication."

"A... complication?"

"Word gets around. The stone was stolen."

Green eyes gaze at him levelly and he shifts, uncomfortably. "I thought you said you bespelled it so only someone of Hugo's family could find it." Eike counts as part of that family because his body is a perfect copy of the Eike Kusche created from Wolfgang Wagner so many iterations ago.

"I did. Kuroba Toshi is descended from Hulda Wagner. Hugo's little sister, born only because his mother lived past the day she should have died. Born entirely due to the power I used to heal her mother." Comprehension fills Eike's eyes and Homunculus nods. "The one person best suited to find the stone - aside from yourself. The one person best suited to steal the stone. Touched by the power of time itself and shaped by it. And he becomes a Phantom Thief."

Eike covers his face with his hands. "Oh man."

"That's not quite how I put it, but the sentiment was shared. Suffice it to say that we nearly had a disaster. As it was, I was forced to leave that boy fatherless for entirely too long." Homunculus shrugs. "Or rather, I will be. He was from some time in the future. The part of me in that time didn't enjoy the resolution at all. Nor am I looking forward to it, either."

Taking another sip of that marvelous beer, Eike sighs. "Dare I hope that will be it, then? Once the stone is back in the past, everything is settled, yes?"

"Once we get past the date the boy and I have our little... adventure... yes. The timeline will be secure. As for you and I? You never know what kind of trouble we'll get into."

Blonde hair falls forward as Eike drops his head onto his chest. "You're hiding things from me again. Aren't you?"

"Why Eike, if I told you it'd spoil the fun. My fun." Homunculus chuckles and dodges the peanut Eike throws. "Of course, things have to stay stable for a few more years and I plan on making sure they do. Long enough for me to reach the point where my future self can take young Kaito through that bit of unpleasantness. Afterwards." He gestures, hands raised in a particularly gallic shrug. "Well, we'll just have to wait and see."

The End