Shattered Minds

Chapter 1

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Every year (usually on my birthday, unlike today), I start a new project, and, according to history, always in new sections. The first year on this site, it was an Inu-Yasha fic, then Cyborg 009, then, last year, Rurouni Kenshin. This year, I have cast my eyes on the lovely Naruto section.

What I have planned in this story is full of dark sexuality (a bit later on, I'm afraid) and an even darker Sasuke. It's an AU fic in which you should see bits and pieces of history, like the roles of geishas, while still seeing some ninja attacks like in the series.

I hope this will be sensationally yummy for you guys to read! Please leave a comment!

Sakura, Sakura

Watch your petals fall

It leaves you empty and bare

We can't find you anymore

The body that pounded into hers was heavy and smothering her slowly, and all she could do was focus her eyes on that one lone lightbulb, hanging from the ceiling by wire. The flickering light burned into her light green irises, burned into her mind and made her blind so she couldn't see the dirty surroundings, couldn't see the face of the man above her.

He had eventually collapsed on top of her, groaning softly. She could feel the stubble on his chin pickling into the soft flesh of her neck and she could smell the stale liquor on his breath as he exhaled.

The tears that she once had were gone. Why would she shed them anymore? Those hopes and dreams she once had were like pieces of gold and silver. She had so many that she had wanted to fulfill, wanted to spend. But... The weight of those ideals had weighed her down. She had fallen. She had fallen into the river of death and the dreams-turned-nightmares only dragged her farther and farther, until all she could see was the light blue surface of the sea.

Ten years ago, she had wanted to the best. She was smart and talented then, with an urge to use that mind, and she could have done anything she tried. But then... He—They had left her behind. All the ones important to her. All the ones that she knew were the cementing her perfect life together had fallen and disappeared, and what was left was a skeleton of fear and dust.

When she first came to this place, this lonely little village that was home to almost no one but the girls of the brothels, she knew nothing. She was naive still. She believed herself strong. She believed she could make it as well as her friends, as her loved ones.

She did not know anything then. Pain? The weak medicine she had sampled before was merely diluted solution of a poison more potent. Now she knew, knew the bitter taste of an mind no longer delusional.

"Girl." The voice was sharp and cold, but that was good. That was normal to hear. She turned her lovely pale face to the voice, light pink hair shimmering across her forehead. She still had the dignity to keep herself clean and presentable, unlike some of the more broken girls of the camp.

"Girl, get the bitch with the white eyes. I have a customer waiting." They were all either bitches or girls or whores or nothing, and this angry old woman was no different in telling them so. She raised all of them to sell their bodies. She raised all of them to fear pain and to forget hopes.

The woman had called for Hinata–another girl of once-known privilege, or so she had heard. A nice, sweet, quiet girl that was constantly taken advantage of. If they had not lived in this little town together, perhaps they would have been friends. Perhaps if they didn't live in a place where trust meant death and secrets were meant to be told.

She walked to find the girl that was asked for, slowly trudging around the earthy village–if it could be called that. Her sandals had been mended many times, the red yukata frayed at the bottom just slightly, with one jagged rip near her hip–a rip she had tried to mend–from an eager customer impatiently waiting for his purchase.

The village was surrounded on all four sides by a forest–dark, fearful, with only two paths leading out. Both were well known to outlaws and vagabonds, but to them only. The large villages on the boarders of the forest were said to be home to S-class criminals and other shady members of society. There was no escape.

She herself had only gotten to this by following a prophecy. There was said to be a place, a place where she could prove herself. When she had arrived at this place, she believed that this is what the oracle meant. A town with battered women and violent taverns. A town where the bad guys passed through.

In her mind, she smiled bitterly. A place where she could prove herself indeed. Well, she had proven herself a worthy whore, if that was anything to be proud of.

Before she could possibly think any more, she found Hinata. She didn't know the girl's clan name, nor did she have any reason to want to. In a place like this, it was better to have some things hidden to oneself.

But... There was Hinata. In a passionate embrace with someone by the edge of the village. A man. A passionate embrace she seemed to be returning... Not one of a customer's. She could not see either of their faces, could not see anything but the man's shock of blonde hair and Hinata's arms around his shoulders, pulling him closer.

The couple pulled apart for a second, and she could see their lips touch, softly at first, then more deeply, their fumbling touches, trying to get as close possible. They pulled apart for a breath, then he bent his head more deeply and began suckling gently on her pale neck.

The old her would have blushed, embarrassed for watching such an obviously private scene. Now, the new girl only stared, and cried inside for them. Couldn't they see they were doomed? Couldn't they see that they would never be able to survive together?

And she... She, who once had dreams of children and a perfect mate could only look on, then take a tentative step towards them. The cracking leaves below her feet jolted the man–he looked up at her, his eyes wide and fearing.

She could tell from the forehead protector on his brow that he was ninja from some faraway village, and from his defensive posture that he had been so for quite a few years. He must not have been expecting her because his face showed true emotion–something a ninja would have never done.

"Hinata." The name slipped through her lips and the girl looked up, fearful, shiny black hair framing her paler than usual face.


She smiled sadly. "I would ask what you were doing but I doubt you would be able to explain without lying."

The girl relaxed, the same pleading look gone from her eyes as despair settled in. "Yes."

"You love him." It was a solid statement, not a question.

She repeated the word. "Yes."

Sakura turned to the side, not looking at either of them. "What will you do?"

Hinata bravely raised her chin, so different from her usual docile self, and said calmly, "I'm going to go with Naruto. I can't stay here. Neither can you."

Still not looking at her, Sakura smiled bitterly. "The only difference is that you'll be able to run away with your ninja and I have no one."

Hinata gave an audible gasp. "You're going to let me?"

"Yes. And go. I'll try to hold them off a little longer." She didn't know what she was saying, but her heart had slipped through the controlling grasp of her mind and was blurting almost two years of words.

"Thank you. Oh, thank you so much, Sakura." Hinata's strangely colored eyes filled with true tears.

"Thank you, Sakura-chan," her partner repeated, though she didn't know him possibly long enough to be familiarly called by him.

She shook off the words and turned once more. "You two had better head off, before they start looking for you, or him. And you know what happens to those who are found." She would know herself. She had tried seven times before giving up.

Beaten. Burned. Assigned to the worst customers–the most violent men, or, even worse, the ones that didn't even look human.

"Go!" The word exploded out of her mouth. "Get out of here!"

She paused, and then turned around a minute later. They were gone. Hinata's Naruto was a skilled ninja indeed, for her not to hear anything.

She knew that, when she went back to the main house without Hinata, she would have to explain. But... She had given up so much. What more could they do to her? If Hinata was happy... Well, that was another plus. At least someone would be.

A kick to her ribs. "Where is she, whore?! You must have helped her escape because she couldn't have done it alone. If you don't tell me now..." The threat hung in the smokey air.

Sakura stayed silent. They would only beat her so long, because if she was too weak, the customers wouldn't like it.

She had walked into the main house with her head hanging. "I can't find her," she had reported. The old woman had snapped and immediately slapped her hard on the left cheek.


When Sakura didn't answer, she called in the men. The ones that did the retrieving. All of them were missing nin, or ones that had had some training. They dragged her to one of the seediest taverns of all, to make a show of it.

Though it was early still, the tavern was filled with men, most of them drinking the cheap liquor like there was no tomorrow. It was the one in the corner that caught her eye. When she walked in, he was the only one that didn't turn to look and jeer. No one noticed–most men who were drunk were drowsy, but as the beating progressed, she could sense him watching her, though he hadn't turned, watching her stay silent–what could she have said? It was unnerving.

One of her tormentors grabbed her by her pink hair and pulled her to her knees. Her eyes teared up with pain. The man grabbed a dagger out of his waist and growled. "If you don't tell me where she is, bitch, you're really going to get it." The cold metal of the dagger met her delicate throat. When she remained silent, the tip ran across the skin, and she could feel blood welling out.

Suddenly, the man rose. Pulling his black hood back, he said those few devastating words. "Give the girl to me."

His obsidian eyes, dull jewel chips, met hers, and her vision blurred to black.