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That night was one young Bruce Wayne would never forget it was the night that both of his parents were brutally murdered by a gang of thugs. The night was so unforgettable that the image was severed into the young boy's mind forever. With this said it only makes sense that revenge would be in the heart of the young Wayne child. It was only a matter of time before the boy, Bruce, grew up and sought his revenge. The young Wayne was only fourteen years old when he killed his parent's murderers. Realizing that he was capable of anything, even murder, Bruce quickly decided in his heart never to kill again, never to act upon his aggressive feelings again.

Case 1: "The Allure" Part One

It was hard for him to even stand there above the "spot". Every year he came there for what reason no one will ever know. Some say to morn the death of his parents, some say to make him look as though he has feelings, because there are some that don't the man behind the "Billionaire Boy".

The real reason why Bruce Wayne stands in the spot where his parents were killed is because he wishes everyday that they were with him. He had never been close to his loving father nor had he ever appreciated all that his mother had done for him. He'd never realized what he had until it was taken from him.

Bruce had lost everything when his parents were murdered, including his innocence. The anger that had built up inside had exploded into a rage. Everyday from sun up to sundown he took advantage of the things that were being taught to him. Bruce trained, building up his stamina by hiking and rock-climbing. He developed him muscles in the gym and expanded his knowledge of weaponry and forensics, he could have been called a soldier. But soldiers don't MURDER. Bruce found the murderers of his parents and killed them all slowly, he wanted them to suffer just as much a he had.

But when it was over he realized that he had taken lives, he had killed someone's father or son. Bruce couldn't just bring those people back after realizing the extent of damage he caused. Bruce was overwhelmed with guilt and was driven into a state of depression that still haunts him today.

Bruce had vowed to NEVER kill again, never act upon his AGGRESSIVE feelings. Bruce had vowed this in hoping to never pick up a weapon again, to never feel the warmth of fresh blood. Bruce had vowed to never take another innocent life…but he also vowed to never let what happened to his parents happen again. In doing so Bruce broke some of his vows…

The darkness was home to the young vigilante known to everyone on the "underground" as Batman. The feeling Bruce got from the darkness was warm, like home to him. There were always surprises, always a place to hide away in the dark. And hiding away was what Bruce was good at.

January 3rd, 2005. Today was the anniversary of the WayneTech Foundation too. A car pulls up to Bruce, his driver is there to pick him up. Bruce takes a final look at the "spot" and opens the door to the car.

"To WayneTech, Miss Kyle."

Author's Notes: This is my first ever Batman fanfiction so feel free to give me any advice on my story. Also I wrote this story before Batman Begins came out so if anybody has any comments about this story compared to the movie don't tell me I haven't seen it yet.

Also there is no such thing as "Ultimate DC" this story is a made up DC Universe.

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