"Hey, Weasley!"

Already before Ginny impatiently spun around she knew who'd called out for her; that arrogant intonation was too obvious.

"What do you want Malfoy?" she spat at him as he approached her and stopped just a couple of feet away from her.

"I want you to give a message to your boyfriend and his friends." He answered confident.

Ginny just looked at him as if he was crazy, he'd never talked to her before, she wasn't even sure he knew her first name. "How many times do I have to say, Harry is not my boyfriend, and I do not fancy him… and please tell me why…" she began intending to ask why he just didn't send one of his first years, but was trailed off as she looked into Malfoy's grey eyes and realized one thing.

Draco waited annoyed for the little Weaslette to finish her sentence, he was a busy man and wasn't going to waste much more time on the stupid girl. "Got something in the throat Weasley, or did you just fall for my charm?" he snapped with his eyes clutched on a freckle in her forehead.

She laughed. "Draco Malfoy, I dare you." She said with a smirk on her lips.

'This was a strange turn' Draco thought and saw her lips grow into a smirk much resembling one of his own. "You dare me?" He said confused. "To what?"

"I dare you, to, without help from anyone, tell me what are the colour of my eyes?"

He raised one eyebrow at her hair. "how in Merlin's beard am I supposed to know that?" he said irritated.

"Well," she answered, totally satisfied with his reaction. "it's just that with just one look you knew I was a Weasley, because you know that Weasleys have freckles and flaming red hair. Then wouldn't you be aware of the colour of my eyes?"

He grunted and was about to leave, when she again opened her mouth. "That is, if it isn't so, that Draco Malfoy has never seen a Weasley in his or hers eyes."

Draco freeze and turned slowly around. Of course he had never seen a Weasley in his or her eyes, if there was one thing he remembered that his father had told it was that you should never look muggles, muggleborn, or Weasleys in their eyes. "What say you?" he hissed and clutched his eyes on her nose.

"You heard me." Ginny answered and approached him. Soon they were so close that if only one of them leaned forward their noses would touch. But Draco didn't step back, he was a Malfoy after all.

But Ginny was a Weasley, and just as proud as him. So she just stood there, looking into his eyes which looked away and waiting, waiting for him to respond to her dare. "I dare you to look me in the eyes Malfoy." She whispered.

Draco swore in his mind. He couldn't just walk away, she'd dared him and what would people say when they would hear that he hadn't done it? So, slowly he followed her nose up to the spot between her eyes, and, with a sigh, he shook his head and let his gaze be captured by her eyes.

The silent that followed was deafening. They stood there, looking into each others eyes, totally captured, for several minutes before anyone of them broke the silence.

"Brown…" Draco said suddenly, not aware that what he thought came out of his mouth. "Weasleys have brown eyes,"

His statement made Ginny laugh. "Yes, they are." She said with a smile and nodded and then she burst into laughter again, and this time Draco joined her.

When they finally calmed down Ginny took a deep breath. "I guess my dare is done. And the message for Harry?"

"You know Weasley, I'll just send one of my first years."

He turned around and began to leave, and so did she, but just as she was about to round the corner of the corridor she heard his voice again.

"Hey Weasley," he said and she turned her head. "I guess I owe you a dare." And with those words he turned around once again and disappeared in the shadows of the hallway.

Left was Ginny, and with a smile on her face she stated that this was going to be a very interesting year.


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