TheLast Dare

Draco Malfoy was seeing red. But, to his dismay, it wasn't enough.

He stared at the Gryffindor table. Then he stared at the Great Hall entrance.

Nothing, no one.

She'd been there, during the game. They had locked eyes just before he caught a first glimpse of the snitch, but then, when he'd caught it in his hands, she'd been gone.

Bit by bit, without him even noticing it, Ginny Weasley had become a crucial part of his life. She was the one he would help with her potions, the one he would catch up with in the library when it was empty or in the kitchensnafter curfew.

Did he realize they'd grown to each other like ivy on a wall?


To Draco Malfoy, Ginny Weasley was still the fiery little Gryffindor who once opened the chamber of secrets. He didn't know that losing her would be like losing his own voice.

"Stop staring," Blaise said as he sat down next to his blond mate who still were wearing his Quidditch robes, "She wont come."

The features of his face grew tense and he turned towards Blaise, "What?"

"You know who I'm talking about," Blaise said and poured up a glass of butterbeer, "Our feisty little redhead."

"Since when, Zabini," Draco said and took a bite of his pumpkin pie, "Did I share anything with you?"

Blaise shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know, but try with the day you dared her to snog me."

"I said hit on, not sno..." He trailed off and stared at Blaise. How did he know about that?

"She told me, today," Blaise explained negligently, determined to leave out the facts that she'd ended their 'affair' and her feelings about Draco, "That's right, she told me everything the two of you've been up to."

This time, Draco really saw red. He stood up furiously, and between gritted teeth, he asked, "Where is she?"

"She was running towards the lake the last time I saw her."

Ginny was pouring wet. Her limbs were freezing, but the anger heated her body from within. At least it felt that way. She was sitting in the mud by the water, staring out into nothing.

Furiously, she forced away a sticky strand of hair from her face. "I don't like Draco Malfoy, I don't like him, not at all. I don't like Draco Malfoy, I don't like him, not at all..." she whispered over and over again and rocked herself back and forth.

She wasn't hard to find. The lake, Blaise had said. Even when it was dark and the rain was pouring down he could discern the red hair, glued to her shoulders by the cloudburst. She was soaking wet, and for a few seconds he wondered what she'd been doing out there, in the rain for so long. But then the anger stepped in charge.

He rushed towards her, and before Ginny had realized what was happening he had her in his arms, "Who the hell do you think you are?" he exclaimed and shook her, "Are you completely out of your mind? Why did you tell him?"

Ginny let out a cry of anger, and teared herself out of his arms. "Because I care about him!" she screamed, "Leave me be, you lying hypocrite!"

She began to make her way towards the school, but Draco followed her, "Don't you realize I can't trust you if you do things like that?" he yelled.

She snorted, and felt relieved that the rain hid her streaming tears, "At least I'm not lying!" her voice was sharp, and hit Draco right in the chest, "I can't trust liars."

"What are you talking about?"

She stopped, and stared at him. His face wore the questioning expression, and he was getting wet, almost as wet as she was. She shook her head tiredly, "You never told me about you and Pansy Parkinson."

The lights from the windows of the school played in her sad face. Her lips were blue and finally Draco realized that some of the drops streaming down her face weren't from the rain, but tears. "Ginny," he said, "Give me one reason why I shouldn't be with her."

She looked him in the eyes, and for the second time this day, she didn't think, "No one knows you like I do."

There it was. She had feelings for him, "Do you know anything about me Ginny?" he asked harshly, "Do you know anything about my life during

the summers? What did I do before Hogwarts? What's my favorite dish?"

She shook her head and bit her lip, and then she began to walk again. After 20 meters she was at the bottom of the stairs of the entrance, and that's where he caught her with an

expression that told her he wanted an answer. She panted for air, "I know you know me. That's more than she does." She walked up the stair, but stopped by the entrance door and turned around towards him.

He sighed. "Well then do it!" he exclaimed. "I know you want to!"

"What do I want Draco?" she asked and stared at him, "I'm not going to dare you to take a swim in the pond if that's what you think."

"But you do, you want to dare me. So do it, dare me to kiss you." He walked up to her and was about to grab her hands when she jerked away and slapped him in the face.

"I'm no tart Draco Malfoy!" she hissed.

Three seconds later she was inside. She busted into the entrance hall and to the stair where she collapsed without noticing the small group of students that had gathered there. After a minute or two, she took a deep breath and sat up, leaned her body towards the

banister and waited as the heat healed her body.

The group watching her grew, and when Draco entered a while later it contained a great number of students from all Houses, and even a few teachers. All were too surprised to act. He stared at them, he followed their gazes to Ginny, who stared at him. "What do you want me to do then?" he asked, "Leave? Hate you? Beat up your brother?"

A small smile escaped her lips. "Draco Lucius Malfoy, I dare you," she said and brought his scarf out of her pocket, "To do what you heart tells you." She placed the scarf beside her.

In the background the Golden Trio had just exited the Great Hall, and walked right into the scene of Ron's little sister, sitting in the stair, and their worst enemy who was walking to her.

He squatted in front of her with a smirk on his lips. "Sometimes," he said. "I see you in front of me, and what surprises me every single time, is that every time I do you look different from the other."

Ginny looked at him confused, "Why-- I mean, what has this to—"

He chuckled, "I can see you."

"You haven't hit your head or something, or are you getting ill?" she leaned forward to put her hand on his forehead, but somewhere in the movement he gave her a glance that stopped her.

Even before she'd lowered her hand he'd caught her lips with his.

It wasn't a breathtaking kiss. It wasn't electricity or sparks. No tastes of chocolate or peppermint, and it didn't make their heads spin. But it was a kiss you could build something on.

They parted, and she smiled confused as he reached her his hand. "Do you need a hand Freckles?" he asked smirking and Ginny laughed as she took it and let him pull her up, into his arms.

"Don't forget your scarf," she said.

In the corner Ron, Hermione and Harry stood, in shock. Ron was leaning against the wall and shook his head furiously. Hermione flickered through the pages of an old potions book, trying to find out what she'd just seen.

Harry puckered a brow as he realized one thing, "He's her first." he stated, and couldn't help but let a smile play on his lips as he watched Ginny pull Draco with her up the stairs.

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