Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.

But I do own the poems in this little drabble of a story.

These poems will be about Draco and Hermione, my absolute favorite pairing in the Harry Potter world. They will not rhyme, and you may not understand them.

Like my crazy English teacher said, I'm like Emily Dickinson.

This is Hermione's view on Draco.



Part of Me

Release the tension within
A cold bitter mask
Hide between perpetual fa├žade
I see the reason you flee
Sometimes only bitter ends can break through

Silver eyes so distant
Haunting me softly
I can only tell you one thing:
Forget the reason you're here
It's none too real
All too scary
Fly away with me
Away from this

Grope for light in everlasting darkness
The horror within consuming you
Loose yourself within me instead
I can tell you're alone
But so am I

Between us
Never ending hatred
Constant anger
The lust for pain
The delightful temptation
The sweetest sin
You've always held
Within you

Quiet now
Peace in the murder
Silence in the screaming
See what you've done
Kill my soul with your lips
Kill my heart with your eyes
Take me prisoner with your kiss

Just take me away from here

There's sweet sorrow in this sadness
Comfort in this pain
I can only reach so far
Before I fall into you
I'd drown in your blood
Sooner than I'd
Walk away from you
Because you're a part of me

None to fake
Yet all too real


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