Padme walked in her bedroom to see Anakin sleeping soundly in their bed. Padme gave a little laugh. Their bed. She wouldn't have believed it about two years ago when Anakin was just a young padawan. He had confessed his love to her, but she did not accept it. She knew that she had broken his heart,but it was all for the best. She gave another little laugh. How could she be so stupid? She knew she loved Anakin since the day he came back to her life after about ten years. She knew that if they were together, he could have been expelled from the Jedi order, and of course she did not want that to happen. She loved this man, and she did not want to interfear with his love. His love was for the Jedi. But little did she know that all along, she was HIS love.

Padme had just gotten back from a meeting with all the senators. The war had already ended and peace filled around the whole universe. She went into the bathroom and changed into a comfortable, yet sliky and sexy looking, nightgown. She came out of the bathroom and looked at the clock. She was in shock as she saw what the time was. It was already two in the morning and she did not even notice that. How time passes by...

She walked to her bed slowly,not to try and wake her dear husband up. She climbed silently into the sheets and layed on her back as she closed her eyes. She suddenley felt something heavy pummel on top of her. She looked down on her and saw Anakin's handsome face.

"Hello my angel," he said to her with a smile that just made her melt and want him more. She smile back at him and took him in her arms. He felt warm as always. He started motioning on her hips, making a small rhythm that Padme enjoyed. He looked at her with a sly smile. She bit her lip just staring at him. After for about ten seconds, she suddenly felt his hardness. Wow, finally. It was big. Very big.

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