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As they arrived in the parking lot, the school bus came to a stop. Professor McGonagall stood up and motioned for everyone to sit back down. "I know you all must be excited, as for most of you this is your first trip to the zoo. But I must ask you to be very cautious, in case we ever wish to return. I would like to ask everyone to keep their wands away and keep 'out of the ordinary' talk to a minimum. Thank you, and now we will be using the buddy system, so if you could be so kind as to locate your buddy and form two single file lines as we leave the bus and enter the zoo."

Harry looked around and sighed. Hermione and Ron had left the seat behind him, already standing up and holding hands. He turned back around to find Cho sitting in the seat next to him, looking very pleased with herself. "Shall we?" she asked grabbing both of Harry's hands.

Having no other choice, Harry agreed, grabbing her hands, "Yes, lets."

The entire trip, on the whole was quite boring for Harry as he had been several times as a kid with Dudley. Most of the day passed without much excitement and aside from Cho's request to visit the panda exhibit, it was again Harry's choice on where they should visit next. Remembering his first trip to the reptile room with a chuckle, Harry decided and began to lead the way. As they entered the room, Cho gave a small whimper. Harry gave a quick hiss and Cho looked startled. "I er forgot you could do that…can you talk to them?"

"Of course, do you mind?"

"Oh, erm not at all heh..."

Cho turned her back and tried to busy herself by reading an exhibit presentation and tried not to look awkward, while Harry leaned against the glass and began emitting a series of hisses and sputters. "How you doin'?" Harry said to the snake, in parseltongue of course.

"Hey beby, I'm quite alright, though probably not as good as you are," the snake replied, its head pointed towards Cho.

"Ah, her… Look she isn't quite the brightest crayon in the box, if you know what I mean. Likes to cry a lot."

"What is this 'crayon'?"

"Never you mind," hissed Harry as he ruffled his hair with his hand and leaned a bit closer, "Say, I seem to have lost my number, I don't suppose you could give me yours?"