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Amy stared blankly at the magazine in her hands and tugged absent-mindedly at her béret. She had been here for a few hours and yet, her friend wasn't stirring. Impatiently, she leaned over and gave her friend a hard nudge on the shoulder.

"Come on, Samantha, for cryin' out loud, wake up so we can get outta here!" she hissed. Samantha lay as still as she was before and Amy sat back in her seat disgusted. Amy began tapping her foot as she tried to think of a way to rouse her friend. Her eyes lit up as she began to rummage through her backpack. Her fingers found what they searched for and she pulled out a chocolate bar. Grinning, she murmured, "Ah, you know you can't resist this!"

She broke off a piece and slowly began waving it under Samantha's nose. A nostril twitched, then an eyebrow, and finally a low hum escaped her lips. Her eyes flickered open as she stared at the blurred hand in front of her face, teasing her with the piece of heavenly delight.

"What tha' heck?" she asked as she scooted up in the bed and put a hand instinctively to her head.

Amy grinned and withdrew the chocolate from her face and stuffed it in her own.

"You want full story or the highlights?" she said through smacking on the chocolate.

Samantha eyed the chocolate in her hand and snatched a piece. "Highlights will be fine," she said, shoving the chocolate into her mouth greedily.

Amy leaned forward and said, "You were attacked by someone, you hit your head on something or someone hit you in the head with something, then someone apparently tried to take care of you by patching up your head, then someone dropped you off with the nuns down the street."

Samantha stared blankly at her friend as she tried to make sense of what was just said.

"That sure is a lot of some ones," she said while scratching her head, "so I take it no one knows who any of those some ones are?"

Amy shook her head. "No, we were kinda hoping you'd be able to fill us in."

Samantha glared at the bright sunlight pouring through the window. Turning away she sighed, "I don't think I'd be much help. I don't remember too much other than maybe running into some creeps on the street, but other than that, I'm a total blank."

Amy grabbed for her backpack again and began pulling out clothes as Samantha finished off the last of the chocolate bar.

"Here," she said as she went to close the door, "put on these clothes so we can make like trees and leave."

Samantha pulled her hospital gown over her head and laughed, "did anybody tell you that you come up with the corniest lines?" She snickered as she pulled the shirt over her head, "I hope you don't use that on any of the guys you meet at the bars."

Amy rolled her eyes as she walked to the door to scope out the hall. Samantha finished pulling her boots up and glanced at herself in the mirror. The gauze and tape that was secured to her head stuck out like a nun in a brothel.

"Oh great," she moaned, "what are we gonna do about this? I can't walk down the hall like this, I'll get busted."

Amy walked back to where Samantha was standing and looked at Samantha's reflection. Samantha began removing the gauze and tape, revealing a swollen and bruised gash that had been neatly stitched up. "Oh yeah, now THAT'S even better," Samantha said sarcastically.

"Hmm, you're right," she mused and then got a grin on her face as she looked at her own reflection, "perhaps this will do."

Amy removed her béret and handed it to Samantha.

Smiling, Samantha carefully placed the béret over the top of her forehead, covering the gash perfectly. She was hardly recognizable as the beat up girl lying helplessly on the steps of the convent the night before.

Amy walked to the door one more time and peered through the window, satisfied at what she observed.

"The coast is clear, let's roll," she said as she opened the door.

Both women stepped confidently into the hall and made their way to the elevator.

"….and that's where we left her last night, Master Splinter," Don finished the story with a tired sigh. He took the last sip of his tea and looked warily towards Splinter, who was staring down into his cup.

He took a nervous gulp and said, "Well, Sensei?"

Splinter looked up and stared passively at his son, "I have instructed all of you in how I wish you all to handle rescues, and one of the main rules was to not bring anyone down to the lair anymore…"

"But, Sensei," Don started but was stopped by a crooked finger held up by Splinter.

"… it is imperative to our secrecy and security that no one else knows of our whereabouts," he continued after taking a sip of his tea, "and last night you and Michelangelo broke that rule."

Don, having lost the will to defend his actions, hung his head as Splinter continued.

"However, it seems as if you both were lucky in which the young lady was not revived, and was brought back to the surface without knowing of us or our lair." Splinter smiled and continued, "It appears that luck was on your side, my son, but I hope that you do not test that luck again in the future."

Don raised his head and smiled sheepishly, "I hope not, Sensei, I hope not."

Splinter stretched a hand and patted his son affectionately on the arm.

Mike's door swung open, breaking the peace that settled on the lair with Don's and Splinter's conversation. Mike bounded out of the room followed very closely by the angry bellowing of Raph, "You cheated, Mikey!"

Mike made a beeline for the coats and hats hanging by the ladder, giggling all the way, and scaled towards the freedom he wished to gain quickly with outfit in hand.

Splinter opened his mouth to call to Mike, but knew it would be in vain. "Kids," he sighed as he sat back in his chair.

Leo emerged from the dojo and confronted Raph as he came stomping out of Mike's room.

"Raph, do you think you could have some consideration and remember that there are other people that live here and all that screaming of yours is very disturbing," Leo said matter-of-factly as he put his hands to his hips.

Raph sneered, "Aw, did fearless leader not get enough butt whippin'? I'll be glad to give ya some more if ya want!"

Fuming, Leo stepped aside and made his way back to the dojo. He stopped at the entrance and turned, waiting for Raph to follow.

Raph followed very quickly and soon the dojo was filled with grunts and screams as the two brothers began battling it out.

Splinter listened helplessly, "Perhaps I should retire and move permanently to the farmhouse, it's much quieter there when I'm alone."

Don shook in his seat. "Not alone, Sensei, you'd have to take me with you, there's no way you're leaving me with those three nuts!"

Surprised that he wasn't being followed by one of his brothers, Mike donned his hat and coat as he began cutting through tunnels.

"They must have all decided to attack Raph," Mike chuckled at the thought.

Stopping at a cross point, he made his way up one of the ladders, listened carefully, and slowly lifted the man hole cover as he began to search for a street sign.

His eyes soon found what they searched for, and pushing the cover over, he emerged in a side alley unnoticed.

Good, only two blocks to go, and I'll be there….she'll be there.

He casually blended in with foot traffic on the sidewalk as he made his way to his destination.

Samantha stood in front of the hospital map and scratched her throbbing head as Amy leaned over pointing helplessly at the 'you are here' mark, equally bewildered.

"It's a good thing the hospital isn't on fire, otherwise we'd burn before we could get out," Samantha muttered. "Any clue?" she asked, glancing at Amy.

"Nope, but when in doubt, it's always better to ask." Not wanting to ask a nurse for fear of causing suspicion, she spotted a frisky candy striper walking along the corridor. "Excuse me!" Amy called, rushing to catch the spunky lady by the arm. The candy striper stopped and smiled at her, pleased to be of assistance.

"Yes, young lady?" she said, her face wrinkling up with delight.

Amy blushed, "My friend and I are a bit unsure where the exit is, could you point the way out of this maze?"

"Why certainly!" she turned around and pointed at the big sign that said 'Exit.'

Amy frowned at the lighted neon sign that stared down at her. It seemed to mock her saying, "I was here all along, you idiot!"

Samantha grabbed Amy's arm and smirked, "Plain as the nose on my face. If it was a snake, it'd have bitten us." The two walked arm in arm as they made their way to the big doors that led out onto the street.

Mike's palms started to break out in a prickly sweat as he was approaching the front of the hospital doors. He stopped before reaching the doors, stood there nervously looking to and fro, and finally sat down on a bench nearby. He absent-mindedly watched as some people walked by as his mind began racing, causing his overly-damp palms to break out in a sweat that would rival Niagara Falls.

What am I doing? Even IF I find her in there, what am I gonna say? 'It was nice rescuing you and by the way, do you think I'm cute, cuz I think you're the most beautiful and awesomist …is that really a word? Awesomist?...anyway..girl…no, lady, that I've ever seen and I want to you to come live with me in the sewers because I'm madly in love with you.' Yeah, right.

Mike glanced up and watched the door swing to and fro as people came and went.

If I don't find her now, I may never see her again.

Tears began to form in his eyes at the thought. He looked up again and noticed more people walking out. Suddenly, he saw it. The familiar white streak of hair, barely noticeable by a béret covering the top of her head, stood out like a lighthouse on a foggy coastline. But it was there, in all its tale-tail beauty, and he knew in an instant that it belonged to her.

This is it! This is it! Go get 'er, dude!

Mike tried to wipe his palms of the accumulated sweat on his sides and jumped up, trying not to make it obvious that he was a bit too eager to catch up with her. She and the girl she was with seemed oblivious to their surroundings as he made his way up to them. Knowing that he couldn't follow them for long without drawing attention to himself, he realized that it was now or never, so he cleared his throat and said, "Excuse me!"

Samantha and Amy stopped and turned at the voice. With the fedora and trench coat, he looked rather…detective-like…causing Amy to gulp and Samantha to instinctively draw the béret farther over her stitches. "Yes?" Samantha asked, trying to remain calm.

"I…uh…um…are you um…"

Yesssssssss, that's some winning vocabulary there, Mikey! She's gonna throw herself at you for sure…

Mike began blushing and nervously rubbing his palms on his sides again. Amy and Samantha's uneasiness began to subside.

If he's a cop, he's definitely a rookie…if he's a cop at all…

Samantha began waving her hands dismissively and smirked, "No, I'm not Kim Kardashian, but I'll sign something for you so you can brag to all your friends that you met her."

Mike stared at her and blurted out loud, "Wow, babe, you're beautiful AND witty. I love you even more now!"

Samantha smiled, totally relaxed now, "No, seriously…I'm not Kim. Not even close, sadly."

Mike snapped out of his stare and started laughing. "You're better than Kim, dudette! I'm Mikey the awesomist Ninja Tur-…uh…never mind. I'm Mikey, and I'm totally in love with you, babe! So, uh, what's your name?"

"Wow Mikey, you sure do know how to flatter a lady," Samantha said, smiling and turning a bit rosy, "I'm Samantha."

"Samantha…I just met a girl named Samantha," Mike began singing as he dropped to one knee, holding a hand over his heart and the other extended towards Samantha.

Amy started laughing as Samantha's face turned blood red with embarrassment. "Okay, Romeo, that's enough. No serenading on the street. If you keep it up, you'll draw a crowd."

Mike stopped and stood up, completely consumed in his puppy love. "You're right; I wouldn't want anyone else to notice you… I want you all for myself."

The dryness of Amy's pants was in serious jeopardy as another wave of laughter came over her. "Seriously, I'm starting to feel like I'm the 'three' in 'three's a crowd.' I'll, uh, leave you two love birds alone. See ya back at the studio, Samantha. Don't do anything I would do," she said, winking devilishly as she started walking away.

Samantha watched her friend walk off, and then turned back to Mike, who stood there with the biggest pair of puppy dog eyes she's ever seen. Mike was obviously young, but how young? And what's with the green face mask and orange bandana…oh, and the fedora hat and well-worn trench coat? Is he a Halloween freak that can't quite accept the fact that you can only dress up one day a year?

Ignoring what she took for an odd combination and choice of costume apparel, she decided to play along.

Regardless of how young and obviously eccentric and over the top and…well, he seems to be harmless and amusing and brave…and…good grief, I don't even know this guy and I'm singing his praises. What am I doing?

"So tell me, Mikey, is it a habit of yours to go up to strangers on the street and declare your undying love for them, or was I just a random pick of the flock?"

Now we're getting down to business…

Mike smiled, "No way, dudette, not random at all! I sorta know you, even though you don't know me."

Samantha cocked an eyebrow. "Really, how's that?"

Gah, I hope he's not some kind of voyeur or peeping tom…or stalker.

"Well, you see…" Mike started, trying to figure out how to explain, "um, you just got out of the hospital, right?"

"Uh, maybe." Samantha started to get a creepy feeling and decided to go as neutral as possible with her answer.

Mike, picking up on her hesitation, decided to spill the beans without holding anything back.

"Well you see, I'm a mutated humanoid turtle…and a ninja…and I've got 3 brothers just like me, and well, my brother Don and I were walking around last night when we ran across you getting attacked by a bunch of creeps and we saved you from them but not before you got that big gash on your forehead and so we had to take you back to our lair and Don stitched you up and we brought you to the nuns' house down the street so they could take care of you and bring you to the hospital and so I'm here because I wanted to see you again so I could tell you that I love you."

Mike panted as he managed to explain in one breath, albeit too fast for Samantha to understand it all. Samantha stood with mouth slightly ajar, not quite sure where to start.

Mutated humanoid turtle? Um, yeaaaaaaaaaah. Let's just ignore that one. For now.

"So you and your brother saved me?" Samantha started, "I was being attacked?"

"Yep, we both fought, but I kicked the most bad guy booty," Mike beamed.

Samantha laughed. "You're nuts, but I like you."

Mike's eyes grew wide. "RRRRREEAALLY? You like me? YES YES YES!" Mike began parading around, pumping his fists in the air, then stopped, sporting his puppy dog eyes again. "But wait…only like?"

Samantha walked up to him and put her hands on his shoulders. "Well I guess I should be madly in love with you since you saved my life and all, it should be the least I could do…right?"

Mike began quivering under the weight of her hands, but tried to keep a false sense of bravado alive. "Well yeah, I am your hero after all."

Samantha bent down, pulled the fedora up slightly and kissed Mike lightly on the forehead. "Thanks, Mikey. I owe you big time."

Breathless, Mike began to feel dizzy and reached out to the wall for support. "Did…did you just kiss me?"

Samantha smiled as she turned and started walking away, giggling under her breath.

Mike snapped upright and reached out for her, gasping, "Wait, wait! I wanna see you again! Please! I have to see you again! You can't just kiss me like that and leave me forever!"

Samantha stopped and turned around.

Haha, he really is a drama queen! Should I tell him how to find me? Can I trust him? He's just a harmless guy, right?

"Do you know where Greek Goddess Studio is?"

Mike's head started spinning as his mind began racing to find the answer.

"Um, yeah…yeah…I know where it is!"

Samantha smiled. "Stop by and see me some time, Hero."

She blew him a kiss, then turned around and walked away, quickly blending in with the mass of people walking on the sidewalk.

Mike 'caught' the kiss and pressed his hand to his heart, sighing heavily as he watched her walk away with a hopeful gleam in his puppy dog eyes.

Life is good. It's even better with love in your heart…

…and Greek Goddess Studio around the corner.

The End

FINALLY! 6 years this story has been waiting to be completed. My apologies for the wait. Thanks to all that have read my 1st fanfic. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Dunno if they'll be a sequel, I have other stories to finish before I dare to work on any new stories. All I can say is stay tuned!