Summary: When 18 years old Chris starts Collage, he meets a young shy witch and find out there is much more to her than meets the eye. Set in the changed future. Not really good at summaries but the story is better or at least I hope so!

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Chapter 1 – A New Start

Jamie Stedman hesitated outside her new apartment building, assuring herself that she wasn't stalling. She was simply collecting herself after the long drive down from Atlanta Georgia to San Francisco California. This was her fresh start something she wanted to do, needed to do. Taking in a deep breath she picked up the lightest of her belongings and walked into the place that would now be called home. She slowly opened the door to her new apartment not knowing what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised by her what she saw. It was not a partially large apartment but it looked cosy enough and was better than anything that she had experienced in her life since she spent 11 out of the 18 years of her life in a children's home, the apartment had a modest size living room with a conjoining kitchen, and was particually furnished. Jamie lightly touched the kitchen surface as she opened cupboards and explored the house smiling at what she saw as she walked from room to room, she walked into where would be the master bedroom and resisted the urge to jump unto her king sized bed instead she placed her suitcase down and sighed happily.

"Perfect," she exclaimed smiling.

She walked back to her car and continued to carry her belongings up to her new place, she was extremely happy that her apartment was on the first floor. It wasn't until she was carrying all her things did she notice how much stuff she actually possessed, after climbing the stairs with the last of her belonging; she slipped into the large comfortable armchair in the corner of her new lounge.

Moving to California was something she had dreamed about doing for many years now, for some reason she felt drawn to the place, now that it was time for College she took the opportunity to follow that dream and did something brave for once, moving from her comfort zone and set out on an adventure called life.

It had been a long day, starting with the daylong drive from Nevada to California, Jamie was rather, stressed out and in desperate need of rest and relaxation. But the task of unpacking was still to be done and she wasn't one to procrastinate.

She dragged herself up from the chair and surveyed the task at hand and groaned it would take her forever to sort out her possession and put it in some sort of order. Taking a deep breath she put her straight shoulder length black hair into a messy high ponytail and got to work.

Three to four hours later, Jamie had unpacked the majority of her belonging. She placed the empty boxes which had now been compressed, under the bed in the spare room to make the place look neater. She cursed when she realised that she had not done any shopping and her stomach started to reminder her that she had only had a sandwich all day and was now too tired to go out and get some grocery.

She fumbled through some leaflets that she had found under her door when she arrived and phoned the pizza place to order herself some dinner.

Jamie took a short hot shower to reenergizing herself and got dress in some comfortable blue cotton pyjamas bottom with their matching strappy vest top and took a seat in the armchair folding her legs under her with her pizza on one side and a box she had received on her departure of the children home on the other. Getting comfortable she picked up a piece of her pizza and started leafing through the content of box.

The first item she picked up was her birth certificate; she looked at it and smiled when she read out her parent's name. They had died when she was only seven she still didn't know their cause of death, but since she had no other family she was placed in a children home, where she grew up, although she lost her parents she couldn't complain as the place was filled with love and she receive some great guidance. She found a necklace next which seemed to be made from some sort of charms and it had a strange symbol on it; she placed it around her neck then ran her hand over it. A large package took up the majority of the box she lifted it out and carefully unwrapped it, it was a book of sorts an envelope address to her fell out, she placed the book down and carefully opening the envelope she took the letter out and read it to herself.

Dear Jamie

The first thing I want to say is if you are reading this letter, it means your father and I are no longer here with you. For that I am truly sorry before I go into anything I want to tell you how much your father and I truly love you. You are the best thing that ever happened to us and we want you to know that we are proud of you no matter what you become in life. I made many mistakes in life and one of them was to run away from my destiny. I was afraid and didn't understand it so I left everything I knew to try and escape my destiny your father helped me to understand that I couldn't run away from my destiny and neither can you. I want you to try and understand what I am going to tell you it's going to see unreal to you but I beg you, fight it, be angry at it and even cry about it but you need to accept, accept who you are but don't whatever you do don't run away it, don't do what I did.

I am a witch with actual Magical powers I know it's hard to believe but it is true if you search deep inside your memory you might remember me and your father using it in front of you, you would have powers as well but we bound your powers so you could have a somewhat normal childhood. My main power was conjuring and I also had the power of invisibility your father was a guardian an Angel and I mean that literally. That makes you half witch and half angel of sorts. Don't deny who you and don't ever forget how special you are and always remeber that we love you.

All our love

Blessed be

Your Mom and Dad


Her grey eyes widened in shock as tears started to form, her mom was a witch and her dad an angel still not quite sure if she believed what was happening, she absent minded used her finger to trace the outline of the symbol on the front of the book; the symbol was exactly the same as the one on the chain she had found earlier. Opening the front page she read the incantation

"Hear now the words of the witch,

The secrets I hid in the night,

The oldest of Gods are invoked here,

The great work of magic is sought.

In this night and in this hour,

I'll call upon the ancient power,

Bring your powers to me,

I want the power,

Give me the power."

After reading the incantation she felt a gust of wind surround her…she got up and closed the window that seemed to have opened by its self. Placing the book back in the box, she regretted reading the incantation, feeling that she had dang a hole a little too deep for herself. She took the letter and placed in her a draw in her room for safekeeping.

Losing her appetite she placed the remaining pizza in the fridge she then returned to her room as she laid in bed that night, she wondered how this would change her life and what the future would now have in store for her as she drifted into an uneasy slumber.

Don't worry i haven't forgotten about the charmed ones. Just wanted to introduce Jamie to everyone. Hope you like.