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Chapter 8 – The Halliwell's lose a witch?

Jamie walked bare footed around her apartment munching on a piece of buttery toast the only sound was coming from the TV. Enjoying the fact that she was for once free, it was the first time in nearly two months that she did not have to battle a demon, or have potion making training or learning to use and control her ever increasing power or practice her martial arts, today she could do anything she pleased.

It was now just after noon on a normal Saturday afternoon and she was still in her pyjamas and had just finished eating breakfast and had been watching Saturday morning cartoons for most of the morning and although she was enjoying her moment of freedom she was beginning to get bored, with these thoughts in mind she headed to bathroom to get ready she was going to have to find herself something interesting to do.

Chris and Wyatt Halliwell stood in the middle of kitchen in the manor at lock horns they had both made plans for the day forgetting that one of them had agreed to baby-sit their younger sister/cousins while the Charmed Ones were to go dress shopping with Peyton. Piper stood at the door looking between her two sons before telling them they were old enough to decide between themselves who would look after the younger kids that had been over twenty minutes ago and still neither one of them had been willing to give up on the plans that they had made.

Melinda watched on from the same position her mother had been in twenty minutes prior as her older brothers continued to argue she shook her head not believing how immature they were both being she was shocked to see that two of the most powerful witches arguing like little school kids instead of adults they claimed to be, she looked between them again decided that she wanted neither one of them to look after her.

"I don't see why we need a babysitter anyway I mean I am fourteen after all I could look after my cousins all by myself," she thought to herself that was when it dawned on her, if her mom was going to insist on them having a babysitter then they were going to get someone cool.

"Jamie," she whispered looking up at the ceiling hoping that the Guardian in her would here her calling.

"Jamie I know you can hear me!" she repeated a little louder

Moments later green and white light began to appear before changing and taking the form of Jamie who still had not mastered the art of landing as she landed butt first on the hard wooden floor.

"Aw..."she called out on impact as Melinda reached down to help her up. "What's the emergency?" she asked as she rubbed her sore bottom. She had rushed to get dress thinking there was a big demonic emergency her hair was still wet and she had no shoes on.

"Well there is no emergency as such…are you busy this afternoon?" Melinda asked sweetly

"No," she answered slowly raising her eyebrow up in suspicion

"Good all you have to do is hang out here with us the fourteen and under that is for the afternoon,"


"Oh come on we won't be any trouble and…" she started as she took Jamie hand and leading her into the kitchen to watch her feuding brothers.

"Fine," she finally conceded signing deeply when she decided that she needed to find something to occupy her time this was not what she had in mind.

Looking down at her clothes and then back up and Melinda she said "I'll be right back," before disappearing in a swirl of green and white lights.

"…look you're the one that promised the aunts you would look after the cousins not me…I'm not covering for you again Chris,"

"Well you never around their miss you," Wyatt narrow his blue eyes at his brothers comment. Melinda then decided it was time to intervene.

"We have a sitter…so you can both go out," she stated with her hands on her hips

"What did you say Melinda?" Wyatt asked not taking his eyes off his younger brother

"Jamie was here a few minutes ago she said she would look after us so you can stop arguing like babies now," The two brothers looked at their younger sister, who had managed to master their mother's famous glare and was now giving it to the both of them. It was then Jamie choose to appear her hair was now semi dry and pulled up in a high ponytail and she was fully dressed with shoes and socks and a large backpack on her shoulders.

"Hey guys," she greeted with a smile along with a short wave

"Hey…Thanks so much for doing this," Wyatt said then looked at his brother "We both seem to be double booked,"

"It's no problem I have nothing better to do," she replied with a simple shrug of her shoulders.

"Thanks anyway," he said she nodded as she watched the two brothers walk past her Wyatt still glaring at Chris, who gave his brother a smug smile in return.

Piper slowly descended down the stairs hoping that her sons had managed to come to some sort of agreement, the last thing the eldest charmed one wanted to do was to decide for them. She stood on the landing watching the two of them leave the house both smiling she opened her mouth to call the both of them back when her daughter stopped her.

"Don't bother mom," she said sagely "Jamie gonna baby-sit us which is way better by the way she's way cooler than those two dweebs,"

Piper looked down at daughter giving her a small smile, before ruffling up her hair a little as she walked to the living room to find the young witch sitting down sketchbook in hand.

"Hey Jamie…thank you for doing this,"

"No problem Ms Hall…Piper," she replied quickly corrected herself

"Okay…we shouldn't be more than a couple of hours…the emergency numbers are on the notice board and if there is an emergency of that kind just call for Leo, Paige, Wyatt or Chris,"

Jamie nodded as the doorbell rang signally the arrival of one or both of her sisters. Piper walked towards the door and was greeted by her nieces and nephew whom she hugged and talked to individually.

"So which poor sucker got stuck with you four," Peyton asked as soon as she walked the threshold. Paris looked up at her older cousin, hands on her hips narrowing her dark brown at her comment giving her a cold stare but said nothing.

"Don't start Peyton…go wait in the car," Phoebe scolding her oldest daughter handing her key to her SUV before sending her on her way.

"So is everybody ready to go then?" Paige asked ushering her sisters out the front door "Kids be good for Jamie OK,"

The four children nodded as Piper shouted final instruction through the threshold of the door, before leaving them to it.

"…so then what do you guys want to do?" Jamie asked after a brief moment of silence her gaze resting on each one of them for a brief moment.

The shopping trip was suppose to be the sister's chance to catch with the going on in each other's live without the distractions of their children, but seeing as Peyton needed a new dress for the winter formal that was being held in Magic School they decided she should tag along. So they spent the first couple of hours doing just that, finding the middle charmed one's oldest daughter a suitable dress and then sending her on her way so that they could have their sister time.

Over the last few years each sister's lives had been into taken different directions, as they each had their own children and taken on different business ventures, although the constant threat of demons always brought them together again, but it didn't stop them wanting to spend times simply enjoying each other's company as sisters not witches.

The three of them sat comfortably around the table at the local coffee house, each sipping from a mug of coffee telling each other the latest non magical events in their lives.

Phoebe suddenly felt her chest tighten with a heart wrenching pain, causing her to gasp out loud as a tidal wave fear and terror crashed into her. She was feeling someone else's emotions through her powers. It was extremely strong, and very familiar almost reducing the middle Charmed One to tears. She was thankful when the burning heat in her chest resided, but she was also angry at herself for not being able to bear it longer, as she had been so close to figuring out whatever had passed through her…

"Are you okay?" Paige immediately asked, reaching over from seat to her sister's aid. Piper did the same, taking her hand and trying to catch her eyes as they just looked down at the floor, trying to process what she had just experienced.

"Pheebs…?" The eldest Charmed One murmured, squeezing her sibling's hand reassuringly. Phoebe's head immediately shot up.

"No, we have to go back to the manor now!" she jumped to her feet throwing down some money before taken her sisters hands and dragging them to an empty alley instructing Paige to orb them to the manor, she had a feeling that they children needed them.

Jamie sat down watching as the four children mixed the batter together adding egg, flour and milk with minimal mess, the kids had decided that they wanted to baked a cake and Jamie had reluctantly agreed. In her personal experience making a cake was always a messy experience she always hated the clean up that took place afterwards how young kids managed to get batter on the ceiling was beyond her comprehension but as she sat on the stool at the end of the kitchen counter watching the four young witches at work she was pleasantly surprise first they knew exactly what they were doing and two they did it without making a mess neatly putting away the ingredients and utensil used.

An hour and a half later the cake was ready; the five witches each with a piece each doing various task in the kitchen. Parker looked up from the slice of cake on the plate, she watched her three cousins laughing as they played a game of cards, taking another small bite she stood up and began walking towards them.

"Death…kill the witches," ran through her mind

Parker was always alarmingly aware of her surroundings as a telepathy she could pick up on people human or otherwise train of thought unless she choose not to she turned around seeing nothing but immediately sensing several other presences in the kitchen, the same thought ran though her again as she began getting scared still seeing no one but knew better than to doubt her powers.

"Jay there demons in the house," she informed Jamie telepathically

Jamie looked up from the sketch she was putting the finishing touches too as she slowly turned her head around carefully taking in ever inches of the kitchen seeing nothing out of the place but completely trust the younger witch's power.

"Walk over to the twins and Mel and orb outta the house," she instructed she watched Parker followed her instructions and then watched as the four began to dematerialise into blue and white light and was about to do so herself when she watched in horror as they reappeared they couldn't leave the house as the dark heavily cloaked figures appeared from either side of the kitchen advancing on the five witches.

"Orb to the attic and call for help!" Jamie ordered telepathically as she stood in an offensive position ready to defend herself at a moments notice.

He slowly pull down the hood of his dark cloak to reveal his face, he generally looked human like, the give away was his oversized black eyes and a black moon shaped motif that was tattooed across the right side of his jaw a sign of his power and rank.

"Kill her," he ordered with an evil grin on his face which instance sent shivers down her spine.

"I'll take care of the Charmed Ones progenies," he boosted as he shimmered after them

The four turned there attention solely on Jamie as she slowly reached for the black kitchen knife she was using earlier before throwing it at the closet demon turning him into a pile of dust. Before turning her attention to the demon that was advancing on her, turning it into an ice sculpture with a wave of her hand. The two remaining demons narrowed their eyes at her as they advanced they fired up energy balls and hurling it at the young witch, who disappeared in green and white light the ball of neon energy narrowly missing her orb trail.

The two demons moved further apart each removing the hoods of their dark cloaks before looking at each other and the kitchen vicinity in search of the witch each with energy ball in their palms ready to attack in a moments notice. She reappeared in between the two demonic beings as they launched at the same. Jamie orbed out, causing the two to vanquish each other. She orbed back in moment later her gaze falling on the frozen being as she spun and kicked the frozen being, who turned into a pile of bloody ice soon to turn to dust.

Taking numerous deep breaths in an attempt to calm erratic heart rate using the kitchen counter to support herself, noting they this was her first solo vanquish, "Damn," she cursed loudly as her orbed herself towards the attic.

The Charmed Ones reappeared in front of the manor moments later the same sense of foreboding had now set in all three witches as Piper attempted to opened the door, an unseen force repelled her making it so she was unable her to open it with her key. Motioning for her sister to step away from the witch thrusting out her hands in an attempt use her exploding power, she watched on helplessly as nothing happened, taking a deep breath she tried again, and again, and again each time a small poof of smoke would extracted from the door but no real damage was caused.

"Its not working," she concluded despondently as tears began to well up in her eyes her family were in harms way and she was powerless to help them.

The four witches stood in the safety of the crystal circle which was currently protecting them from the attack of the demon. Each had tried they powers on him but it had little or no effect. Melinda stood in front of her younger cousins in an attempt to shield them from the demon putting on a brave face although on the inside she was scared beyond belief. She tried calling for her dad, brothers and Aunt but no one seemed to here their calls.

Paris squealed as yet another energy ball connected with the cage shaking it, but it still held strong.

"We're gonna be alright," Parker stated bravely

"How… no-one coming," Melinda answered frantically her brave facade finally giving way as she began giving into her fear.

The demon attention was diverted as the soft sound of jingles followed by bright green lights alertly him of Jamie.

"I guess I under estimated you?" the unknown demon commented upon Jamie arrival

She remained silently as she shyly surveyed her surrounding, relaxing a bit as she saw the four witches in the safely of the crystal circle protecting them from attack, before turning her attention back to demon in front of her, unsure of what to do next. The two people on opposing sides sized each other each taking a step back wondering who would attack first, one a century old upper level demon leader of his tribe many of which had died already the other a newly witch whose destiny was greater than she even knew. He materialized an energy ball which he threw at her. Jamie easily guided it away, turning it into ice and watched as it dropped harmlessly down to the ground. The demon then used his demon speed to tackle her. She was thrown against the wall with a sicken thud as a seismic shock connected with her left shoulder sending her further into the wall and laid on the floor face down.

Jamie was out cold on the ground. It was as if she were there, but not completely. She felt the pain, and heard everything around her, but she couldn't find the strength to get up from the floor.

"Jamie?" a distant but familiar voice rang in her head. "Jamie? You have to get up, I'm gonna to kick the crystal out of place,"

"No!" she exclaimed willing herself to get up, slowly her body began responding to the command she was giving it, Through a haze of pain Jamie staggered drunkenly to her feet ignoring the pain and blood from her injured left shoulder and moved towards the demon whose attention was now on the four young witches, delivering a solid punch to the demon's temple then suddenly ducked down, sweeping his legs out from underneath him and making him fall to the ground. Standing directly above the demon she stepped down hard on his left hand before narrowing her grey eyes in concentration, concentrating like she never had been she was as very slowly the demon hand became encased in solid ice, it started with his pinkie starting at the tip before gradually covering the entire finger before covering the next until the entire hand was ice she quickly lifted her foot up and slamming it down as she shatter the demons hand.

The demon pain filled screams filled the entire attic.

She stood still as she struggled to combat the overwhelming feeling of faintness, everything seemed to happen in slow motion before dropping down to her knees, the room appeared to be spinning her vision became blurry and she unable to force on anything the cries of the four younger witches seemed to fade into the distance until all she could hear was the slow beating of her heart, thudding loudly in her ear.

She was painfully unaware that the demon loomed above her; he pulled out an athame chanting in a foreign tongue before burying it deep into her abdomen and then twisting it smiling triumphically as he completed his mission.

His task complete he turned his attention to the four witches in the crystal cage this he was going to do for fun "Hey little witches why don't you come out and play," he taunted grinning evilly as another neon energy ball appeared in his hand which he unleashed on the cage, again, and again.

"It's not going to hold for much longer," Melinda whispered.

She was right, the demon was throwing energy ball after energy ball at the side of the cage and it was beginning to waver. Fear preventing them all from moving.

Jamie body was slumped to one side as she drifted in and out of consciousness; she slowly blinked her eyes several times in an attempt to clear her blurry vision as she tried to pull herself up before slumping back down to the ground, the pain too much. The cries of the four witches was nothing but distant echoes as the crystal cage finally faltered.

An energy ball materialised in the open palm of Jamie she had no time or energy to dwell on the fact that she had never done it before, and watched as it left her hand and connecting with the unsuspecting demon obliterating him on contact, nothing was left but dust. She closed her eyes finally able to rest...

The Charmed Ones had tried every thing they could think of to enter the manor to no avail, they used spell, Paige had tried orbing in only to find herself throw to the ground, Phoebe had even tried channelling the energy that was keeping them out and using it against it, all was not working leaving the three witched in hysteria.

"Wyatt?" Phoebe called out

Moments later a trail of blue orbs appears and materialised into her oldest nephew "Aunt Phoebe I was in the middle of something…" the twice blessed complained

"Blast the door," she instructed, Wyatt hesitated looking at his aunt trying to decipher whether to do it or not.

"Just do it," she ordered in a sharp tone.

He nodded still rather uncertain why he was doing this but he turned his attention to the door of the manor not noticing the sudden glow the house was emitting before it disappeared just as quickly, the door was smashed to piece as he unleashed his power as the witches were finally allowed entrance in the historically house, no words where exchanged as their ran up the stairs towards the attic.

Phoebe was the first to reach the attic she breathed a sign of relief as she spotted all four children safe and unharmed.

"Oh God…" she murmured as she rushed to the side of the fallen witch.

"Wyatt…heal Jamie now," Piper instructed, following his mom instruction he kneeled down beside her reaching over to turn her onto her back. He quickly but carefully removed the athame from her stomach area as he held his hand over the wound, a golden glow emanating from his palms.

He waited for the wounds to begin to close up and blood disappear, for them to heal but nothing happened there seemed to be something blocking out his healing power.

He looked up helplessly "I can't heal her," he finally conceded

To be continued…