Recurrent nightmare

SUMMARY:17 year old Wyatt keeps on dreaming that he turns evil again and tries to kill his beloved brother. But is this just a dream or is it something more? Evil Wyatt erupts in the good future and nothing and no one will stop him from achieving his goal (Cole too), please R&R.

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CHAPTER ONE: The phantom of the menace.

Year 2020

Chris was pinned against the wall. "Please Wyatt… you don't want to do this."

Chris looked pleadingly at him. Wyatt's right hand choking him against the wall, and an energy ball on his left one.

"No, you are right, I don't little brother, but you are leaving me no choice." He told him harshly. "Now be a good boy, baby brother" he said softly, almost pleadingly "and tell me where the hell is it!"

"I told you I DON'T KNOW Wyatt. Now put me down!" He said half scared, half ordering him, as if this was a stupid sibling rivalry, only most sibling rivalry didn't end up with death, like this one might.

"THAT'S NOT THE ANSWER I WANNA HEAR, CHRISTOPHER!" He yelled choking him even harder.

Chris face went red, he gasped out of air and both of his hands fought to release Wy's grip on his neck.

"Don't play difficult, Chris, I really don't want to do this!" Wyatt's insane eyes sparkled with the light of the energy ball as he looked at Chris.

"Then don't!"

"I told you… you are leaving me no other choice! Now remember, I didn't want to do this… I tried to reason with you… you brought it on yourself!" Wyatt said sadly, releasing his grip and throwing the energy ball at him.

Chris fell to the floor screaming in pain.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO" Wyatt awoke with a jolt, his face was sweaty and his body was trembling in fear.

"It's ok, Wy, it's ok. It was just a dream!" He heard the soft and soothing voice beside him, as a hand caressed his hair.

Wyatt turned around and let his huge seventeen year old body embrace his whitelighter's skinny frame tightly.

The other time-line Chris had been with them since Chris turned fourteen, he had been appointed His, the other Chris and his cousin's new whitelighter, and Wyatt always consider him as much of a brother as the other Chris.

"It's ok bro, it was just another nightmare!" Chris told him comfortingly.

Wyatt pulled away from the hug.

"Thanks… I am ok now" He tried to sound convincing.

"Will you tell me what's going on, Wy? You have been having these nightmares for how long? Two weeks already?"

Two months actually, Wyatt thought to himself. At first he would have them like once a week or less; but now… they were so frequent he was scared to fall asleep… and the dream was always the same… Wyatt was petrified he might turn evil again and hurt, or even worst… kill his brother; And then he would wake up in screams and sweaty, it had become terrifying.

After the first time Chris heard his screams (luckily a long while after the nightmares started) he had run to him, and he would be there every time he woke up now, comforting him. Wyatt wished he could control screaming in his sleep, he hated worrying his brother and not letting him sleep. He might be an angel, but still needed his slumber. Fortunately nobody else had heard his screams yet.

"It's ok. I'll be just fine, go back to bed, bro."

"No… Wy… tell me what's wrong! I heard Paige telling mom yesterday that teachers are complaining that you can barely stay awake in class, C.J (that's how the called little Chris now, since they couldn't call both of them Chris and C.J had thought that would be a cool nick, and he wanted to be Chris Junior!) asked me if I knew what was wrong with you cuz you look like you are fighting to stay awake all the time, and you are edgy and shaky, you yelled at Emma the other day for no reason at all" Wyatt felt guilty remembering how he had gone ballistic on his girlfriend the other day for no particular reason "Everybody is worried! Mom and Dad are freaking out and had been asking everybody if they know what's wrong. And I bet they asked you a few times already. I know for a fact that every time you close your eyes, you start screaming like there is no tomorrow. So will you tell me what's wrong?" Chris asked him concerned.

"Shoot… now I did it!" he thought. Everybody had realized there was something wrong with him; but he couldn't tell him, he wouldn't dare confess that he thought he was going to turn evil again, that he was going to hurt his own brother. He felt too ashamed to share it with someone else. His family was going to hate him and fear him if they found out. He couldn't live with that.

"You didn't tell anybody about my nightmares, did you? You promised Chris!" Wyatt asked him nervously.

"No I didn't but I am telling you now that I will break my promise… I will tell mom about this first thing in the morning. It's not normal and it's not healthy, Wy! I am worried too, you know?"

"Please Chris…promise you won't tell them… please… It's nothing, I am fine. Don't worry." Wy said as if it was nothing.

"Wy… we ARE worried… and it is SOMETHING. So just tell us so we can help you! You know… I though I was the one with the martyr complex around here! And no… I am sorry, Wy, but I am telling mom and dad about your nightmares tomorrow."

"Give me just one more day, Chris. I'll be fine… If I still wake you up tomorrow, you'll tell mom and dad! Please!" He pleaded.

"Ok, just one more night!" Chris said caringly. "Now rest" He said orbing away.

"Night, bro. Thanks." Wyatt said as he thought how the heck he was going to manage to block Chris at night so he couldn't hear his screams.

He sat down on his bed and orbed himself a notepad and a pen, he might as well start thinking of a spell that would help him right now, that would be at least something to do to keep him awake.


Year 2026

Wyatt struggled to open the door with one hand, while carrying in the other one a six pack and a couple of sprites. Chris followed him carrying enough Thai food to feed an army.

"I swear I am not buying food from a place were I can't orb it away right away, EVER again in my life!" Chris complained.

Wyatt laughed and entered the house. Without even thinking about it, he orbed all the drinks in his hands right to the table, Chris did the same thing with the food behind him.

"Hey you… I've arrived from my honeymoon a few hours ago and you are already stealing my wife?" Wyatt asked teasingly.

"Hey she was my best friend before she was your girlfriend, so technically you stole her from me, I just want what's mine back!" C.J answered him.

"That seems just fair!" Wyatt smile walking to where Emma was and sitting in her chair, sitting her on his lap and passing his arms around her waist he kissed her cheek adoringly. "So what where you guys talking about?"

"I was telling C.J about our honeymoon." Emma said smiling broadly and caressing the arms around her waist.

"Ahh cool… so I am relieved of the whole telling what happened on the honeymoon duty? Awesome" He said happily.

"Hey! Nobody told ME what happened during the honey moon!" Chris complained.

"You've been gone for an hour… what did you guys talked about?" Emma chuckled, suddenly forgetting that boys are nothing like girls.

"What do you think CHRIS was talking about?" Wyatt.

"Reorganizing the book of shadows alphabetically?" C.J bantered.

"And indexing… don't forget about indexing… in categories and subcategories!" Emma barely could restrain her laughter.

"Yeah… you are right Emma, how could I forget… but tell me Chris if I have a Getora, that is half werewolf and half nymph, in which category do I put it in?" C.J teased with pretended innocence remembering an episode of the sort that in which Chris had tried to organize the book that way not too long ago.

Chris was blushed beyond red. "It's not funny! And…"

At the same time the four of them said "It's important!" Chris said it serious, the others just mocked him.

"Ahh… The female population of the manor asked me to tell you that if you don't come by tomorrow for dinner you are going to be in serious trouble!" Chris said in an evident effort to change the subject.

"What can I say… the ladies just love me!" Wyatt teased.

"Yeah specially cuz you are so humble" C.J laughed.

"Well it's not my fault if I am so perfect!" Wyatt mocked arrogance.

"You are perfect? Says who? Not even your parents! Cuz they know I am the perfect son!" C.J laughed.

"Everybody, look… honey… am I perfect?"

Emma cupped his face.

"The most perfect, powerful double blessed in the whole world." She answered adoringly.

"I might be the double blessed, people might always say and think that I am the most powerful being in the world, my love, but there is just one thing that they don't know, my sweet darling girl, that without you I am nothing!" He answered romantically and kissed her.

"Ahhh so romantic." C.J said sarcastically "and soo corny… where did you get that Wy? From a fortune cookie?"

"He always tells her that, he told her that once cuz someone was bullying her cuz she was dating the double blessed and he has been telling her that ever since!" Chris explained as if it was something obvious.

"How come HE knows that and I don't?" C.J asked pretending to be offended.

"Cuz maybe he LISTENS to me when I talk to him unlike my SO CALLED best friend?" Emma answered him.

"Well darling, that's cuz he doesn't hear from you as much as I do, you just talk TOO much to remember everything!" He joked.

"I don't talk THAT much!" Emma whined, everybody looked at her like "yeah, you do!" "Baby… tell them I don't talk THAT much!" She demanded Wyatt.

"Unless the have redefined the concept of THAT much lately… honey, if the would pay you 5 cents for each word you said, we'd be billionaires in a couple of hours!" Wyatt chuckled, Emma playfully hit him "Ouch!"

"Ohh but come on! If you compare me with…hmm…. Penny… I talk a lot less than Penny!"

"Well that's cuz our little cousin gave the word verbiage a WHOLE new meaning!" Chris laughed.

"I love that girl, but …Yeah I swear she was born with an unlimited credit in linguistic resources and when she was born she bought a BIG dictionary to get some more words!" C.J continued.

"Yeah… she is a walking, talking… and I stress the word TALKING, headache supply." Wyatt finished.

While Wyatt was talking Emma's cell phone rang.

"Speaking of the devil!" She said looking at her caller ID "hey Penny wassup?... nothing, talking… about you actually, the guys were saying you talk too much. GUYS! Penny say you just envy her, cuz your life is not even as close as interesting as hers, that why you don't have that many things to tell!"

"Yeah sure, coz!" Wyatt yelled sarcastically on the phone. Emma stood up and walked to the bedroom.

"She says you guys can't understand her!" She said on her way out.

"Yeah… tell her that we DEFINITELY can't understand her… but that she shouldn't worry, that we love her anyways!" C.J answered right before Emma closed the door.

"What do you guys think they are talking about?" Wyatt asked insecurely.

"YOU!" Both Chris said at the same time.

"Do you guys think I wanna know what she is saying?" He asked even more insecurely.

"Trust me bro… you don't even want to know what she tells me!" C.J answered him teasingly.

"WHY? WHAT DID SHE SAY?" Wyatt asked freaked out.

C.J and Chris laughed, that got him EVERYTIME!

Chris and C.J left two hours later and Wyatt and Emma went to bed.

"Good night, sweetie!" Emma said closing her eyes.

"I love you, honey!" Wyatt saying spooning her close to him, treasuring her scent as he felt asleep.


Year 2020

The next day…

All the school age Halliwell members orbed/shimmered to the manor together, it wasn't really necessary, being all able to teleport themselves, they could just finish classes and orb home each by themselves. Still they have always done it together, they had gotten used to that, and they wouldn't even think about doing it any other way. After the last class was over, they would all join in a particular spot in magic school's cafeteria and they would all orb home together. When they were little Paige or Jake would always orb with them, but then, after Wyatt was old enough and magic school had added regular classes (for magical kids) in the mornings and magical classes in the afternoons, as to allow the kids that graduated from there to actually go to a regular college if they wanted to. Paige and Jake would always have to stay a while after classes were over, working. So Wyatt, C.J (Chris), Paige's twins (Penny and Patty) and Phoebe's girl (Prue), would always orb together after school.

Wyatt sighed soundly throwing his backpack violently against the floor.

"Someone had a nice day!" Chris teased him sarcastically; he always tried to be there when the kids came back from school.

"Wyatt, you shouldn't throw you backpack on the floor like that, your mom is going to kill you!" Penny told him caring, though a little bossy.

Wyatt smirked at her, the last thing he needed right now was to deal with his cousin's or his mom's tidiness obsession. "You don't like it, come and pick it up!"

"Ouch… someone is in a good mood today!" C.J teased sarcastically, picking the backpack up and hanging it in the correct place with his. His brother hadn't seemed ok for a while now, and he certainly didn't look like he needed one of his mom's lectures right now.

"Oh… you mean Mr. I've-been-in-such-a-good-mood-lately over here?" Patty asked sarcastically "I swear you have to cut down on your testosterone daily dose, coz!"

"You are so not funny Patricia!" Wyatt was so tired, so devastated and it had been such a long, horrible day. He certainly didn't need his whole family fighting with him. He knew he had been edgy lately, but he had so many things going on.

"Well at least she is not…"

Chris interrupted Penny and the upcoming fight.

"So why did you have the best day ever at school, Wy?" Chris asked him sarcastically.

-"You can't even begin to imagine. You know we have this new substitute teacher for magical history, right?" C.J and the girls nodded; Chris just listened.

"So whatever, first class, he is telling us the importance of learning magical history or some other boring stuff, and the he is like as an assignment I want you guys to write a paper on… and LISTEN TO THIS…. "An evolutionary study on the powers of the double blessed". I guess the idiot never researched much about the fact that the head mistress was a charmed one, or he thought she might like it or something. And I guess he got fooled by the fact that we all use our father's last names at school! But dude… Wyatt Wyatt kinds of catches the eye, you know? You know what is worst? He said he was going to ask every class from grade 4th onwards to do it!" Wyatt was furious "I definitely don't want people writing about me! The whole SCHOOL! This CAN NOT be happening"

-"And Paige allowed this teacher to do that?" Chris asked shocked. "It doesn't seem like something she would do. She rarely allowed grad students to do their thesis on those topics and mostly her only excuse is "my family NO"! I know cuz I've given some of the grad classes!."

-"My parents would never let any dumb teacher do that! They would just kill him/her!" Penny said protectively.

-"Yeah… besides…I refuse to do a paper on a testosterone, temperamental, moody, teenage freak, like you… I much rather do it on Chris or CJ." Patty

"GEEE Thanks Patty!" He said hurt and sarcastically "Cuz I really asked to be a freak! God like I wouldn't give anything not to be the freaking double blessed!" He threw himself on the couch with a heavy thump and looked certainly gloomy.

"She was just joking, Wy… you ought to calm down!" Chris said comfortingly sitting beside him.

"No she is right…I am testosterone, temperamental, moody, teenage freak! I just wished so badly I wasn't myself…I just don't want to be me… " Wy answered so miserably it was heartbreaking for everybody. Prue rapidly ran to sat beside him and started caressing his hair adoringly. Wy looked at her thankfully.

"I was joking Wy…" Patty said running to him and jumping on his lap, hugging him dearly "You know we love you… annoying and all we LOVEEEEEEEEE you…" She said playfully.

Wyatt hugged her desperate, he needed the physical contact to feel some relief.

"I am still a freak… an evil inclined freak." He said gloomy.

"You just need to sleep bro…you look so tired… I bet a little nap would do wonders on you!" C.J said worried.

"No…I don't want to sleep… I am ok."

"Yeah, Wy… look at the bright side…nobody can get a better grade at that paper than us… I mean who is going to know more about the moody, temperamental yet absolutely lovable and endearing double blessed than us… right?" Penny said, seeing that Chris was on one of Wyatt's sides, Prue on the other and Patty on top on him, she proceed to kneel in front of him and rest her chin on his knees.

Wyatt smiled at her and shuffled her hair.


Year 2026.- Underworld.

"Are you sure this is going to work?" A human looking demon in his mid fifties asked.

"The potion? Yes…Why don't you trust me, father?" A teenage demon, around sixteen/seventeen years old; that was mixing the potion raised his face and asked his father. Eric black hair glowed with the fire and his penetrating blue eyes reflected the flames underneath the cauldron. The contrast with his extremely white skin, made him look a little scary, yet tremendously attractive. Yuri smiled at his son, Eric could always get wanted, he was too smart, too resourceful and manipulative not to.

"So one last time… we summon the double blessed here, we throw him the potion, and he will stop being the goody goody goofus he is right now and will turn evil, and then will have him by our side, and we'll rule the under and upper world?" Yuri asked his son.

"Basically… so what do you think?"

"That I have a very ambitious son!"

"Don't state the obvious…Will you help me?"

"When did I ever deny you my help, son?"

"Good… then summon the double blessed."

Yuri chanted something in an ancient language.

"What?" Said a sleepy Wyatt as he was summon into the demons lair; before he could react, Eric threw the potion at him.

Suddenly, Wyatt got involved in a swirl of black wind, and the man that had just been summoned transformed in his other life time's evil alter ego. The change was minimal, his Pj's pants and bare torso were now enfold in a black outfit. His eyes revealed his insanity and lack of moral judgment but other than that… it looked exactly the same man, and technically he was… but practically, they were very different, and this Wyatt had no knowledge of the existence of the other one. He never had the chance to find out that his brother had succeeded in saving him.

"What is this? Where am I? Where are my servants?" Wyatt confusion was masqueraded by his anger, one second, he was in his shrine with his minions, the next, the world was being swallowed in this big twisting twirl, and seconds later he was sucked from the vacuum and landed here.

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