CHAPTER XVI: Discoveries.


"Teddy" Prue whispered in Cole's chest "Are Wyatt and Chris going to be alright?"

"How did you call me?" Cole asked shocked.

"Teddy... I always called you Teddy... you never us your name was Cole and I always called you Teddy." She mumbled in his chest. "It's nice to be able to touch you, Teddy."

"Yeah... now I remember used to come and play with us when we were little…" Penny squealed excited.

"Shhh... lets keep that as our little secret for a little while, ok ?" Cole whispered.

The girls nodded. "Why did you stop visiting us, Teddy?" Patty whispered sadly.

"Now you have to call me Cole, ok? I never stopped visiting you... I am always here…"

Penny shook her head "Nah-ah...we never saw you anymore"

"Because we grew up, only special little kids and mediums can see ghosts, right Te-Cole?" Prue said sadly.

"You are right my little girl." Cole kissed her forehead.

"That's what you told me when I started to stop seeing you all the time, long after they stopped seeing you. You told me that soon, I will stop seeing you for good, because I was growing up, and only special little kids could see you, and I was extra special, that's why I saw you for longer, but after I stopped seeing you... I could still felt you... did you know that?" Prue asked him, Cole repressed a tear and shook his head. "You were always beside me... why?" Prue asked.

"Because I wanted to make sure that you were ok, because I love you very much." Cole whispered at her.

Prue smiled with the simplicity of a child "It was nice to feel you near, I always felt taken care of... but how come you never told me you were a ghost?"

"How did you figure that out?" Cole asked kissing her forehead again, having Prue talking to him like that in his lap, and the too adorable twins beside him felt like heaven. He wished that moment would never end.

Prue shrugged "I just did."

"Those are the things that come naturally to you if you live in this house." Patty smiled proud of her lineage.

"I don't know... I guessed I figured it was for the best if you forgot all about me." Cole said sadly.

"You are honest with us, even if we are little kids. Most people are not...I like it when people tell me the truth." Patty smiled at him, the other two nodded in agreement.

"Could Chris, C.J and Wyatt see you when they were little?" Penny asked.

"Well... Chris was never little in this life time... but C.J and Wyatt could."

"And my mommy and the Aunts? And Dad?" Penny kept on asking.

"Well...I was alive when your moms were little, and your Dad was little long before that." Cole explained them.

"Have you ever met my dad, being dead like him?" Prue asked sadly.

"I know your dad very well, sweetheart" Cole answered her. So much better than you think, he thought.

"Does he ever think of me?" Prue asked even sadder.

"All the time, sweetheart, a second doesn´t go by without him wishing he could be beside you telling you how much he loves you." Cole held her even closer and kissed her forehead.

Prue smiled. "And why he never comes and see me?" She pouted.

"Aww... sweetie, your dad looks after you ALL the time, I promise you."

Prue smiled and circled Cole's body with her arms. "Will you tell him that I love him, next time you see him?"

"I will... I promise." Cole said beaming and holding her as close as he could.

"Is it boring being dead?" Penny asked.

Cole chuckled "´s sad..."

"How come?" The little girl kept on asking.

Neither Cole, nor the girls realized that Phoebe had actually been staring at them with an "Awww how cute" gaze for a long period of time. Her heart softened by his tone, words and obvious affection for the little girls, specially little Prue.

"Girls... why don´t you go play with Jake and D.J?" Phoebe asked them.

The four people in the couch look to the front, startled, and at Phoebe´s gesture for the kids to leave they answer with a silent plead, still eventually the kids obey.

"Prue, honey..." She stopped her "If they ask for me, tell them I went to get something I forgot at home, ok?"

Prue nodded and Phoebe kissed her, sending her to her uncle and D.J.

"Saved by the bell?" Phoebe smiled at Cole, sitting beside him.

"Uh?" Cole asked as if she had just woke him up from a day dream.

"The kids... were they bothering you?" Phoebe asked sweetly.

"No... on the contrary...I didn´t want them to leave...I love having them around me." Cole said contemplative.

Phoebe smiled sweetly. "I thought you might wanted to spend some time with me...I think we have a lot of things to talk about, don´t you?"

Cole smiled at her, looking straight into her eyes, but then thought about it. "Don´t you think we should be focusing on Chris and Wyatt right now?" He asked.

She was sort of happy to see and read the true concern for her nephews in his eyes.

"Wy will be asleep for a while and we won´t do anything till he wakes up and we can put all the pieces of the puzzle together and see what´s going on; and after all, you are a piece of the puzzle, we can call it research." Phoebe smiled at him, involuntarily playfully and seductively.

Cole placed his face an inch away from hers. "You can call it however you want, sweetheart, but keep on smiling and looking at me like that and the only thing I´ll be researching will be your mouth." He smiled.

"Take me home." She told him.

Eric watched relieved as the demon shimmered away.


Underworld- Wyatt's lair, Chris chambers

" I got it!" Chris exclaimed as happily as his throbbing headache and his weak body allowed him to.

Emma applied another cold compress in his forehead, removing the sweat that was crowing his brow.

"Ok… now is time for you to rest!" Emma said firmly, forcing him into a horizontal position.

"I am ok…" he said weakly but couldn't fight against the force pushing him down. "I need to cast the spell, so we can get out.."

"NO!" She said, taking the spell out of his hand, he clench to it as strongly as he could, but that wasn't very strong. "Wyatt we'll be back soon and will bring you the antidote… we'll wait for him, he'll give you the antidote and we'll cast the spell after he leaves!" She ordered him.

"But Emma…" He said weakly.

"You said it yourself… we can't take any chances… if you cast it now, not only Wyatt can flame in the middle of it, but you might be too weak for it to actually work! It's a spell against very powerful magic, Chris. I am not powerful enough to defeated…and you are not either in this state…"

Chris weakness let itself got convinced by those arguments as he let his feeble body be laid down and cover lovingly by his sister in law.

"Close your eyes, sweetie." He heard her saying from what it seem far, far away as he involuntarily faded away from the conscious world.