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Chapter Seven:

"Tomoyo-chan!" Nakuru gasped seeing the teenager standing on the doorstep when it opened the door, she was dripping wet, a broken umbrella clutched in her hands. "Come in!"

Tomoyo was hurried inside by the guardian; a worried expression on its face as it looked over her soaking appearance. She took that moment to explain that a gust of wind went by and the car had already drove off when her umbrella broke. The pouring rain wasted no time in soaking the poor girl to the bone, as if dumping bucket full upon bucket full of water on her before she could reach the door. Nakuru pitied her and ordered her to stay put while it fetched a towel for her.

Knowing the energetic Nakuru, Tomoyo wasn't surprised to see it return quickly, holding a large towel that it draped over her shoulders.

"Arigato, Nakuru-san." She smiled.

"Did you come to see Eriol-kun?" it asked hopefully.

"Well…" Tomoyo felt the color rise in her cheeks and pulled the towel over her head quickly. "Yes...I did."

"Okie dokie! He's in the kitchen! Eriol-kun was helping me bake those fish pastries you gave me the recipe for."

"Oh, and how is it going?" Tomoyo asked it as they headed down the hallway.

Nakuru laughed a little nervously, "Well…I kinda burned the first attempt…but Eriol-kun volunteered to clean it up for me. Eriol-kun is so nice."

"Yes…he is." Tomoyo agreed softly, nodding a little.

Nakuru smiled knowingly down at the teen, it was fully aware of what thoughts were running through her mind, Eriol acted like that in a way sometimes when he received a letter from Daidouji. He acted a bit timid at the time since he was just then realizing he had fallen in love with Daidouji. It was about time Eriol's feelings would be brought out into the open and in spite of how much it wanted to watch his future unfold Nakuru swore it wouldn't interfere.

When the creation pushed open the door for Tomoyo, she was shocked by the smell of burnt pastry and Eriol was cleaning flour off of the counter-tops. A cloth was tied over his head and there were smears of flour over his hands and face as if Nakuru tossed some at him when they were making the pastries. He glanced up at them, smiling at Tomoyo, they both knew he didn't need to explain but he did take a second look.

"Daidouji-san…you're soaking wet…" he abandoned the rag, "Didn't you have an umbrella?"

"Hai, but…it broke on my way in." she admitted, fingering one of the wet braids lain over her shoulder.

"Ruby Moon." He said; Nakuru stiffened. "Thank you for fetching a towel for Daidouji-san."

"Y-You're welcome." It said, relived he was just thanking it.

Tomoyo went to him, "Do you need help, Hiiragizawa-kun?" she asked.

"I'll finish it up!" Nakuru sang out, throwing its hand in the air, "You two should go sit down! Eriol-kun's probably tired and you need to dry off, Tomoyo-chan!"

Eriol didn't protest, ushering Tomoyo into the hall once more, heading into the sitting room where they sat on the couch before a large window that revealed the continuing thunderstorm. Tomoyo smiled at him before pulling the towel closer around her, using an edge to dry her face. Eriol watched her in silence, he didn't want to stare, but he couldn't help it, Tomoyo was a beautiful girl as she always had been, even when they were children. There was always that sense of her being older then she seemed, wise beyond her years and kinder then he could ever be. The teenager that gave up a lifetime of happiness for herself so that the person she loved could find their own…the one that helped the mistress of the cards from day one.



"You have…flour on your face." She said reaching over but hesitated a moment before attempting to wipe it away from his cheek.

Her hand was cold from the rain but gentle none-the-less. Eriol rested his own hand over hers and held it to his warm cheek. Tomoyo was blushing…it looked nice on her in a cute way, he continued to smile in spite of his heavily pounding heart that Tomoyo's matched at the vary same moment. Clow Reed's reincarnation and the girl wise beyond her years…both so used to handling other peoples' problems and watching other secret loves blossom, they didn't know how to handle the whispers in their own hearts.

"Hiiragizawa-kun…" Tomoyo said softly.

"Your hands are cold, Daidouji-san." He said, lowering it from his cheek and resting his other hand over it.

"I suppose it's because-" she lowered her gaze and removed her hand from his, turning away from him slightly.

"I make you nervous…don't I?" he asked, but it didn't seem like a question…it was more so a statement.

Tomoyo nodded.

"I see." He smiled thoughtfully, "You figured it out…well done, Daidouji-san."

"Hiiragizawa-kun you mean you-"

He nodded, "For quite some time now." He admitted, surprisingly casual.

"I-I didn't know-"

"I preferred that you didn't." he said gently, "It was pretty hard for me to consider since Kaho left…I knew you loved Sakura-san and that you wouldn't want to become involved with a foreign magician."

"It's not that." She said, feeling awkward. This wasn't her…she didn't know how to react to someone being in love with her…this must have been what Sakura went through when Syaoran confessed to her. Trying to sort out through the conflicting emotions inside of her heart.

"You don't have to give me an answer, Daidouji-san…" he said reassuringly, "But, I am in love with you…and I support your decision, whatever it may be."

Eriol moved to stand but Tomoyo touched his arm, making him pause and look back to her. She gripped the sleeve of his shirt and he settled back onto the couch.

"I've upset you haven't I?" he asked softly when she turned her face away from him again, not releasing his sleeve. "I'm sorry…"

"No, Hiiragizawa-kun…" she turned to him, smiling as her eyes sparkled with that looked like tears, the sight surprised Eriol and his smile faded partially. "I'm glad…I'm glad that you feel that way."

She rested her forehead on his shoulder, his smile returned gentle as ever as he touched his cheek to the damp hair.

"I want to live happily…like Sakura-chan is." She said softly, "I want you to be happy too Hiiragizawa-kun…because in spite of myself-" She closed her eyes. "I was sad when I couldn't be with Sakura-chan…but I'm so grateful…that I could feel this way for someone again."

Eriol shifted his head, burying his face into the black damp strands of hair and kissing it gently. Tomoyo opened her eyes and looked up to him. If only she had her video camera…this would have been such a perfect scene. Reaching up, she caressed Eriol's cheek and craned her neck, closing her eyes once more as her lips touched his, cool and gentle. Eriol slipped his arm around her waist, touching his fingers to the soft flesh of her cheek before they embraced one another tightly, as if promising each other that they were going to do their best to keep, not only those around them happy…but themselves as well.

Nakuru lowered the video camera, glancing over at Spinnel as he floated over its shoulder. It put a finger to its lips and smiled as they backed away from the crack in the door and crept down the hall.

"It's about time he told her…"

"Yes, but I think it went pretty well…" Nakuru said looking pleased, "Daidouji-san will be happy to learn that I recorded it."

"You do realize we're returning to England in a few days…right?" Spinnel asked.

"Yes, but that's what makes their revelation so sweet…because with Tomoyo-chan being here, and both of them have revealed their feelings, Eriol will definitely let us stay here permanently!" Nakuru grinned.

"Ruby Moon…" Spinnel groaned.


Tomoyo and Eriol laid back on the couch.

I'm glad that Eriol was able to find…

Their fingers laced together for the first time.

…a little romance.

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