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"In fact, I wouldn't mind if you did it again.." Tonks gulps down a breath of air, slightly astounded at her own bravery, but at the same time determined that she isn't going to let Remus walk away without a fight. Under her palm, she can feel his heartbeat accelerate, and sees the same slightly wild look enter his eyes again; the look that he had in the seconds before he kissed her. She knows that the shock of that kiss, and the accompanying rush of her own desire has made her lose control of her metamorph talents, and that for the first time ever Remus is seeing her exactly as she is.

"Tonks," he says and there's a note of warning in his voice which is at odds with the look in his eyes, "you really don't want to start this. I'm not myself.."

"No?" She asks, raising an eyebrow and looking puzzled, "Who are you, then?" While she's talking she casually steps closer so that their bodies are almost touching. She can feel the heat rising from him and it makes her sway slightly, forcing her to clutch his shirt-front more tightly to keep her balance.

"It's so close to the full moon, the Wolf…."

"Seems to me," Tonks says a little breathlessly, "that bloody Wolf has a lot to answer for. You telling me that it's him that made you kiss me? You had nothing to do with it?"


Remus doesn't have the chance to go any further. Tonks, in her rather impulsive fashion, pulls him hard against her and kisses him on the lips. She puts all her passion and zest for life into that kiss and Remus can't help but respond, giving himself over to the questionable care of the Wolf inside. He's so used to fighting the Wolf that to actually give himself over to it and allow himself to be carried along comes as something of a relief; and it's in that moment of acceptance that he realises that the Wolf is as much part of him as his heart or brain.

One wonders, the Wolf muses, why it has taken you so long to come to this conclusion.

Remus informs the Wolf that he's far too busy to waste his time on discussions on the nature of Werewolf psychology.

Ah yes, the Wolf says smugly, we've finally found a mate.

Yes, Remus agrees, we have. And we're not letting her go, either.

Tonks wonders what exactly has brought the extremely self-satisfied look onto Remus' face.

An hour later, she's wearing exactly the same look.