Author: Aiseki Anrui

Title: Hair

Summary: A little drabble by Goku on everyone's hair, and how it represents them. Something shining, something hiding, something burning.

Note: We all know that Goku calls Sanzo's hair the sun. Well, in manga book #5 (the one with the Be There storyline), Goku says Gojyo's hair is like 'something burning.' Anyhow, that got me started on this. The only hair Goku doesn't talk about is Hakkai's, so I had to make that part up.


Yellow, black, and red. Gold, onyx, and ruby. Their hair represents them in so many ways. Sanzo's is the sun, shining down as the light of everyone's lives, whether he wills it or not. Hakkai's is the night, attempting to hide beneath those dark bangs all his pain and sorrow. Gojyo's is fire, something burning with anger and forbidden life, with a slightly lustful streak. The sun, the night, the fire. Something shining, something hiding, something burning. But, no matter what color, they're all beautiful. Beautiful to me.

Because I know, that this little saru couldn't ever live without them.

Author's Notes: This little drabble is the very first I've ever written, and I think it actually turned out okay. I don't think its that great, but this was the fruit of writer's block. You see, I'm trying to write a second chapter to my fic, Not Yet, but I don't know what should happen. It was supposed to be a one-shot, but then my friend Michelle said I had to write more, and I am at a loss for what I should do. Anyhow, if you've read that story of mine, please drop a review, and tell me what I should do. Otherwise, I'll have writer's block forever, and I'll keep on writing really crappy drabbles.