Authors Note, Hello people! I am thinking this is the last chapter in the fic. So, enjoy!

Sanderson woke up on his back, feeling numb.

Not numb cold.

Or emotionally cold.

But numb from painkillers.

There was a slight ache in his neck. Then he remembered why, he remembered going in a house to clear it. He remembered clearing the first room, then the second, then he and his men were getting shot at from above.

A sniper.

He remembered shooting back…but then there was a pain. Then he tasted blood, he coughed up blood, and he remembered thinking about his children, his wife, and Diana before he passed out.

After he took out the sniper, and cleared the house though.

Sanderson lifted his head, seeing there was a bandage on his side. He felt one on his neck.

He felt the IV in his wrist. He could hear his heart on a monitor that beeped. He knew he was in a hospital. When he looked around and saw he was in a nice single room, he knew he was in Germany.

Then, he spotted Diana asleep on the floor. On a stretcher that was down.

She was sound asleep in blue jeans and a simple black shirt.

Guilt filled him.

But his mind was made up, he sat up in bed.

Thanking God for the Morphine or whatever painkiller was in his body. Sanderson un-taped the IV from his wrist and pulled it out. He then looked for the other end of a wire that was connected to the heart monitor. When he found it on a shaved patch of his chest, he peeled it off his chest. Seeing glue left behind on his skin.

Then the machine began to buzz.

The noise woke Diana up. She sat up and was on her feet before she even knew where she was, she blinked when she saw Sanderson sitting up, holding the monitor in his hand.

Too tired to be annoyed, Diana walked over to him and snatched it from him. She glared at him. The expression told him everything that she was too tired to vocalize. She did ask, "Can you feel anything?"

Sanderson shook his head, "No. Diana."

Sleepily, she began to hook the heart monitor back up, "What?"

Sanderson found her eyes and told her, "I love you."

Diana narrowed her eyes, then told him, "That's the meds talking Sanderson. Now, lay down, before I smother you."

"No. Diana, I'm serious."

She held his gaze and saw he was serious, annoyed, she whined, "Sanderson. I am too tired."

He looked down at the stretcher, "You just woke up."

Diana threw the heart monitor down and turned the machine off. "That's not what I meant. I am tired of getting the three in the morning phone call. I am tired of knowing what you're doing, knowing you're willingly going into a fight. I am tired of being alone. I am tired of being pitied. But, most of all, I am tired of living in a different country several times a year. I am especially tired of all this being normal, Sanderson."

"I'll get a desk job. Or a training job. I'll get out of the field." Sanderson told her, seeing the toll of what she had said in her eyes. Seeing the complete shock in her eyes.

It was one thing Diana didn't want, "Sanderson. I don't want you to quit what you do because of me. You never told me to go back to work. You never told me what to do with my career. I don't want to be the reason behind you not being on active duty."

A small smile came over Sanderson's face, a tired smile, "Diana. I have been thinking a lot about it lately."

She stared at him. Tired. As she tried to figure out if he was serious, or just really drugged. But he continued, "It's not the same anymore. It hasn't been for a while…and now, I am going to either get a job that doesn't put me in the field, or leave when the rest of my time is up."

Diana knew he had eight months left before he either re-enlisted or was honorably discharged.

She sat on the side of his stretcher and looked down in his blue eyes, "Are you positive that is what you want? Will you be happy? Outside of the Army?"

Sanderson moved, to sit up, but Diana placed a hand gently on his chest , which kept him down. Sanderson stayed down, but he also told her, "I'll keep myself busy. I have a degree in criminology. If I am bored I can become a cop, or get a government job. I'll find a job."

Diana held his blue eyes, but didn't lift her hand from his chest. "I only have a year until my contract runs up. The only thing is…I don't have any family. Just Hoot's, I don't have a home back in the states."

That mildly surprised Sanderson, he had no desire to move anywhere near his mother. Anywhere south or west of the Mason Dixon line was good for him. So he told her, "Lets worry about today, ok? When it's time for my paperwork we'll decide then."

With a nod Diana agreed.

Sanderson then scooted over to share the small medical bed. Diana looked around at all the equipment, when she was positive she wouldn't hurt him, she climbed up onto the metal bed with thin mattress, which was actually a pad. She lay on her side, curling up against him. The warmth of another person beside another was something neither of them had felt in some time. Both of them relished the lack of space on the hospital bed, which pushed them closer together. She made sure she didn't touch his wound, so she pressed her hands against his side, and laid her head on the pillow. She would not let him move.

Diana softly kissed his cheek and told him, "Get some rest."