The Chronicles of Captain Melon Head

Prologue: Professor Scam is Back!

"He thought he had me out for good, didn't he?" Eddy, also known as the nefarious Professor Scam, mused to himself, "Well, I'm back, the king of the mountain, the indigestible burrito, and the terrible tyrant: Professor Scam!" "Eddy," double-d began as Eddy laughed maniacally, "I can't believe you're still going through with this, even though I do have that bigger lab we were finally able to pay for, it's still going to be impossible. Johnny is just near your house, you could go over and just throw a pie in his face or something, but this is a bit too much."

"Yah right sock-head, he beat me and I need to strike back with everything we've got the ability to make! Ed, report!" the insane child commanded. "Boy Eddy," Ed started joyously, "err, I mean Professor Scam, you sound like one of those super villains from the old comics! Oh, and the scam drones are ready to strike any time you are ready to command them!"

"Excellent, this plan can not fail!" Eddy laughed seeing his metallic minions line up before his eyes bearing the ever creative cent symbol, "My minions, this is what you have been training for! This is the day you break to the surface of the earth and wreak havoc upon that unsuspecting arch nemesis of mine: Captain Melon Head!" All of the robots turned in Scam's direction and saluted him as they went by squads to the surface and out of the laboratory. "And soon my true creation shall be complete," Scam grinned to himself, "and that melon will be squashed for good."

Meanwhile, back at the cul-de-sac everyone was playing at the playground. "Look at Rolf everybody," the boy from the old country was shouting with joy as he jumped above the monkey bars. "He's pretty good, huh plank?" the bald boy, Johnny, said to his wooden friend. "Aint nothin' Rolf, why don't you just sit back and let a pro show you how it's done," said Kevin as he grind sideways on the monkey bars with his skateboard.

All of a sudden, though, Kevin was knocked to the ground by a shiny creature, and then two jumped on him, then seven! Soon more of the robots appeared and went after the other cul-de-sacians. "You're right plank," Johnny said backing up into a bush.

A few seconds later the heroic avenger of the cul-de-sac who we all know only as the majestic Captain Melon Head popped out and saw the scene. All the kids that could have gotten away were already gone except for Rolf who was desperately attempting to free Nazz, Jimmy, and Sarah from their robot captors.

"Let go of the weak and defenseless!" Rolf commanded as he beat the robed metal beings. Just then, Melon Head fell from the sky and slammed his trusty Splinter the Wonder Wood down on one of the robots' cent symbols. Almost immediately it was knocked down and exploded on the jungle jim.

Once Rolf saw what had happened he jabbed a steak through one of the robots' symbols and it exploded. "Why isn't Kevin trying to help us!" Nazz cried as Rolf carried her, Jimmy, and Sarah to safety. As soon as Rolf had gotten them away from the fight he went back to aid Melon Head.

Finally, one of the robots grabbed Melon Head and slammed him to the ground. "We the Scam Drones have a message for you," one of them explained holding his head in his its hands, "Professor Scam is back." Right as the drone was about to slam its fist into the hero's stomach it exploded as Rolf went on to destroy the others. Melon Head then got up and joined back into the fight.

That night Johnny was talking to Plank. "Hey buddy," the odd boy began, "yah think it's true, yah think Professor Scam's really back like he said he would be?" Apparently the board had responded because Johnny went on. "Well, we'll just have to be on high alert all the time now then, I guess." As the boy fell into slumber dark, mysterious, devious shapes could be seen lurking about outside, but you'll have to wait till the next exciting chapter to find out what happens and hopefully people enjoy this… so until next time, Captain Melon Head is signing out!