Chapter 2: Grave Night

The fire lit the sky as the many houses caught ablaze by the rampaging mages. Jumping from the shadows, Tyr swung his poleaxe into the face of a mage who had made the mistake of wandering into the dark alleyways alone.

Jumping to safety on the nearby building, he watched as a pair of Alexandrian soldiers inspected the downed mage. He prepared to strike when he heard a call behind him. Running to the other side of the building, he saw two mages blast a guard who had been trying to fight them.

The battle had gone rather badly in the last few days. Actually, 'Rather badly' was the understatement of the age, it was a disaster. Magic such as this had never been seen on the face of Gaia, no one was prepared for such power.

In the distance, soldiers were piling bodies, and burning houses. This was warfare like he had never heard of, no one was spared, not even children. He made up his mind to make his way to Cleyra, like the others. There was nothing more he could do to help. Even the Dragon Knights had left.

Running along the rooftops towards the western wall, he found his way blocked by a Black Mage. It was lucky that the black mage's back was facing him, or he might have found himself burnt to a cinder. It turned, but only in time to find all two feet of the Pole axe's blade in between its glowing yellow eyes.

Tyr did not make it out unscathed; two Alexandrian soldiers turned the corner, let out a cry, and opened fire with short bows. An arrow lodged itself in his side, as the other passed through his cloak. He ran. He couldn't fight like this, already, his strength was leaving him.

He could feel the poison on the arrow begin to burn through his veins, setting every muscle in his body alight with pain. Collapsing, he hit the rooftop hard, and fell; it crumbled below him, and he landed, sprawled on the floor, gasping for breath, as his life slowly left his body.

Author Note:
Sorry for the shorter chapter, its building for suspense. Tyr will be revealed more and more as the story progresses, that's right, its not over yet… Thanks Robshi, I enjoyed 'Half and Half' by the way. I must find time to reread it.