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Heirs of the Founders 23

The Reason

I'm not a perfect person
There's many things I wish I didn't do
But I continue learning
I never meant to do those things to you
And so I have to say before I go

To keep himself company, Tom got a snake. It was a three foot long grass snake named Balder. His uncle was dead and his house was relatively empty, but at least he had someone to talk too. Tom told Balder about himself and his dreams. He treated the animal like family. Tom's father came by the house every so often but not long. Tom Riddle Sr. never came up to the house, but if Tom was sitting outside and saw him, Tom Sr. would stop for a drink. Serena visited Tom as often opportunity would permit and at times she would pry him from his desk to go to town with her. Tom was religiously working on Snake Mouth with an Un-forked Tongue—A Parseltongue Guide. Shortly after getting Balder, Tom decided to start on a guide to Parseltongue so that others may learn the almost dead language. He was the only Parselmouth in the country and he wanted to keep the language of snakes alive. He knew that his grandfather and uncle would most likely be rolling in their graves over this, but Tom did not care. Having a pet snake made it easier for him to work on the book. He knew he would never get the book published if he had no one to speak Parseltongue with.

Though Serena knew that she was busy, she wrote to Raye often. She told her all about what she was missing out on since she left home. Raye would write once a month or whenever she managed to get her hands on some parchment. It was hard for birds to fly all the way to England from where she was living and she was not in one place for too long. Raye only got a few of Serena's letters. It was getting close to Christmas, and through her mother's demands, Raye paused from her curse breaker career to come home for a few weeks. Raye decided to visit The Rabbit and Moon to surprise Serena. It worked. Serena was in the middle of class when a Raye entered the room.

"Hey, what does a girl have to do to get a drink around here?" she demanded.

Serena looked up to see a now tanned Raye Potter, her long black pulled back a braid. She wore dragon hide boots, nundu leather pants and a red shirt. To her waist was a silver sword and her wand was in her back pocket.

"Raye?" Serena gasped. "Class dismissed!" she exclaimed,without even looking at them and her students left the room.

She hurried to Raye and embraced her. "Raye, I haven't seen you in so long. What brings you by?"

"Christmas," said Raye. "My mum's been nagging me to visit. I decided to stop here first."

"Wow, I'm touched," said Serena. "But your mother would probably be disappointed."

"Oh, I'll go home later," said Raye.

"Well, all right," said Serena. "Come on, I'll get you a drink!"

Serena got Raye a butterbeer and some sandwiches as they caught up on old times. A few men in the pub eyed Raye's sword. She noticed this and told them if they tried anything foolish, she'd hex them.

"You carry Gryffindor's sword around with you?" Serena asked.

"Of course I do," said Raye, caressing her sword. "It's come in handy, this sword has. I can cut through weeds and things with this while I'm hexing others with my wand. Besides, why shouldn't I hang onto it? I'm the Heir of Gryffindor. I'm sure you keep Hufflepuff's mirror, don't you?"

Serena smiled and nodded. "Yes, I still use it."

"So, what's new?" Raye asked. "The last letter I got from you was a year ago."

"I've written you after that," Serena said, confused.

"Yeah," said Raye, "but I'm far away and I don't stay in the same place for long."

"Well, er, my students are doing very well," said Serena, "One or two will probably graduate from my curse in the Spring. They did an excellent job restoring Marvolo Gaunt's House."

"Marvolo Gaunt?" Raye demanded, bringing the bottle she was about to drink from back down. "Tom Riddle's grandfather?"

"The very same," said Serena. "You see, Tom was planning on living there with Morfin so we helped him fix the house. But...Morfin died while recuperating in St. Mungos."

Raye scratched her head. "But that house was so..."

"Dilapidated, I know," said Serena. "But we fixed it up. It looks great. Tom's living there now."

Raye paused. "How is Riddle exactly? I got your letter talking about his release but I don't know what happened after that."

"He's great," Serena said. "Completely different from the Tom we went to Hogwarts with, except for the fact he's still as brilliant as ever. You know he wrote a book about his time in Azkaban and he just had it published this Spring? He's currently working on a Parseltongue guide."

"A Parseltongue guide?" Raye gasped. "Are you serious?"

"Yeah, it might be insane," Serena said before Raye got all worked up. "But he doesn't want the language to die and..."

"Has he finished it yet?" Raye questioned immediately. "When can I read it?"

"Er, what?" Serena gasped.

"I could use a Parseltongue guide!" Raye exclaimed. "You know there are so many snakes guarding the ruins I have to raid for treasure? There's a pyramid I can't even get into because it's said to be crawling with giant king cobras. And some places are like the Chamber of Secrets, they only open with Parseltongue. Only Parselmouths could get in there and I wasn't able to meet one during my whole career! You'd think in a country like Egypt there would be plenty of them. Well, there was one man in one of the villages I visited, but he had already died when I got there. Hmm, maybe I'll bring Riddle along with me." She sighed and began to swig down her butterbeer.

Serena stared at Raye and then began to shake with laughter. Raye raised an eyebrow in confusion and lowered her drink.

"Serena, what's so funny?" she demanded.

"I can't believe," said Serena, "how you've changed! You hated Tom for what he did when we were in kids. I thought you'd never forgive him and here you are talking about bringing him to raids with you!"

Raye shrugged and sighed. "Yes, well, I couldn't dwell on the past. It's all ancient history and besides, Myrtle forgave him. Why can't I? After all, Olive Hornby was the one that gave Myrtle so much grief. She's the real reason why Myrtle's dead." She tightened her hand in a fist.

"Hey," said Serena, "you know, Myrtle's ghost is following Olive Hornby everywhere she goes. She made a ruckus at her brother's wedding last week."

"Are you serious?" Raye lightened up and laughed. "What'd she do?"

"Oh, she came out of the cake when they were about to cut it," Serena answered. "Among other things."

Raye laughed. "I'm sorry I missed it."

"I think the ministry is going to send her back to Hogwarts after this though," said Serena.

"Well, she got to haunt her for a couple of years," said Raye. "That's good. So, is Tom's new home connected to the floo network?"

"Yeah," said Serena. "You plan to visit?"

Raye shrugged. "Yeah, sure. Hey, let's both go. He might think I'm coming to attack him if I come alone."


"No time like the present," said Raye, finishing her butterbeer and rising to her feet. Serena led Raye to the fireplace and took a handful of floo powder from the bowl on the mantle.

Serena stood in the fireplace and dropping the floo powder exclaimed, "Tom Riddle's House!"

Serena was consumed in green flames and she disappeared. She traveled through a vast line of fireplaces until she skidded into Tom's rug.

That's why I need you to hear

I've found a reason for me
To change who I used to be
A reason to start over new
and the reason is You


"Serena?" Tom said and Serena felt him pull her up gently by the arms. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm sorry to disturb you," said Serena, "but we wanted to surprise you."

"Surprise?" Tom said and at that moment, the fireplace roared with green flames again and Raye came into the room. Tom stared at her in shock, while Serena grinned. Raye stood up and brushed herself off.

Raye looked at Tom and smiled. "Hi Tom, it's been a while, hasn't it?"

Tom couldn't believe that Raye Potter, Heir of Gryffindor was standing in his front room. More than that, she called him by his first name and she was being friendly. "Raye Potter?"

"Yeah," said Raye, "I know I must look different last time you saw me...you do too. So, Serena tells me you're working on a how-to-speak Parseltongue guide. Where are you on that?"

"Oh, I've got about a fourth away to go," said Tom. "It's easier now that I've got Balder."


"My pet snake," said Tom and his voice came into a low hiss. Tom turned a table where glass cage sat on top it. Inside the cage was Balder, fast asleep. He took the top off and reached in. "Wake up, Balder. We have company."

The three foot brown snake opened its yellow eyes as Tom lifted him out of the cage. He turned back to the girls. "Balder, you remember Serena."

Balder nodded and hissed softly.

"He said 'a pleasure to see you again, Serena,'" Tom translated and he looked at Raye. "This is Raye Potter. She also went to school with me."

Balder hissed again.

"What'd he say?" Raye asked impatiently.

"He said, 'nice to meet you,'" Tom answered.

Serena and Raye spent an hour or two at Tom's house. Tom translated more words for the girls. Raye suddenly felt grateful to Serena for stopping her from killing Tom when she did. Raye realized that Serena and Amy was right. She couldn't take the law into her own hands. The four years in Azkaban remarkably straightened Tom Riddle out. Raye once thought—like the majority of the wizarding community—that Parselmouths were evil, dark wizards. Now she saw them, or at least Tom, in a different light. Tom had a gift and he was using it in a good way. Before the girls left, Tom offered to give Raye a few Parseltongue lessons until he finished the book and she accepted.

"That sounds wonderful," Raye said. "Thank you."

"Don't mention it," said Tom. "I'll try to have my book done by the time you have to leave, but I can't make any promises."

"That's all right," said Raye, "Listen, Tom...I owe you an apology. For what happened in the Chamber of Secrets when I..."

"You don't need to apologize," Tom interrupted. "You were angry and wanted revenge. I know exactly how you feel."

"But it was wrong," said Raye. "I'm sorry and I'm sorry you had to go to prison."

"I accept your apology," said Tom. "But I think Azkaban was what changed me. If the Ministry had let me go, I probably would be have become Lord Voldemort anyway."

"Yes, you're a lot different now," said Raye awkwardly, not sure what to do next. "Er, good luck on your book." She reached out her hand and he shook it. He gave it a quick, gentle shake and thanked her.

"Well, I had better get going," said Raye. "My parents are expecting me. I was supposed to arrive at their home first."

"Give them my best," said Tom.

"We'll see you, Tom," said Serena and they turned back to the fireplace. They shouted their separate destinations and were gone.

That I just want you to know

I've found a reason for me
To change who I used to be
A reason to start over new
and the reason is you


Tom was turning twenty-two on the thirty-first of December. He knew that Serena was planning something for him at her family's pub though he didn't want to do anything. Serena did not tell him that she had a party for him, but he could read Serena like a book. She was so excited about his turning twenty-two, and that Raye was in town and everything else. She expected to have at least a dozen people at the Pub, and she knew that Tom's cozy yet small cottage would be too cramped for all the guests. As his birthday was New Years Eve, she decided to make it a New Years party as well.

The day of his birthday, before the "surprise" party Serena was throwing for him, Tom worked on his book and reflected on the day of his birth. It was the same day of his mother's death. He realized that he had not once visited her grave. The people of the orphanage told him that she was placed in the London Cemetery with an unmarked grave. Something about visiting her grave made her death final and too real. He did not to go to a grave and not see his mother's name written on the tombstone, like she was nobody.

In the afternoon, he had a knock on his door. He sighed, believing it to be Serena. She was coming to get him far to early. The party wasn't until that night. Tom stood up and went to the door.

"Serena, can't you come back later?" he questioned as he opened the door. He stopped dead. It was not Serena. It was his father, dressed in a crisp black suit and tie. There was a stage coach waiting for him in the street.

"Father?" Tom gasped.

"Hello," said his father. "I want you to put on your finest clothes and come with me. I have a birthday present for you."

"If it's a party," said Tom wearily, "Serena's already throwing me one tonight."

"It's not a party," said Tom Riddle Sr. sternly. "Not even much of a gathering as it will just be the two of us, and one other person."

"What's this about?" Tom questioned.

"Just put on some nice clothes," said his father impatiently, "and make sure they're black."

"All right," said Tom, turning to the side, gesturing to his father to come in. "Come in and sit down. It's cold out here."

His father thanked him and sat down by the fireplace. Tom walked down the hall. " I'll just be a minute."

Tom dressed out his casual wear and put on a pair of black pants and a black collared shirt. He walked back to the front room and grabbed his coat.

"Do I look formal enough?" Tom questioned as he put his coat on.

"That will do," said his father. "Let's go."

Tom Riddle Sr. led his son to the awaiting stagecoach. Tom sat on the opposite side of his father. There were two bouquets of flowers next to Tom Riddle Sr. He picked up the one closest to him and handed it to Tom Jr.

"This is for you," said Tom Riddle Sr.

"Well thanks, Dad," said Tom jokingly. "So we're going on a date or something?"

"No, said his father. "The flowers will serve a purpose when we get to our destination."

The stagecoach rode up the hill to the church near the Riddle House. It stopped at the graveyard. A catholic priest stood at an open grave with a casket. Tom looked at his father. "You brought me to a funeral? For whom?"

"Your mother," his father answered.

"My mother?" Tom questioned. "But how? How did you get her body?"

"I have my ways," said Tom Sr. as he opened the door and stepped out. The two Riddles approached the minister, flowers in hand.

"Reverend Charles, thank you for coming," Tom Riddle Sr. said to the Reverend, shaking his hand.

"My pleasure," said Reverend Charles. He was a short man with blond hair.

"This is my son, Tom," Tom Riddle Sr. introduced, gesturing to his son. "Merope was his mother."

"I am sorry about your loss," said Reverend Charles, shaking Tom's hand. "Well, shall we begin?"

The three men crowded around the grave as Reverend Charles began speaking about Myrtle and the after life. He read a few verses from the bible. He asked if Tom Sr. or Tom Jr. felt like saying a few words. The two Tom Riddles exchanged glances and the elder went first. He started with how he met her and expressed his regret for leaving her.

"Merope was always a good girl," he said. "I should've respected her more. I hope she can forgive me for what what I've done. I hope you can rest in peace here, Merope." He set the flowers on her casket. It was now Tom's turn to speak of the mother he never knew.

"I tried to imagine what my mother was like," said Tom. "I thought she was weak, because she died giving birth to me. I always assumed death as something shameful. Now I know different. Death is nothing to be ashamed of. A life without love, kindness, friendship and all those things my mother desired, is. I hope I can make her proud."

The three remained at the grave for a few moments. The epitaph written on Merope's grave said "MEROPE RIDDLE WIFE AND MOTHER. Until the day we meet again, we know one thing for sure; you'll be there greeting us as we cross through Heaven's door."

It's something I must live with everyday
And all the pain I put you through
I wish that I could take it all away
And be the one who catches all your tears

After the service, Tom Riddle Sr. invited Tom in the Riddle House for afternoon tea. It was odd for Tom to be in such a large house. Tom was afraid to move around. He was certain if he'd get lost. Tom wasn't sure what to think about his grandparents. They were stiff old folks that still had to learn manners. Tom checked his watch and looked at his father.

"I should be going now," he announced. Tom stood up and paused at the door. "Listen, why did you move my mother's body? Why go through the trouble for a woman you barley knew?"

Tom Riddle Sr. sighed. "I left her at her most vulnerable moment. I brought her to her death. I wanted to make it up to her somehow. This was the least I could do."

Tom turned and walked to the door. His father followed him.

"I can give you a ride," said Tom Sr.

"No thanks," said Tom and he left his father's house. He started walking away and when he knew he was out of eyesight of his father, he skipped home and disaparated straight to the Rabbit and Moon pub. Serena and her friends were putting up the decorations for his party.

"Need a hand?" Tom questioned.

"Sure," said Serena, unaware that Tom was standing behind her. "Can you clear some tables?" Serena turned around and gasped. "Tom, what're you doing here?"

"What, I thought I was invited," said Tom. "This is my party, isn't it?"

"No, yes, I mean," Serena stammered. "Ooh!"

Tom laughed. "Serena, it's all right. I always knew you were planning on something. You're terrible at keeping a secret."

"I am not!" Serena hissed as Tom busied himself with the tables.

The party was a great success. Tom actually enjoyed himself, and did not pretend just for Serena's sake. The pub was packed with young and old. Serena's students came with their families. The pub's regulars came, ready for the party. Amy managed to get away from the hospital and join the party. Raye, Rufus Scrimgeour and other former classmates of Tom's came to the party. Tom was approached by many people about his writing career. He autographed at least ten books.

Tom received many gifts, mostly quills, ink and parchment from a number of people, including Raye. She was eager to read his Parseltongue guide and wanted him to get busy on his book. Serena gave him a pair of dress robes, which he changed into right away.

After the birthday portion of the two parties, the party shifted into the New year celebration. All the "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" decorations were replaced with "HAPPY NEW YEAR."

To Serena's surprise, Tom asked Serena for a dance.

"I saw my father today," said Tom softly when they were a reasonable distance from the crowd. "He moved my mother's body to the cemetery on his land."

Serena stared at him in surprise. "How was he able to do that?"

"I don't know," Tom answered. "He told me he had his ways. He is a wealthy man."

"Did he tell you why he did it?"

"His way of making it up to her," said Tom. "We had a short service for her. Just us two and a priest."

"That was very kind of him," said Serena.

"Strange though," Tom admitted. "What possessed him to do it now? He wasn't always like this."

"I don't understand it either," said Serena. "But I'm glad. It must have brought you two some peace."
"Yes, I think so," said Tom. "He told me it was a birthday present for me."

"One you will never forget, I'm sure," Serena told him. "Happy Birthday, Tom."

The clock chimed twelve, announcing that 1949 had arrived. The pub exploded in cheers as everyone turned to the person standing closest to them and hugged them. Serena looked up at Tom.

"And Happy New Year, too."

"Happy New Year, Serena," said Tom.

Serena impulsively stood up on her tiptoes, closed her eyes and raised her lips to Tom's. His arms went around her, pulling her closer. He tasted her lips and tongue, becoming more and more engrossed in the kiss. He did not want to stop kissing her, or let her go. He suddenly began to regret that he had never kissed her before. What took him so long?

"Hey, you two!" shouted Raye, clapping them both on the shoulders. "You going to kiss all night or start celebrating?"

"We were celebrating," Tom muttered as Raye and Rufus broke into a chorus of Auld Lang Syne. After they were singing, Tom, Serena, Rufus and a few more former classmates sat at a table citing their new years resolutions.

"Raid every pyramid in Egypt," stated Raye. "Which ought to be easy after Tom's book."

Tom smiled. "Well, good thing that finishing my book is on my New Years list."

"Finish my auror training," said Rufus.

"Find a cure to werewolfism," said Amy.

"What about you, Serena?" Raye asked.

"Oh, er," said Serena, taking her eyes off of Tom. She wanted to be Tom's bride, and after the kiss, she felt that it would someda happen. Serena sighed and smiled. "Oh that all my students graduate."

The party went on late into the night. Tom stayed with Serena in a corner of the pub, talking and kissing after many of the guests left. Her parents were watching from the kitchen, debating to interrupt them or not.

"Does this mean you've sorted out your feelings?" Serena questioned when she caught a breath. "Or do you need more time?"

"I think I've taken up too much time, already," he whispered. "I want to spend more time with you...because as of now, I'm in love with you, Serena."

He caught Mr. Moon watching them out of the corner of his eye. "I think I should go now. Your father is watching."

"All right," said Serena.

"Thank you for everything," said Tom, kissing her on the corner of the mouth. "This was the best birthday I ever had."

I'm not a perfect person
I never meant to do those things to you
And so I have to say before I go
That I just want you to know


Tom spent every spare moment with Serena for the next month. While he was working on his book late one night, speaking to Balder, it dawned on him, he wanted Serena to remain in his life forever. He put down his quill and opened his arm to Balder.

"Come," he said.

Balder slithered to his master's arm, coiling around it. "Yes?"

"You know I have been spending a lot of time with Serena," said Tom. "I think I want her to live with me here."

"Live here with us?" said Balder.

"Yes," said Tom. "Then you'll have two people to feed you, instead of one."

"I like the sound of that," said Balder. "Do it."

Tom invited Serena at his house that night for dinner. He wore the green and black dress roes she got him for his birthday and told her to dress nice. He made a fine roast duck dinner with potatoes and wine. After dinner, Tom stood up and knelt down in front of Serena.

"I wanted to start over," said Tom, "start a new life for myself, but I don't want to start it without you. You're the very reason why I survived Azkaban, Serena, and why I want to change who I used to be."

"What are you saying?" Serena asked him.

Balder hissed from his cage, telling his master to hurry.

Tom removed a small box from his pocket and opened it up to reveal a silver ring with a diamond. "Will you marry me?"

Serena gaped at him. "Tom...did you just propose to me? In Parseltongue?"

Tom nodded.

Serena smiled. "So how do you say 'yes?'"

He gave a short, low hiss, which Serena repeated in both Parseltongue and in English.

He slid the ring on her finger and kissed her deeply. After kissing her, he held her tight to him. "Serena."

"When I said I wanted all my students to graduate this year," Serena said, "I was lying. My real new years resolution was to become your bride."

Tom smiled. "Well, Serena, it looks like you will."


Years went by. Tom lived in his house with his wife, Balder and their two children. Serena gave birth to two girls: Myrtle Merope and Reenie Rose. They had another child on the way, proving their house was getting too small for Tom's growing family. Tom was invited to take his family to his father's house for dinner one night. Tom was unsure why his father would invite him. The last time he was invited to the Riddle house, Tom Sr. relocated Merope's body. Curious, Tom took his father up on his offer.

During dinner, Tom Sr. stated his reason for inviting his son, daughter in law and granddaughters over.

"My father's sick," said Tom Sr. "His heart is not as strong as it used to be. We're moving him to a hospital."

"Oh no," said Serena, "is there anything we can do?"

"Yes," said her father in law. "Move into the house with us."

"Move in?" Tom said.

"The house is going to be empty without Dad here," said Tom Sr. "I know that your family is growing, and you can use the room. You can have a whole wing to your selves."

"Can we move here, Daddy?" said five year old Myrtle, gazing at her father.

"I...I don't know," said Tom. "The house we have..."

"It can still be in your name," said his father. "I don't expect you to sell it."

After dinner, Tom Sr. brought Tom Jr. up to the dying Mr. Riddle's room. Mr. Riddle was lying in bed, asleep. Tom Sr. sat next to him, listening to his staggered breathing.

"He denies it of course," said Tom Sr. "Insist he's as healthy as he's always been. But he gave us quite a scare today. The doctor came and told us that it was only a matter of time until he has a heart attack."

"Did he ask you to bring me here?" Tom Jr. asked his father.

"No," he admitted. "That was my decision. I want this house to remain the Riddle House. It has been in our family for centuries. I know we haven't been on the best of terms, but you are still my son. This house is as much of yours as is mine."

"I just don't knew if I'm ready," said Tom. "I'll need to talk it over with my family."

"Of course," said Tom Sr. "You don't need to make a decision now. Go home and sleep on it."

The girls told their father how much they wanted to live in the new big house. Serena was quiet, allowing her daughters to do the talking.

"Daddy, this house is old," whined Myrtle Merope. "I like Granddad's house better!"

"I don't like this house either," said Reenie Rose. She was only three years old, but she talked like she was thirteen.

"Girls," said Tom, "this was the first time you visited your grandfather's house. How can you decide after one day of visiting it?"

"Well, we just really, really, really like it," answered Myrtle.

"All right you two," said Serena waddling to her two girls. "It's late. Off to bed."

She took her girls by the hands and steered them into their bedroom. She read them a story, kissed them good night and went to the living room where her husband still was.

"You should go to bed too," said Serena.

"Serena, should we take my father up on his offer?" Tom asked.

Serena walked up behind him and put her arms around him. "You should do what you think is right."

"But I don't know what is right," said Tom. "I don't know what would happen if we move into the mansion. The staff is all muggles. They're bound to find out we're wizards! And this house…this is the house of my Slytherin ancestors. I rebuilt it from the ground up. I thought we were going to spend the rest of our lives here."

"I love this house too," said Serena. "You did a good thing and I enjoyed our seven years here. But you know our family is getting larger and we have an opportunity give our children more. Your father is reaching out to you, something you thought he'd never do."

"That's true," said Tom. "But you're pregnant…should we even move in your condition?"

"Oh, I'll be right," said Serena, patting her stomach. "Who said I was going to move anything anyway?

"Listen, we'll manage whatever you choose," said Serena. "If we stay home, we'll find a way to make things more comfortable for our family. But if we decide to move into the mansion, we'll make it work with the muggles. If they catch us doing magic, well, that's what memory charms were invented for, right?"

She gave him a playful smirk and kissed him on the cheek. He laughed.

"Now come on," said Serena, tugging on his hand."Let's go to bed. You'll feel better after a good night's sleep."

Tom didn't go to sleep right away. He lay in bed, his wife's head on his chest as he thought about his father's offer and his wife's advice. He knew he was a Riddle just as much as he was a Gaunt. Was it time to explore his father's side of the family? Perhaps Serena was right. They would find a way to make things work, one way or the other.

The next morning, Tom asked his father for a horse ride around the property. He spoke about his conversation with Serena and his kids' wishes.

"They want to move in?" said Tom Sr. as they rode around the hills, side by side.

"I think they do," answered Tom Jr. "The girls fell in love with the house the moment we arrived. Serena thinks it would be good for them. "

"And you?"

"Well, I am just concerned," said Tom, "I put a lot of work in my grandfather's house."

"You can still keep it," insisted his father. "Serena's a teacher, isn't she? She can use it for a school. It will always belong to you."

""I know," Tom sighed. "If we move in, there will have to be certain conditions."

"You don't want to be discovered," said Tom Sr. immediately, surprising Tom. He laughed when he saw his son's surprised reaction. "I've read your books, son. I know that the wizarding community is supposed to be secret. Don't worry, I can arrange for the staff not to service your wing. With magic, I'm sure you can do all you need for yourselves. Pretty soon, I won't be here, and neither will your grandmother. We'll move on, and then you'll inherit the whole house. You wouldn't even need a staff to keep it up."

Tom pulled on the reigns, forcing his horse to stop. His father did the same.

"What's wrong?" his father questioned.

"I'll inherit the house?" Tom breathed.

"Well, naturally, when I'm gone, it will be yours," Tom Sr. explained. "I'm not about to let anyone else take the house. It's ours."

"But why," said Tom, "I just don't understand. We have never been close. You've read my books, but never offered my family over for a visit or anything like that before. Why now?"

"I suppose father's illness caused me to shape up," said Tom. "I know that he won't be with us much longer. I got to thinking how fragile and short life is. I've wasted too much of mine as it is, and I didn't want to die without making things right with you."

Tom looked at the hands on the reigns, thinking over what his father said. His mind was racing. Then a thought occurred to him. Raising his head, he smiled.

"I see one positive about this," he said, "I'll be closer to my mother."

"Yes, you will," his father agreed.

"We'll do it," said Tom.

I've found a reason for me
To change who I used to be
A reason to start over new
and the reason is you

Tom and his family moved into the Riddle House later that week. Every thing worked out. No muggles discovered their abilities. Tom worked with his father on many projects. Serena had three more babies, keeping the Riddle House full. They now had three girls and three boys, with many pets.

Shortly after the birth of their last child, Tom's grandmother died. Tom Sr. lived long enough to see his grandchildren finished Hogwarts and he passed away. The Riddle House was now a house full of witches and wizards. Tom let go what remained of the muggle staff, but not without finding them new jobs first. Tom's writing career became more and more successful with each book he published.

Serena fell ill with breast cancer in her seventies. The cancer spread so fast, that ti took her life in months. Amy and Raye died in the same year. As a tribute to the other founders, Tom wrote a book about them. He published it quickly and he was given an opportunity for a book signing in Diagon Alley. It was late August and Hogwarts children were buying their supplies for school. Two boys with emerald green eyes approached him, their arms laden with Tom's books.

"Hello, Mr. Riddle," sad the oldest, with black and untidy hair. "I'm Harry Potter. I believe you knew my great Aunt, Raye?" Harry was tall and he wore a silver captain's pin, indicating he was the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team.

"I sure did," smiled Tom. "She was a very brave person. I'm sure you miss her."

Harry laughed. "She died raiding dungeons. It was what she loved. I'm sure that's the way she wanted to go."

"I see you've read my books," said Tom, taking his quill and signing each one, making the autographs out to Harry Potter.

"Aunt Raye used to read them to us," said the younger Potter boy.

Tom signed Harry's books, and his brother's, Logan. Logan looked much like his older brother, Harry, except his hair was dark red. He was two years younger than Harry was. Logan thanked Tom for the autographs. The two Potter boys lingered at the desk, talking when a tall witch came up behind them.

"There you are!" she exclaimed. "I was looking all over for you."

"Sorry, Mum," said Logan. "We were talking to Mr. Riddle."

"Well, Mr. Riddle has more books to sign," said Mrs. Potter. "I'm sorry for any inconvenience my sons gave you, Mr. Riddle."

"Not at all," said Tom.

"Oh, and I'm sorry about your wife," said Mrs. Potter. "She was a very nice lady. She will be missed."

"Thank you," said Tom. "But Serena lived a long full and happy life. I miss her, but I see her in my children and everyone she touched."

Mrs. Potter nodded and wished Tom a good day before walking off with her two sons. "I hope with all the time you spent here that you managed to get your schoolbooks."

"Aw, Mum," groaned the two boys.


Harry Potter read over Tom's latest book Heirs of the Founders on his way to Hogwarts. It was a slightly crowded compartment, but somehow, he was deeply lost in the book. The final two chapters touching him greatly:

I will miss my friends, Serena, Amy and Raye, heirs of the other founders. I would not be who I am today if it wasn't for them. Serena once told me, she felt she was destined for something great. I do not think that her coming into my life was her destiny, but I am grateful for it. I believe that the heirs of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw were destined for something greater than being my friends and steering me onto the right path.

After my mother's death, I was angry and bitter. I took it out on everyone around me. Eventually I came to terms with her death. I remember the first time Serena joined me in a visit to my mother's grave. She told me the concept of reincarnation, people dying and being reborn as another human, or animal. I don't know if it is true, but it gave me hope that somewhere, my mother is still alive. Now with the parting of my wife and two friends, I recollect on her words. If reincarnation is true, then Serena is off fulfilling the part she was destined for. I am happy that she, Raye and Amy were with me for this time. They served their purpose and it is I, Tom Marvolo Riddle, Heir of Slytherin, that must live on and follow my destiny.

Harry had no idea, that in another life previous to this, things were different. He did not have his brother Logan, or his parents. He did not know that the writer of the book he was reading that very moment, took away his parents and ripped a part many families in a different lifetime. He had no idea, that he made a wish for Tom Riddle to keep to his true identity. Things were much different now that there was no Voldemort.

Harry Potter still had his two best friends, Ron and Hermione. He was still the greatest seeker of the century, Snape still taught at Hogwarts, but in the Defense Against the Dark Arts post as he had always desired. There was no Voldemrot, and therefore, no Death Eaters to follow him. Harry Potter changed his course of career from auror to professional Quidditch Player. Things had changed, but for the better. It wasn't really because of Serena that Tom changed, though that put many things in action, it was the wish of Harry Potter.

I've found a reason to show
A side of me you didn't know
A reason for all that I do
And the reason is you


On the other side of the world in a city called Tokyo, a teenage girl woke up and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.

"That was a strange dream," she yawned sleepily. "Wizards and magic and giant snakes? Usagi, you need to stop eating so much junk food before bed."

Usagi saw her clock and screamed. She threw back her pink covers with white bunnies and pulled off her pajamas with one hand while trying to put on her school uniform with the other.

"I slept in! I slept in!" she exclaimed. "I thought I set the alarm...didn't I set the alarm? Mom, why didn't you wake me up?"

Dressed in her uniform, Usagi dashed down the stairs and grabbed a piece of toast, munching down on it as she ran to school. Having only five minutes, she took a short cut.

"Keep it still," she heard a young boy say. "I can feel it's tongue!"

Though she was late, Usagi investigated the voice and found a group of boys behind a warehouse holding down a cat.

"Hey, leave that cat alone!" she shouted, swinging her bag. "How would you like it if I did that to you?"

The boys gasped at the angry girl and left in a hurry. Usagi stood there for a moment, watching the kid's leave.

"Rotten brats," she said and she looked down at the small black cat. It had a band-aid across its forehead. Her face softened. "Poor kitty, let me take this off for you."

She pulled off the band-aid, revealing a golden upturned crescent moon. Usagi looked at it for a few seconds, wondering how the cat was able to get such a mark. The cat gazed at the human girl, feeling a sensation she hadn't felt in a millennium.

Usagi looked at her watch. "Ooh, I'm going to be late! By kitty!"

Usagi went in the direction of the junior high school, the cat looking after her. Neither of them knew it, but Serena Moon, now Usagi Tsunkino, was about to start her new destiny.


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