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Chapter 1 - Ambush

"McKay! Get Down!" Lt. Ford yelled at him from behind a boulder.

"Ahh!" Rodney shouted as he dived behind another large rock, which the planet was full of. A blast from a Wraith stunner flew passed him, where he was just crouching. His boulder was behind and to the right of the one Sheppard and Ford were firing from behind.

"Damn Wraith, can't we just explore a planet in peace for once!" Rodney snipped.

The Major commented very loudly, "How long does it take to send reinforcements!"

Major Sheppard poked his head over the boulder and let his P90 loose on the group of Wraith foot soldiers as Ford reloaded. One fell, but four were still attacking as Ford fired at them, another one went down.

"Are you going to fire at them or do I have to ask McKay!" Major Sheppard yelled back at him as a blast flew over his head.

Rodney had his 9mm sidearm in his hand, and started shooting as he continued to dodge the blasts from the Wraith. Sheppard glanced back at McKay's position and shouted to him, "McKay, behind you!"

"What!" Rodney turned around to see two Wraith foot soldiers advancing to their position, moving from boulder to boulder. He and Ford fired at them, but most of the shots hit the boulders and the Wraith kept coming. Rodney got up and tried to get around to the other side of the boulder to shield himself from these Wraith.

"Look out McKay!" Ford yelled as Rodney was caught in the head by two blasts from the two Wraith.


Rodney slowly came back into consciousness, but he was not in the Atlantis infirmary. He was still on the planet, in the same position he fell in, with all his gear. Sitting up, he felt his head, which was pounding like crazy. Rodney expected to see the fight still occurring, but it wasn't.

"Major! Lieutenant! Where are you?" he called out then used his radio.

When no answer came, McKay started searching the area. There was nothing, no Wraith bodies, no stray weapons, and thankfully no dead John and Aiden, but there was an eerie silence.

"They didn't just leave me here! Did they? Whatever happened to 'We don't leave our people behind'?" Rodney spoke aloud, extremely annoyed of the idea. That's just plain cruel, what if more Wraith came… I'd be dead… They are going to hear it when I get back! Sometimes I'm not the nicest guy in the world, but they've crossed the line…aah! my head… what the hell happened to me anyway…

Rodney kept thinking as he moved back to the Gate and dialed Atlantis. He entered his code on the GDO, and walked through, prepared to do some serious scolding.


Rodney emerged on the other side of the wormhole, expecting to see Weir or Beckett, but that's not who or what he saw. Atlantis was dark, except for the rays of sunlight here and there, and the Gate Room was completely devoid of people.

"Hello! Anyone here? Anyone! What the hell is going on?"

The only answer Rodney received was the echo of his own voice from the dark, empty halls of Atlantis.