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Chapter 5- Meeting

Dr. Carson Beckett was standing over Rodney's body, looking very grave. Done all I've can for 'em… can't do anything but wait now…He took quite a blow there, he'll have to pull through the rest of the way himself. Who knows how long it'll be until he wakes up. He'd better make it…or-

As if on command, Rodney opened his eyes to see Beckett in the room with him.

Oh thank God, he's awake. "Rodney, you should be fine now. Do you remember what happened?"

Rodney was disorientated, last thing he remembered was his friend John shooting him and grinning about it…he shuddered. Is it really Carson or am I hallucinating? He managed to reply, "I was shot."

"Aye you were. Took a couple nasty hits I'm afraid." He felt Rodney's forehead. Carson was glad to here that his friend remembered something; he wasn't sure to what extent the trauma would affect Rodney's systems. He also hated to see his friends in pain. Unfortunately, he was getting used to it being in Pegasus.

Rodney was sore all over, and he still had that damn migraine. He tried to look around, but it was difficult to. He realized he was in a bed. "Where are we Carson?"

"The infirmary."

"Are we safe here?"

"Aye. As safe as we would be anywhere in Atlantis."

Rodney nodded, still half unconscious. "We need a plan."

"What you need is rest, lad."

"No, I'll be fine," he started getting out of the bed, "We need to determine why the weapon didn't work on me so we can…"

Rodney fell back into the bed; he was so sore. Carson got stern with him, "You are not going anywhere at the moment Rodney, so lay down." He was a little confused at how adamant Rodney was about getting out of the infirmary after a shock like that, and what the bloody hell was he talking about 'the weapon didn't work in him.'?

Major Sheppard walked into the room. This jolted Rodney fully into consciousness. He was taken aback at the sight of John, and practically jumped off of the bed.

"McKay, it's just me. I came to check on you."

"Get him out of here Carson!" Rodney yelled at the astonishment of Beckett and Sheppard, "He's the one who shot me! He's Wraith brainwashed, don't just stand there you nitwit, DO SOMETHING!"

Rodney was desperately trying to get out of the bed, but Beckett was holding him down.

"Don't make me sedate you Rodney!"

"Brainwashed? What are you talking about now; you got hit by Wraith stunners right in the head back on that boulder planet." Sheppard replied, with his hands on his pockets, trying to calm Rodney down. "Dr. Weir sent reinforcements after you went down and we made it out."

"He's right Rodney. You've been unconscious since you were stunned on that planet. It's now early morning." Dr. Beckett was also trying to appease the situation.

Rodney directed his speech at Dr. Beckett, "Elizabeth is dead! Saw the body myself, oh no… the Wraith brainwashed you too… let me go!" He pulled his arm away from Carson and tried to get out of the bed, but he was still weak. Carson forced him, in a gentle doctor-esque fashion, back onto the bed.

"I will restrain you if I have to lad!"

"What's going on here gentlemen?" Dr. Weir asked as she walked into the infirmary. McKay was shocked…and stopped struggling with Carson. I saw her dead…cold…lifeless…

"The doctor here believes I was brainwashed by the Wraith and shot him, that Dr. Beckett is brainwashed, and here's the topper, that you are dead." Major Sheppard told Elizabeth.

"He is quite delirious." Dr. Beckett added.

"Is that normal, Doctor?" She asked. She couldn't very well have her lead scientist suffering from delusions.

"After taking two blasts in the head and being unconscious for almost a full day, it isn't too bizarre. His mind should clear up in a bit."

"I am laying right here! And I am not delirious… just slightly… off."

"Since when is that not normal for you McKay?" Sheppard joked.

"I will not have you treating my patients like that, Major, well at least not when they're recovering." Carson ended on a joke himself.

"I think I'm going to pass out now…" The confusion was getting too much for Rodney, especially after the events of the past day. He looked down his scrub shirt, looking for the three bullet wounds, but saw nothing. Okay, now that's odd… That damn headache refused to go away though.

"I've been unconscious ever since the Wraith ambush? I was brought back to the infirmary?"

"That's correct; you gave us all a scare for awhile." Carson said.

"I've been talking to you, and so have a few others." Elizabeth said, caringly.

"That would explain the voices…" Dr. Rodney McKay laid his head back on the pillow and muttered "Damn what a nightmare."


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