Title: The Love Potion

Author: Sprinkles

Rating: PG-13 just to be sure…

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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry or Snape or anyone else from the Potter-verse. They either own themselves or belong to JKR

Summary: Harry comes to Snape and confesses to being in love with him. Snape in turn believes that Harry is under the influence of a love potion and attempts to identify and cure it.


Severus Snape opened his eyes, feeling as if Gilderoy Lockhart had snuck into his quarters at night and given him a full body de-boning. He sank into the bed – Merlin, he had never felt so warm or so relaxed. He could see sun beginning to rise through the windows and the room began to brighten.

He looked down at the head of unruly hair which was currently using his chest as a pillow and suppressed a smile. He lifted one hand to smooth the hair down. Harry, still dreaming, didn't stir.

Snape sighed. He never wanted to move and for once his brain and his heart were fully in agreement. The current situation was indeed acceptable (wonderful, fantastic, fabulous!)

And the best part of it: no more having to get out of bed at seven AM.

But as he lay back to savor this fact, perhaps predictably, there was a tapping at his door.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Snape rolled his eyes: So the presumptuous brat didn't have the worst timing in the world.

He tossed off the covers and made to get out of bed and answer the door, when two hands reached out in an attempt to pull back their escaping source of heat.

Snape suppressed another smile. Harry was rather cute (when he was silent and not being otherwise annoying). He tapped Harry on the head.

"Harry. Harry. Wake up." Harry simply shifted and held on tighter. "Listen, brat," though Snape's tone was unmistakably fond. "You need to let go of me because I need to answer my door…"

A sleepy moan of denial answered this: "Nooo…cuddle-time now…door-time later…"

Snape looked at him. What? He shook his head. Alright, brat, you asked for it…He summoned his 'My-name-is-Professor-Snape-run-fast-run-far' voice. "Pay attention, Mr. Potter." Harry's eyes snapped open immediately. "If you are in my bed, and are therefore not at my door at the crack of dawn, then the person who is at my door might actually be someone important."

Reluctantly, Harry let go of him and (equally reluctantly, though he'd never say so) Snape left, putting on a dressing gown as he went.

I swear to God, if it's Draco Malfoy wanting to scrub cauldrons now –

Snape flung open the door. It was Albus Dumbledore.

Of course.

He was standing in the doorway calmly as if he had not just cheated death by awakening Snape this early in the morning. His eyes were twinkling and he was beaming at the dressing gown clad Potions master with a smile that was not returned in the least.

"Good morning, Severus!"

Morning? Morning doesn't start for another hour at least.

"Good morning, Headmaster."

"I'm sorry to bother you so early – "

I bet you are –

" – but I was wondering if I might ask you a question."

Snape visibly cringed. He hated when Dumbledore asked questions. He really, really did. And it was for this reason, he thought, that Dumbledore asked him so damn many. In the first place, Dumbledore generally knew the answers, and in the second, there were more than a few others in the school of whom he 'might ask a question.'

But, no. The person whom he must awaken at the crack of dawn in order to pose a question, the answer to which he already knows, is Severus Snape. Meddling old coot.

"Of course, you may, Headmaster."

Dumbledore smiled at the particularly vicious glare that Snape sent him. "I was wondering if you'd seen much of young Harry Potter – "

A vision of a shy, naked Harry sprang up fresh in Snape's mind. How much are we talking about, here?

" – these past few months. You see, almost none of the rest of the castle or portraits have seen him, and he wasn't in his dormitory this morning."

Snape resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Indeed? I wonder why that was…

"I fear I am to blame, Headmaster. Mr. Potter came to me one day and told me he was – " …in love…" – bored. I simply put his time to use by having him scrub my cauldrons."

Dumbledore's eyebrows rose. "For two months?"

A pause. "Yes." Another pause. "He was so exhausted that he fell asleep here."

Dumbledore gave him a look that said quite plainly: 'I'll bet he was…'

"Ah. Well then. That's all accounted for."

Don't give me that look, Dumbledore, you knew where he was. "Will that be all, Headmaster?"

"Actually, Severus, there is one more thing." Dumbledore smiled at the superbly irritated expression on Snape's face. "Since there are so few of us in this castle right now, I thought it might be nice to order some specialty items for everyone."

This time, Snape's eyebrows rose. "Specialty items?"

"Yes, as a treat."

"That isn't necessary, Headmaster."

"Nonsense, my boy." Said Dumbledore, beaming again at the typical Snape response. "I was planning on getting something for everybody. What shall I get for you?"

Snape sighed as he gave in and considered his response. It was so much easier than arguing with the irritating man (especially when, somehow, he always lost the arguments). "If you will insist on getting me something, I would like a bottle of very fine merlot from the Italian restaurant in Hogsmeade across the street from the Three Broomsticks."

"Consider it done, Severus. By the way, could you pass the word on to Harry - I've decided to get him a crate of butterbeer. I don't imagine he's had it much, what with scrubbing your cauldrons and all, and – were you aware – Remus said he was very fond of it."

Snape gritted his teeth at all the problems Harry's love of butterbeer had caused him. As if you didn't know, you manipulative, old codger.

"I was not aware, Headmaster."


"Well. I believe that will be all, Severus." Here Dumbledore paused. "Unless you would like to – "


Dumbledore smiled wider. "Alright, Severus. Give my regards to Harry, won't you?" He turned to go.

Damn the man! Snape instantly felt guilty that he was the reason that nobody had seen Harry – and more to the point – that Harry had seen no one but him for most of the summer.

"Headmaster." Dumbledore turned back. "I apologize if you were trying to find Mr. Potter, and you were unable to locate him." Snape stopped, trying to find the words. "You see, I hadn't realized…"

"Not to worry, not to worry, dear boy." Dumbledore's eyes began their customary twinkle again and he paused for a full fifteen seconds as if weighing his next words very carefully.

"I know how subtle these things can be."

And he left.

Snape walked slowly back into his sitting area, thinking of his odd conversation with Dumbledore. He could feel one of his headaches coming on. Even the Dark Lord hadn't been that … irritating. At least he told you something in a straightforward manner. Snape was so lost in his thoughts that he nearly sat on Harry, who had borrowed one of Snape's silk dressing gowns (about six inches too long) and was curled up on his couch looking through a Potions book.

Snape looked at him. "I thought you were still in bed."

"I got lonely."

Snape snorted and sat down on his couch, thinking. Harry moved over with his book to lie against him. Snape glanced at the book.

"What are you reading, anyway?"

"Hmm? Oh, I was trying to figure out what potion you needed my blood for two months ago."

This boy is worse than Dumbledore. Honestly.

"Blood, Harry? I'm afraid I don't recall…" Should I tell him about the Love Potion tests?

"Yeah. You know. It had to be 'untouched by an intentional curse,' or something like that."

Snape looked down at Harry who was quickly falling asleep in his lap.

"Oh, that potion." I'll tell him another day. "It was a new Divination potion I was trying out."

A yawn as Harry stretched. "A Divination potion? You mean, like, to tell your future?"


"That's interesting." Harry fluffed a pillow to lie against. "What did it tell you?"

Snape smiled slightly as he thought about his answer. "It said that things would probably work out for the best."

Harry placed the book on the coffee table and closed his eyes. "I suppose considering your life," he murmured sleepily, "that's the most wonderful prediction you've ever heard…"

Snape, still smiling, stroked the unruly hair and watched Harry's breathing slowly even out as he went back to sleep.

"It is, indeed."


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