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"Know your stars know your stars know your stars,Rikochet he wants to be a head cheerleader in the future." said the Announcer.

"Uh..don't you mean Luchadore Surpreme?" questioned Rikochet.

"Rikochet ,he loves Zero Kelvin." said the Announcer.

"Ewwww that's just wrong." said Rikochet.

"No it's not!" replied the Anounncer.

"Yes it is Zero Kelvin is a guy!" replied Rikochet.

"Rikochet his best friends are an elephant and a peacock." said Announcer.

"My friends are Buena Girl and the Flea!" said Rikochet.

"Don't you mean Buena Elephant and the Peacock?" asked the Announcer.

"NO!" yelled Rikochet.

"Rikochet ,he asked La Pinata out." said Announcer.

"No Zero Kelvin did!" replied Rikochet.

Camera shoots to Zero Kelvin

"HOW DID HE KNOW THAT?" exclaimed Zero Kelvin.

Camera shoots back to Rikochet

"Rikochet, he wears a size 40 in men's clothes." said the Announcer.

"No I wear a size 10 in boys clothes!" said Rikochet getting a little annoyed.

"Rikochet, he wets pants during a match." said the Announcer.

"I do not wet my pants during a match!" said Rikochet.

"Yeah yeah whatever you Mr.Pantswetterduringamatch." said the Announcer.

"Grrrr..." said Rikochet with a small anger vein.

"Rikochet ,he farts while he is asleep." said Announcer.

"No I don't!" said Rikochet getting annoyed.

"Rikochet,he has hair under his arms." said the Announcer.

"EWW THAT'S MUY DISGUSTING!" screamed Rikochet.

"Yeah you need to shave that underarms of yours." said the Announcer.

"I DON'T HAVE HAIR ON MY ARMPITS!" Rikochet screamed with a bigger anger vein.

"Rikochet,he spits when he laughs." said the Announcer.

"EWW ONLY A NERD COULD DO THAT!" screamed Rikochet.

Camera shoots at some random nerds

"Us nerds do not eject saliva while laughing." said a random nerd.

Camera shoots back at Rik

"That nerd is right everyone doesn't eject saliva while laughing except for you." said the Announcer.

"GRRRRRRRRRRRR!" said Rikochet with a bigger anger vein.

"Rikochet he wears Barbie pajamas." said the Announcer.

"NO I DON'T GOD DAMN IT!" screamed Rikochet with an anger vein.

"Rikochet,he loves La Pinata." said the Announcer.

"NO I DON'T YOU LITTLE ASSHOLE!" screamed Rikochet very angry and have a big anger vein.

"Rikochet he drives a Mustang." said the Announcer.


"Rikochet, he lays eggs." said the Announcer.

"NO I DON'T ONLY POLLOS AND OTHER BIRDS DO THAT YOU DUMBASS!" screamed Rikochet with a huge anger vein.

"Now you know Rikochet." said the Announcer.

"NO YOU DON'T THAT DONTO IS LYING!" yelled Rikochet.

"I'm not lying you egg laying head cheerleader in training!" exclaimed the Announcer.

Stay tuned for Buena Girl's!