Escaping Death

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Summary- Kagome is an average girl with average friends. But after a strange online conversation, horrible attacks start happening all around the city she once known to be safe. Someone wants something from her and they are scaring her and torturing her. But who is it and what do they want? Can she really escape death?

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Escaping Death

Chapter One

Sighing, Kagome walked through the door of her home. Her head was aching and she still had to study for a test. But she knew that she could do that later. And besides, it wasn't as if she did not know the material anyway. She had other things to do, which involved the Internet and her friends.

She sat in her comfortable desk chair and turned the computer on, waiting impatiently for it to fully warm up. Then she signed on under her name and received instant messages almost instantly.

Kagome began talking to Sango right away. Sango was her best friend who had a crush on Miroku, the school pervert. She had for some time now.

Miko17: Hey Sango, what's up?

Slayer258: Nothing much. What about with you?

Miko17: Same. I have to study for a stupid test.

Slayer258: Haha. I feel sorry for you. I don't have anything this week.

Miko17: Lucky.

Kagome hit the minimize button on the instant message and the little box went down to the bottom of the screen. She glanced at her list of buddies and seen that Miroku and Inuyasha were on as well. She decided to talk to them, too. She double clicked on Miroku's screen name and an instant message box appeared suddenly. She typed her message and hit the 'enter' button and her message was sent.

Miko17: Hey, Miroku. What's up?

PervMonk167: Oh, hello, Kagome. Nothing really. What about things with you?

Miko17: Same. I'm talking to Sango, too.

PervMonk167: Hmm, interesting. Did she say anything about me?

Miko17: No, why would she? Oh wait, she sent me an IM.

PervMonk167: Ok.

Kagome minimized her instant message with Miroku and lifted Sango's back up to full size.

Slayer258: That pervert Miroku! I forgot to tell you that he touched my butt again. And asked me to have his children.

Kagome laughed after she read it then typed a message and sent it.

Miko17: What did you say?

Slayer258: I said no of course! After I hit him upside the head.

Miko17: You know you like it when he does all of that stuff, so why do you hit him like you always do?

Slayer258: I can't let on. Besides, I like playing hard to get.

Miko17: Ok.

Kagome lowered Sango's and lifted Miroku's back up.

Miko17: She just told me what happened.

PervMonk167: Oh, really?

Miko17: Yes, she did. Why don't you just ask her out?

PervMonk167: I can't.

Miko17: Why not?

PervMonk167: I…I'm too afraid, Kagome. She'll probably reject me and hit me in the head. You know her.

Miko17: She won't do that!

PervMonk167: What makes you say that?

Miko17: I know her. She's my best friend. If she doesn't want to go out, all she'll say is that she's sorry and that she doesn't want a boyfriend.

PervMonk167: That's what I'm afraid of! I really like her.

Miko17: I know. Maybe you should give it a little more time.

Kagome rolled her eyes at her statement, knowing that Sango probably wouldn't reject him at all. But she wanted Miroku to wait a while, since he was so nervous. He needed more time to get to know her a lot better.

PervMonk167: Yes, I guess you're right. I'll wait.

Miko17: Ok. That's good.

She lowered Miroku's IM and lifted her buddy list up before double clicking Inuyasha's screen name. She typed her message quickly and sent it, nervous about what he would say. He was very friendly most of the time.

Miko17: Hey. What's going on?

Numbah1Dog: Nothing.

Kagome sighed. He was a boy of very few words, it seemed. His older brother was pretty cruel and cold hearted against humans, by what the rumors said. And Inuyasha's parents died when he was young and everyone rejected him because he was half and half. No really a demon and not really a human. But Kagome liked him just the way he was and was never mean to him unless it was necessary.

Miko17: Is that all you have to say?

Numbah1Dog: What else am I supposed to say?

Miko17: Nothing! Jeez.

Numbah1Dog: What's with you?

Miko17: Nothing. How was your day?

Numbah1Dog: Crappy, like always.

Miko17: Why?

Numbah1Dog: Why are you interrogating me?

Miko17: I'm not!

Numbah1Dog: Then stop asking me all these questions!

Miko17: Why? I'm just curious.

Numbah1Dog: You're annoying!


Numbah1Dog: What? Got nothing else to say?

Miko17: Not now. I'm annoying, remember?

Numbah1Dog: Would you just quit being angry? I didn't mean it and you know it.

Miko17: How am I supposed to know? This is the Internet, not a face to face conversation!

Numbah1Dog: Jeez, don't bite my head off!

Miko17: I didn't.

Numbah1Dog: Heh, yeah right.

Kagome lowered his IM and lifted up Sango's.

Miko17: I'm talking to Inuyasha and Miroku.

Slayer258: Awesome. I wonder when Inuyasha is gonna ask you out.

Miko17: Never.

Slayer258: You don't know that.

Kagome felt her face heat up, which was a sure sign that she was blushing. She decided to get the spotlight off of her and typed a message.

Miko17: I wonder when Miroku will ask you out.

Slayer258: Never. He won't, not at all.

Miko17: You don't know that. I mean, he totally likes you. I can tell.

Slayer258: Yeah right. What about you and Koga?

Kagome sighed and realized that Sango was also trying to keep the spotlight off of herself. But Koga was one person she really hated talking about.

Miko17: What about Koga and me?

Slayer258: He really likes you.

Miko17: I don't like him.

Slayer258: Not even as a friend?

Miko17: As a friend? Yes. Anything more? No.

Slayer258: Oh, haha.

Kagome lowered Sango's and lifted up Inuyasha's.

Miko17: What do you want to talk about?

Numbah1Dog: I dunno.

Miko17: Well, neither do I.

Numbah1Dog: That's your problem, not mine. I don't care what we talk about.

Kagome sat for a moment, thinking silently to herself. Finally, she chose a topic and typed a message.

Miko17: Do you like anyone?

Inuyasha did not reply for some time. Finally, however, he replied.

Numbah1Dog: Why do you ask?

Miko17: I'm just trying to make a conversation.

Numbah1Dog: Whatever.

Miko17: Do you or not?

Numbah1Dog: No.

Kagome looked away from the screen, disappointed. She was hoping that he liked her. But it looked as if he didn't.

The sound of a new instant message broke her from her sullen thoughts and made her turn around to face the screen once again. Inuyasha's message had minimized and a new IM box sat there, waiting for a reply. She had never seen or heard of the screen name before, but they sure seemed to know her.

Death986: Hello, Kagome.

Miko17: Um, hi. Who is this?

Death986: I know you.

Miko17: Koga? Is that you?

Death986: Nope, not Koga.

Miko17: Hojo, then?

Death986: Nope, not him either.

Miko17: Hmm, Rin? Did you get a new screen name?

Death986: Guess again.

Miko17: Shiori? Or Kikyo? Maybe Kagura?

Death986: No, no, no. Not any of them.

Miko17: Then, I don't know. Have I ever seen you before?

Death986: Plenty of times.

Kagome had seen a lot of people. She had bumped into people in the hallways and had helped some peoplewith math problems. She had no idea who it was.

Miko17: Who are you?

Death986: I've been watching you. I know a lot about you, Kagome. You know who I am, but you don't really know me. I want you, Kagome. I want you now!

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