Yu Yu Naruto

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Notes: Okay, first off, Naruto will basically live through the whole show. However, there will be some differences that are worth reading. Anyhoo, here's the next chapter.

EDIT: On one sentance I used "Yusuke" instead of "Naruto". Sorry about the confusion.

Uzumaki Naruto, 12 ½ years old. An inept shinobi delinquent who died using every ounce of his energy, saving some lady who would have lived anyway. Though pointless, it was a brave act not even the Reikai, or Spirit World, had foreseen. In consideration of this, he's been given a chance to come back to life.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH!" yelled Naruto, flailing his feet as he used both hands to grip onto the end of Botan's oar. It seemed Botan's oar had speed levels, and right now it was on fast. "WHERE ARE WE GOING?"

"The to Reikai, of course…" explained Botan, the blue haired envoy to the next world. "Where're you'll meet the person who's going to explain the test."

"Yeah?" growled Naruto as they stopped going fast and floated before a large black area in the sky, surrounded by swirling gray clouds. "He wants to talk to me, he can come here. Who is he anyway?"

"Enma-sama, lord of Reikai." Said Botan plainly, and something began to appear in the distance.

"Wha…?" stammered Naruto.

"Listen here pal!" exclaimed Botan, holding up a single finger. "Rude and loud may be your middle names, but you better be nice or he'll forget all about the test and throw you into the deepest section of hell!"

"Forget that, I'm going home!" exclaimed Naruto, turning around.

"Don't be an imbecile…" chided Botan. "There's the entrance. Hang on!"

'She didn't say hang on before…' thought Naruto dryly as he hugged the end of the oar close to him. "WHA?"

"Just a couple more seconds…" said Botan, as if going a million miles a second (in Naruto's opinion anyway) was an everyday thing. "Here we are…"

"Wow… Sugoi…" murmured Naruto in awe. There was a river, surrounded by mountains and clouds, that seemed to go on forever.

"That is the River Styx…" said Botan, giggling lightly at Naruto's amazed look. He hadn't even praised the heavens when she had slowed down, just stared at the river. "And this is the gate of judgement."

Naruto gulped and decided to repeat himself as he stared at the giant entrance, along with the huge wall that went on both sides.

"Sugoi…" murmured Naruto. Then Botan's words came to mind.

"You better be nice or he'll forget all about the test and throw you into the deepest section of hell!"

'Damn…' thought Naruto darkly. "How can I beat him?"

Naruto imagined the giant being that would most likely be Enma.

'I guess I'm screwed if I try to fight him.' Naruto looked thoughtful. "Wait a minute… Maybe if I summon Gama-Oyabun, he could give him a good kick in the face. While he's stunned, I could run around him and make some clones, and have all of them use 1000 Years of Pain!"

"What are you mumbling about?" questioned Botan blankly. Naruto blinked and waved his arms nervously.

"Nothing, nothing…" stammered the boy.

"I see…" said Botan, and after seeing his record, knew very well it was a lie. She turned to some kind of speaker and pushed a button. Naruto realized it was an intercom, something he had seen in the Hokage tower. "Botan here. I've brought Uzumaki Naruto."

"Come in." said the voice on the other end. The door in front of Naruto and Botan slowly began to open.

Naruto began to imagine perhaps a giant room, with Enma seated atop the throne that went higher than the tower of the Hokage. However, these visions slowly disappeared when he heard yells and clatters.

"Whoa!" exclaimed Naruto in shock, jumping back.

"Gen on Block Two is in critical condition!"

"What? He's ahead of schedule!"

"Hey, two more over here!"

"Over here!"

"Sign this sir, hurry!"

"This is like when Hokage-jii-chan got back from that vacation…" murmured Naruto, and chuckled at the memory of Sarutobi slackjawed at all the people running around his office. Of course, in this situation, they were differently colored ogres in tiger striped loincloths.

"Quite a show, isn't it?" questioned a voice. Naruto turned to what looked like an important office. But this was based off the fact that all the ogres were running around cubicles and this was another room entirely.

"Huh?" said Naruto blankly, seeing no one seated at the chair behind the desk. Botan shooed him into the office before closing the door.

"Oh, sir!" exclaimed Botan. "Quite a mess out there!"

"Yes it is." Agreed the voice. Then, a baby of all things hopped on top of the table. He had a miniature light blue gi, a white bib, a blue pacifier, and a large hat that had an important symbol on it, along with the letters "Jr", signifying "Junior".

"This is Uzumaki Naruto, sire!" exclaimed Botan breathlessly. The baby nodded.

"Howdy, make yourself at home." Said the baby, motioning to the two chairs in front of his desk. Naruto dimly nodded and sat down, Botan bowing and doing the same. "Phew, all this work's got us going 27-7."

"He's Enma…?" stammered Naruto. Hell, he wouldn't even do 50 Years of Pain to a baby! 50 Years of Pain was a technique he developed, which poked the enemy's eyes with one hand.

Naruto had one response to this new discovery. Bursting out into hysterical laughter.

"You're kidding!" exclaimed Naruto in-between laughs.

"And what do you find so funny?" exclaimed Botan furiously.

"This little guy is Enma? I was getting worried there, and this is all he is?" laughed Naruto. "Heck, he's smaller than Konohamaru!"

"Enma is my father. I am Koenma." Growled the baby with a frown. "You should also know I'm over 100 times older than you. So don't get uppity."

"Look's like you're still in diapers." Remarked Naruto.

"Revere and bow before me." Replied Koenma. Just then, one ogre walked in and left a stack of papers on Koenma's desk.

"More documents awaiting your signature Koenma-sama." Said the ogre, before walking out. Koenma sighed.

"It never ends…" muttered Koenma. The baby-God shook his head and reached his hand into his gi, before producing something. "Uzumaki Naruto, the test you must take is…"

Koenma produced a golden egg. Naruto stared blankly at it, knowing not to underestimate small things. After all, there was that time that doll was actually a bomb. And that time that Sasuke's comb was rigged with small tanks, extremely small tanks, of poisonous gas.

"You must safely hatch the egg and raise the hatchling." Explained Koenma.

"What kind of egg is it?" asked Naruto curiously, looking over the stacks of paper to the small egg in the baby's hand.

"This is a demon of spirit world, a Reiyoukai. We just refer to them as Spirit Beasts." Explained Koenma. "You don't have to sit on it or anything, just keep it with you at all times."

"Okay…" Naruto nodded. "How long till it hatches?"

"120 years usually." Said Koenma dully.

"Oh." Naruto looked at the egg, and then Botan. "Well, it's pointless if all my precious people are gonna be dead, so are you gonna take me to hell or something now?"

"Baka. I said usually." Said Koenma angrily, holding up a finger. "This is a special circumstance, so have patience."

It was much later that Botan and Naruto were floating above Konoha, Naruto looking at the egg in his hands. Naruto was thinking of Koenma's last words before he told them to leave.

"Your heart has already begun beating again. But as for you actually returning to your body, that is entirely up to you."

"… So when this egg hatches, I return to life…" said Naruto thoughtfully. "I don't get it. How long is this test Botan?"

"I have no idea." Replied Botan nervously, shrugging. But that was somewhat of a lie…

"This is strictly between you and me Botan." Said Koenma, closing the door behind Naruto, who had gone to watch the ogres. "The embryo in that egg develops by feeding on the energy emitted from the human soul. It may become an angel or a devil, a peaceful creature or a destructive monster. All depending on the character of the soul holding it."

Botan was sitting on her oar, floating in font of Koenma's desk. Her leg was crossed over the other under her kimono, and her arms were crossed.

"If Naruto continues to emit evil energy… The creature will hatch and be a hideous monster…" warned Koenma. "A ghost is pure soul, so it will develop quickly. It won't be long before the beast emerges. It will be then that we'll know what to do."

"…" Botan simply stared at her boss, uncrossing and re-crossing her legs in the opposite position. "If the creature ends up a monster, you won't let him back into his body?"

"No. I'll let him return to it. I promised him that much I will do." Continued Koenma. "However, when he does return to life and the creature is evil, his body and soul will most likely be devoured by the creature he himself raised."

Botan's thoughts were interrupted when Naruto started running, er, floating in circles and yelling at the top of his lungs.

"Naruto, what is it?" snapped Botan, then immediately blushed when Naruto froze and stared blankly at her. Her job was stressful, what could she say… "Ahem… What is it Naruto?"

"Botan, I just realized something very very bad!" exclaimed Naruto. "If nobody knows my heart's beating, then they'll cremate me! Is it possible for me to tell someone?"

"Sure." Replied Botan. "You just have to enter their dreams."

"You can do that?" asked Naruto. Botan nodded. "Sugoi! Being a ghost is cool!"

Botan shook her head and both spirits floated over to their first stop, Tsunade's office. When they arrived, the woman was clearly disheveled and drinking sake.

"Naruto, you baka!" screamed Tsunade. "You told me how great you were, that Hokage was our dream, and you die to that snake freak? Moron…"

Tsunade chugged a bottle of sake and wiped her lip, before opening another.

"…" Naruto stared. "Yeah, this won't work."

"Why?" questioned Botan. "In this state, she'll pass out any minute."

"No…" Naruto crossed his arms and shook his head. "Ero-sennin once told me they had a drinking contest that lasted two days. She can hold it, and she's probably trying for a record now."

"Do you know anyone else then?" asked Botan. "Anyone who could help you out?"

Naruto crossed his arms and thought deeply. He snapped his eyes open when he got an idea.

"Hinata!" exclaimed Naruto. He flew towards the general direction of the Hyuuga Compound, Botan flying behind him. Naruto floated into Hinata's room and saw her sleeping in a futon in the corner. His eyes widened when he saw her. 'She's… Crying…?'

Naruto suddenly felt himself enter Hinata's dream.

Naruto-kun… Why did you die…? Why…?

'You idiot…Don't cry…' thought Naruto as he floated over to her. 'Don't cry over something so stupid…'

"Mmm…" Hinata frowned in her sleep when Naruto plopped onto her stomach. "Mnnuh… Mnnuh…"

"Listen up Hinata, you're getting depressed over nothing! I'm not so weak that the snake bastard's pet could kill me!" yelled Naruto, looking at the adorable frown that as playing across Hinata's features. "My soul's got some business here in the afterlife, but then I'll be back! I have to be Hokage after all! If you need proof, open the casket and listen to my heart!"

"Mnnuh…" Hinata squirmed a little bit.

"And tell that drunk old baa-chan I'm alive, got it?" continued Naruto. He looked at Hinata, and wiped her tears away. "Well, that's all… So get a grip. It'll all be okay. I don't want you to cry anymore…"

"Naruto-kun!" exclaimed Hinata, sitting up in bed. 'Was it… A dream…?'

Hinata touched her cheek and her eyes widened. There was no wetness…

'My tears were wiped away… It wasn't a dream!' Hinata stood up.

"Tsunade-sama! Open the door, please!" yelled Hinata, banging on the door. The quiet girl needed to know, was it all a dream? Was Naruto-kun coming back to life?

"Eh… The Hyuuga girl… Hinata…" murmured Tsunade as she wiped a tear from her eye.

"Tsunade-sama, you might not believe me, but…" Hinata gulped. "Naruto-kun came, I mean I saw…"

"Naruto?" Tsunade pointed behind her.

"What… What's wrong?" stammered Hinata.

"I don't… I mean, I opened up the casket to yell at him, and I saw about to flick him, when I saw his cheeks were rosy…" Tsunade smiled as a fear tears dropped. "His heart was beating… Naruto is alive! My little brother is alive…!"

Naruto and Botan floated over the two sobbing women as they embraced in happiness.

"… Hpmh." Naruto turned away. "I'm alive and they're actually glad. But I didn't even tell them if I could revive entirely or not."

Naruto looked thoughtful for a moment.

"Y' know, it might be funny to break the egg on purpose, so I fail and my soul never returns…" said Naruto thoughtfully.

'Yeah, real funny…' thought Botan dryly. 'I really wonder if he's going to pass this test.'

Naruto was sitting with crossed arms and legs, floating towards some unknown destination as he drifted over Konoha. With a dry look on her face, Botan followed on her oar.

'I hope so, but if that egg hatched right now, I think we'd have a monster with a warped sense of humor on our hands…'

End Chapter 3