"So how about it, Cind? Will you be my girlfriend?"

Since the 5th grade I had been dying to hear those words, and now that I finally had, I was unimpressed they were coming from Nick Dean.

"I have high standards," I whispered, turning my head away.

Nick smirked, "You mean Nerdtron? You still in love with that loser, Cindy?"

I almost reverted into my old self in that instant. Like I wanted to jump-kick him right in the face. Inside I steamed with anger. How dare he? He could never live up to the standards the boy genius had set in my mind...

Suddenly, a hand fell lightly on my shoulder. I turned around and came face to face with Nick, his smirk softened.

"Come on, Vortex. He left us for college. FOUR years too early! You can't keep holding out for something as 'perfect' as him. You need to let go."

I didn't respond to him, only lowered my head. He sighed and walked away, leaving me alone under the streetlight.

I looked up at the starry night sky and started walking. Maybe Nick was right...maybe I should start looking for someone who wasn't as perfect as Jimmy.

There had to be hundred of boys half as smart as he was! I smiled a little, thinking they would never be able to match his arrogance. They could be just as funny...and talented...and sweet...and cute. Guys like Jimmy were a dime a dozen! Nick was right - I just had to lower my standards!

I stopped short as I arrived in my driveway, repeating my thoughts slowly in my mind. I shook my head and turned around, staring up into the windows of the room that had previously belonged to the big-headed genius.

"Yeah, right..." I whispered, laughing a little at my absurd thoughts. Someone half as smart as Jimmy? Ridiculous! I could wait for Jimmy to graduate. At this rate, it'd take him four months!