Title: The Consequences of Gambling
Author: Iskjif
Beta: Celena Amunet
Pairings: Harry Potter/Tom Riddle (with Tom in loverly, sadistic, late-twenties form!)
Hrm… lets see… That one thing, known as slash, yaoi, or blatant guy on guy action. There's also gonna eventually be some cross-dressing, and BDSM. Let's not forget the violence and cursing (and no, not the spell kind…) in this chappie. Okay so unlike WWtBtBBWWD, this fic is rated M FOR A REASON! While my other fic is rated for future stuff, this one is gonna live up to its rating fast.

AU:HPTR:Harry has a gambling problem. In desperate need of a job, he applies for a position as a farmhand at a farm owned by a man named Tom Riddle. He's hired on sight and soon ends up as a semi-willing toy for the bored and sadistic farmer.

A/N: Hallo my dears! This fic is brought to you courtesy of my evil plot bunny that likes to attack me whenever I try to sleep. It originally started as a PWP but as I tried to sleep it started growing a plot… Anyways! For those of you that read WWtBtBBWWD, don't worry! I'm not giving up on it, I just kinda have to clear my head of stuff every once in a while to keep my inspiration.


Harry was in deep shit.

He quickly dodged into an alley and crouched behind a trashcan. Exactly three minutes later the man that Harry had been sure was following him walked by. Harry froze and tried not to breathe. When the man went out of sight, he ignored the urge to heave a sigh of relief. He was too alarmed for relief.

That had been the fifth suspicious guy that the young man had ditched today. There was definitely something seriously wrong.

After a decent amount of time Harry stood up and casually walked out of the alley.

It worried him that he was suddenly being pursued with such diligence. He hardly knew anyone who would have the resources to harass him like this. He scoffed. Well unless Monroe had-

Harry paused in his thoughts and frowned. Had Monroe decided that his debts were too large? He abruptly stopped walking and a chill crept up his spine. Maybe Monroe had found out that he hadn't held a job in months, that he was virtually homeless.

His thoughts were interrupted as he felt the barrel of a gun press against the small of his back. He knew that he couldn't be in enough trouble yet for them to just shoot, so there he stood, tensely waiting for whoever it was to identify themselves. Harry didn't have to wait long.

"Hey pretty boy"

"Wedge" Harry felt like crying, but he kept his tone firm regardless. Wedge was Monroe's right hand guy. If Wedge had been sent out, 'deep shit' didn't even begin to describe Harry's trouble.

Harry felt the gun dig into his back a little bit more forcefully and held back a flinch when he felt a hand on his hip.

"Monroe's really pissed with you, ya know" Wedge all but purred directly in his ear. Harry shivered in muted fear and he could hear a smirk in the other man's voice as he continued. "After your last loss, he did some thinkin'. The boss man realized that you had never actually paid anything on your larger debts, that you had just paid off little ones every once in a while to make it seem like you would eventually pay things off. He had us do some checking and what do we find? You haven't had a steady job in quite a while. As you can probably guess, this information has left Monroe a little less than happy…"

"So, what? He wants me dead now or somethin'?" Harry feigned indifference and then had to hold back a reaction as Wedge's hand wandered to his stomach to play with the edge if his shirt.

"Oh no, not yet. But if you don't get a decent job by the end of the week," He paused slightly, "Well I'm sure you can guess what we'll do to ya then…" The last part was said with a tone that suggested more than just death. Again Harry held back his reaction.

"Oh, and just because I like you, I'll tell you one thing," Wedge rasped his fingernails across Harry's lower stomach and the young man couldn't stop himself from shuddering. "Don't think that you aren't being watched, just because you can't sense the watcher…" Harry felt the gun scrape up his back and suddenly Wedge was gone.

Harry's legs gave out and he quickly found himself on his hands and knees.


A/N: Okay! So posting on this thingy is gonna be kinda erratic because WWtBtBBWWD is my main priority, but I will try to be somewhat consistent cause I like this idea! And don't worry, no matter what I'm gonna finish this, 'cause I hate not finishing things. Well anyways! I hope you liked it! Tell me what you think! Even if you hate it, or you're angry at me for making this chappie so short!