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Chapter 5:

Legolas woke slowly. The first thing that he noticed was that his head hurt. Actually, that was an understatement. His head felt like it was splitting open in about twenty different places. The second thing that he noticed was that something was burning into his eyes. A red light seared into his head, it felt as if two white-hot knives were searing into his pounding head through his eyes. He brought his arm up to cover his them, which brought his attention to his ribs. When he raised his arm, they cried out in strong protest, driving the breath from his body in a strangled cry. He couldn't get it back now. His breath was catching in his throat; he couldn't bring the air into his lungs. White-hot knives pierced his head and his chest. He saw brilliant starbursts, heard his heartbeat racing in his ears, and then something else.

A familiar voice called out to him. "Legolas!" He felt a hand tighten around his wrist, and then it dragged his arm away from his eyes, and back down to his side. The light hit him with the force of a battering ram, he twisted and writhed to get away from the horrible pain, but there was a heavy weight holding him down, his arms pinned uselessly at his side. He didn't know who he was or where he was. All he knew was the horrible, all encompassing pain searing behind his eyes, into his head, driving all sane thought from his being.

He was dimly aware of voices speaking to each other, but they came to him thickly, as though from underwater, and he could not understand what they meant. "Ada quick, he can't breathe…his ribs, and there's something wrong with his eyes…" "Hold him tight…doesn't know where…"

Legolas heard the voices, but he did not recognize or understand them, they were simply there, adding the pounding noise of their hurried conversation to his utter misery. All he knew was that he had to get free; his head was going to burst. He couldn't stand the pain. He squeezed his eyes shut as tightly as possible and gasped trying to bring oxygen into his traumatized body. He couldn't do it. It hurt too much. The pain writhed in his head like a living thing- it wanted to kill him. He wanted to die. It was squeezing him tighter and tighter…his lungs, his head…He twisted powerfully to the side, breaking his captive hands free, he darted them up to his eyes.

"ADA" someone yelled. Then hands gripped at his wrists again, and though they didn't try to pull them down to his sides and expose him to the horrible searing knives again, Legolas jerked instinctively at their cool touch. A voice traveled through the pain, again coming from somewhere deep underwater. " Legolas, your ribs are broken. You cannot keep your hands at your face; this is what is making it so that you can't breathe. You need to lower them. The hands began to slowly pull his away from his eyes. "No!" he sobbed, "My eyes…"he moaned brokenly, miserably. He had never been in this much pain in his entire life. He wanted it to be over. He wanted to gouge his eyes out of his head. He wanted this suffering to end. The voice spoke even more gently "it is all right, I will cover them for you. Lower your hands. Legolas did as he was told, and brought his shaking clammy hands down to his sides. They had been replaced by a pair of cool soothing ones. "Good. Now you need to relax and try to breathe regularly." Legolas tried to inhale through the pain, and the air came to him as a miserable sob, but it came, and along with it, another starburst of pain erupted in his head. He cried out softly, and jerked his hand towards his head, but another set of hands grasped it and held it firmly in place. Another voice spoke to him softly. "Lie still, mellon-nin, you are safe."

Now that Legolas was breathing again, albeit sporadically, Elrond turned his attention to this other problem. He turned towards a very stricken Estel, without uncovering Legolas's eyes, and told him " the light hurts his eyes. Please close the curtains. Aragorn sprang to do as his father said, and the room was pitch black in seconds. The only sound was Legolas's miserable sobs and labored breathing. "Alright Legolas," Elrond spoke softly, close to his ear, " I'm going to move my hands now" "No! Please!" He whimpered. "It's alright." Elrond said, "The curtains are drawn. You will be fine." Elrond took his hands away slowly, and then Legolas opened his eyes even more slowly, but found that Elrond had spoken the truth, it was dark. "Elbereth, what's happening to me?" Legolas whispered to the darkness, squeezing his eyes shut on the horrible pain.

Elrond moved from the bed, and lit a few candles, providing some dim light to see by. Legolas was not in good condition. He wasn't breathing well, his skin glistened with a cold sweat, and tears coarsed silently down his ashen cheeks. Estel stared at his pale friends face, stricken. He turned to Elrond, eyes brimming over with horror. "Ada, he's crying." Elrond nodded at his son grimly. I know. He then leaned over Legolas and placed a hand on his feverish forehead. "Shh, greenleaf, right now your body needs sleep." Legolas could feel his mind slipping as the sharp intense pain turned into a hazy throb, and then he felt nothing as his consciousness slipped away from him.

Elrond wasn't quite sure what was wrong with the elf, but it wasn't what he had been expecting. When Estel and the twins had come home carrying an unconscious Legolas with them, he had been surprised enough, but when he heard the story of the elf falling from a tree, he was shocked. Upon examining him, Elrond found several broken ribs and a concussion. However, he thought that Legolas had gotten off easy, especially after falling almost a hundred feet out of a tree to the hard, rocky ground. However, Elrond was no longer so sure of this assessment. Legolas had been in such excruciating pain that he had preferred to cover his eyes than to breathe. Could he have missed something? Elrond had expected Legolas to awaken with a mild headache and some sore ribs. Instead he had cried out in pain, and flung Estel, who had been trying to keep his arms at his sides so that he could breathe, into the bedside table, obviously having no clue that it had been Estel standing next to him, or that he was trying to help.

It was good that Legolas had woken so early, after being unconscious for only several hours, but the amount of pain he was in was disturbing. Elrond did not know what could have caused such an intense pain in the elf. His thoughts jumped to a brain hemorrhage. With the symptoms, it was a possibility. Blood building up in the skull, causing intense pressure and pain… He shuddered. But a hemorrhage wouldn't explain the intense pain in the eyes. He couldn't truly know what was wrong with Legolas until he fully awoke, and could be examined properly. But as Elrond watched his feverish patient toss and turn in his troubled sleep, a cold sweat forming on his clammy brow, he couldn't help but be apprehensive about what he might discover.

Author's note #2: Alright, So I'm not a doctor, and I don't know what the symptoms of a brain hemhorrage are, or if that's even what a brain hemmorage is, but it sounded right, so I put it in there. Sorry that this chapter was so short, but this was hand's down the best spot to break the story at. I'll try to update soon.

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