Drunk Realities

Part 1

Summary: When Atton and Sienna, the exile, have a bit too much to drink, words are exchanged... perhaps with more truth to them than expected...

Disclaimer: I don't own Knights of the Old Republic, Star Wars, or any of this stuff except for the name Sienna Vaas, my exile. x) Don't sue me. I'm innocent!


Atton slammed another cup of the strong ale down on the table and turned his glance over to Sienna, sitting next to him, still drinking her fifth drink. He observed her, as closely as he could, his vision started to get a bit bleary from his six drinks.

Her blonde hair caressed her face lightly, and she showed no notion of being drunk, except for the fact that Atton knew she was. Back on Telos she had had four cups of a less strong substance and was wobbly. This stuff was much stronger. And this was her fifth drink. Her blue eyes were staring straight ahead, as if she was thinking.

How can she be thinking? Atton thought to himself. If I think any harder than this I'll die of a splitting headache. And I'm no lightweight.

Her porcelain skin looked so smooth, Atton just wanted to reach out the couple inches between their stools and touch it. He hadn't ever felt her skin, just observed it since Peragus, seeing her half-naked and for the first time.

Without even noticing it, Atton's hand did indeed reach over and touch Sienna's pale face. Breaking out of her train of thought she looked over at Atton and smiled groggily.

"What's this hand doin' flyboy?" she asked him, hr blue eyes twinkling despite the fact that she was drunk.

"It's listenin' to my mind," Atton replied, slurring and grinning stupidly as his hand found its way under her chin. "I always wanted to see what yer skin felt like. It's really beautiful…"

Regular Sienna would've kicked his ass for even thinking of touching her. But Drunk Sienna was instead just smiling and touched his hand with her own.

"I always thought you were hot," Atton told her, not knowing what the hell he was saying. "Since Peragus, you in your little get-up." He laughed stupidly. "I almost really hoped that the uniforms were what you were wearin'. Most of the guys there woulda certainly liked it."

Sienna reached out her other hand and touched Atton's face. "Ya know I thought the same about you Atton," she muttered.

Atton's stupid grin widened. "I always wanted a woman who could kick my ass." He laughed and Sienna joined in. Being drunk, their laughter lasted a good five minutes longer than it should've.

Finally, they stopped laughing. The cantina they were in was crowded. Most bars on Nar Shadaa usually were. The Ebon Hawk's crew was mostly asleep except for Atton and Sienna, the exile, who decided to go out and get a drink. Atton had coaxed her into it, saying that they needed a night out. Especially before she met with the jedi council now that they had rounded up all the masters. Reluctantly, she had followed him to the nearest cantina.

But one drink had led to another and now it was almost three in the morning and they were completely drunk, sitting on some stools by the counter. But the bartender barely noticed them. There were more interesting things in the cantina, like a brawl in the corner that had just broken out.

"You d know I don't care about that past of yers you told me about righ' Atton?" Sienna spurted out, falling forwards onto him, the liquor finally getting to her. "You told me you were an assassin. Well, I guess you could call me one too. I killed my share of peoples."

Atton absentmindedly petted Sienna's head as she leaned onto his chest, her eyes looking up into his brown ones, both glazed over with the excess amount of liquor.

"I hoped by tellin' ya I'd win ya over, especially… especially with that Disciple drooling all over you," Atton murmured. "He's just a pretty boy, and I don' like him. But I do like you."

Sienna giggled. "I like you too Atton," she said as she closed her eyes and nuzzled herself further into his chest, his arms with a mind of their own wrapping themselves around her delicate body. Atton smirked to himself and his small portion of brain that wasn't consumed by his drunkenness was still enjoying this as much as his drunken side was.

"I always admired ya," Atton confessed. "Thought you were something unmatched in this universe. The… the last of the jedi they called you. Yer an individual alright, and that's the individual I really like. Yep. S… Sienna… you're one hell of a girl." He remembered seeing her in the dancer's outfit the other day. "And you're damn sexy too."

"I'm not the only one," Sienna muttered as she moved her head slightly, rustling her blonde hair up against Atton's jacket. It was an interesting splay of the yellow on the brown and white. "Yer ribbed jacket shows off a very sexy you."

Atton laughed goofily. "We're drunk," he pointed out.

Sienna nodded and giggled again. "Damn drunk," she agreed. "But I ain't lyin'. I don't like Disciple the way I like you Atton. Ya don't gotta compete with him."

Atton smirked at that thought. "We should be getting back to the Ebon Hawk."

"Yup. Gotta go see those jedi with the lightsabers up their asses," Sienna yawned. But she didn't move. "Atton?"


"I can't get up," she mumbled.

"I'll carry ya then," he told her.

"But you're drunk too," she reminded him.


"How about you start by helpin' me up eh?" Atton stood up, dragging Sienna at his side. They ambled their way back to the Ebon Hawk, Sienna stopping once to throw up and both of them collapsing at a few points, but they made it back in one piece more or less.

"My head hurts," Sienna muttered as they walked up the loading ramp. She fell back onto Atton again.

"You drank way too much sexy," Atton told her. She giggled.

"'Sexy'," she mimicked. "Mmm… I like it." She nuzzled Atton when she couldn't stand up again from her place in his arms.

"I am not going to be able to manage getting you back to your room," Atton murmured.

"I'll just sleep on one of the couches," Sienna told him as she tried to stand up and fell back again onto Atton. She chuckled lightly again. "This is like a crazy ride through space, falling up and down again." Atton shook his head lightly, but still had his goofy smile on.

"I'll lie you down on one of the couches then," Atton complied. Suddenly he got a splitting headache and fell down next to Sienna on the couch.

"You make a good pillow," Sienna laughed. "Don't go."

"I won't then," Atton whispered as he and Sienna settled onto the couch. It ended up with Atton against the back of the couch with Sienna in front of him with his arms around her waist and her hands grasping his. They both had smiles on their faces.

Mira walked into the room hours later in the mid morning. She hadn't been with the crew for too long, but then again, not much of the crew had anticipated a scene like this.

The redhead raised an eyebrow as she walked into the common room to see Atton and the exile curled up on a couch together. Well he is kinda cute, Mira thought to herself. She coughed to try and wake at least Atton up.

His deep brown eyes opened and took in the scene. He was where he was when he fell asleep, Sienna in his arms in the common room on the Ebon Hawk. But now Mira, the bounty hunter, was standing in front of the two. Groggily, his head hurting like hell, he stood up, trying not to disturb Sienna too much.

"What?" he asked Mira as he tried to adjust to the light. This was one of his worse hangovers.

"Well, is it just me or do we wanna get off this planet and go to Dantooine? And is it just me or are you the pilot?" Mira asked Atton. He grumped and walked towards the cockpit.

Mira followed him to the cockpit and watched him as he sat down at the controls. "Need something for that hangover?"

Atton growled. "Is it so obvious that I've got a hangover?" Mira nodded.

"That and the fact that I saw you two in the cantina last night," the redhead told him. Atton snapped his neck around.

"What were you doing there?" he questioned.

"What do you think I was doing?" Mira rolled her eyes. "I was having a drink and playing some Pazaak against drunk idiots. It's a way to earn some easy credits." No, she was spying on you Rand. You're a dumbass.

"What you think I was tailing you?" Mira laughed. "Don't be so full of yourself."

"I've got a hangover, excuse my logic," Atton grumbled.

"So… wanna tell me about last night?" Mira hounded him as he lifted the ship off the Nar Shadaa dock. Atton didn't even turn towards her. "Oh come on… the way you guys were interacting, its not something just alcohol induced. There's gotta be some ulterior motive."

"I doubt it," Atton mumbled as he navigated the Ebon Hawk out of Nar Shadaa's atmosphere. "Last night was all the drinks. Nothing more. And if I'm lucky, she was so drunk she won't even remember flirting with me."

"Oh come on, stop with the angst already," Mira rolled her eyes again. "I know you like her. And unless I'm highly mistaken I think she may have a thing for you."

"Then you're highly mistaken," Atton growled.

Mira finally took the hint. "Fine. But don't come crying to me when you realize that you've made a mistake not telling her how you feel. I've seen your kind before. Thinking you're all macho men, too high and mighty to express emotions for women. All you end up doing is hurting yourself, because you're an idiot." With that she left.

And Atton was left with his own musings.


Those of you who've read Destiny know I overuse the couch thing way too much (I'm always so tempted to make Carth and Alaanis fall asleep on a couch again, but I've already done it. –sigh- I used it too early on). Anyways, I just was randomly tempted to write up an Atton/Exile fic. XD I love Atton and Female Exile.

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PS: I give all the credit to the line "I always wanted a woman who could kick my ass" to a friend of mine, Evan. On the last day of school, he was looking at a poster for steroids (no, don't worry, we do health projects on a certain drug and why people 'shouldn't' do them, we're not promoting drugs. Lol, it's a private school!) and so was another friend of mine Will. And Evan says "she's hot!"about this one girl on the poster who was 'ripped' because of steroids. And Will says "You can't be serious!" And so Evan says "No man, I always wanted a girl who could kick my ass!" It was hilarious. I just had to add the line in here. x)

Okay, I'm gone. Part Two coming soon!