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(Last time on Dreams of Fate)

(Satoshi's POV)

"You are my everything," Kariudo breathed softly in my ear. His hands held my arm behind my back, preventing me from escaping. I struggled as his hands traced my lips. His own lips brushed my neck and collarbone before returning to my ear again.

"Funny, I don't see how," I answered coolly as I continued to struggle.

"You seriously don't?" he whispered. His hands began caress my thighs.

"S...stop," I said sharply, holding back a small whimper. I couldn't let my enemy know that he was affecting me.

"Do you really want me to?" His hand cupped my groin.

I wanted to scream at him for touching me. My whole body tensed at the touch. This person wasn't Daisuke, therefore, I couldn't allow such affection from a stranger. Yet,...I closed my eyes as he began to stroke me gently, sending tingling sensations. I wished that Daisuke could touch me like this, but I knew he wouldn't.

Daisuke, come soon.

(Daisuke's POV)

When I gave the news to Mom, she wasn't pleased with the news I gave her. It took all of my power to pull her back from smashing he mirror that held Krad captive into pieces. "Mooooom! Please calm yourself!" I said, exasperated. She was struggling to reach for the mirror and almost caught hold of one end but I managed to place myself between her and the mirror.

"You are telling me that the White Wing is inside that mirror and yet you expect me to sit by and idly watch as he sits in there plotting! We should destroy him right away! He's been causing so much chaos in this town!" Emiko exclaimed, still struggling to take a hold of the sides of the mirror. Kosuke came to help, holding onto his wife's waist.

"Mom, it wasn't Krad's fault! There was something else in that mirror! Remember the Fallen Angel?" I asked, letting Kosuke calm down my mom.

Emiko stopped fighting abruptly. "The Fallen Angel?"

Kosuke looked relieved and released her.

"Yes, mom, the Fallen Angel was inside that mirror and he took Krad's place. He's the one wreaking havoc in our town."

Emiko covered her mouth and gasped. "You mean the Fallen Angel's broken out?" She started to pace the floor.

I nodded. We both looked into the mirror solemnly. "So how do we get him back out?" I asked, curiously, still gazing into the non-reflective surface. The surface had turned pitch black. It was like staring into an endless void.

Emiko moved closer, tracing her hands over the face of it. "It's a complicated bit of magic. Neither of our families had ever managed to duplicate it. The only person who could prevent this is already long gone." I looked at her crestfallen. Does that mean there's no hope?

"But there is maybe one way that we could get him out. But I'm afraid he'll have to be stuck in there until we figure it out. We have to make sure that we catch the "Fallen Angel" before it's too late," my mother continued.

I sighed. "Is there anything I can do?"

"Yes. You have to capture that Fallen Wing and bring him back here. That's the only guaranteed way of getting the White Wing back."

I felt a cold feeling in the pit of my stomach. There was still something that bugged me.

"The good thing is we have the "Fallen Angel" here now. But he did something weird. He had Satoshi in this glowing ball and then he pushed it in his chest. Then he transformed into Sastoshi."

"Satoshi? He transformed into Satoshi?" Emiko asked sharply.

I nodded again. "He's transformed back and hasn't woken up since." I glanced at Satoshi who lay on the couch with a cold compress on his forehead.

"Are you completely sure that's what happened?" Emiko looked afraid.

"What? What?" I asked, alarmed.

Emiko rushed over to my father who was still standing beside his wife in deep contemplation. "Kosuke, get me Towa from the kitchen! It's urgent!"

Kosuke was out of the room in a flash.

"What? What happened? Why is that bad? If Satoshi transformed back, then doesn't that mean he's in control?"

Emiko looked grim. "Unfortunately, no. I'm afraid Satoshi's in grave danger."

(Krad's POV)

I lay on the floor, bleeding from several wounds on my body. Though it may seem pathetic, I tried to crawl away from the demon that was advancing behind me. I felt my body suddenly bounce like a basketball and I was flung against the slick glass. Then, I couldn't breathe. I clutched at my throat, trying to tear at the invisible hand that was trying to choke me to death. I raked my fingernails against my neck, my vision getting blurry.

He was singing. "Come my pet. Come play with me. Will you be a good boy? If you are going to be a good boy I won't punish you. But if you don't listen to me then I'll have to hurt you some more." He smirked.

I could suddenly breathe again. I propped myself up against the invisible wall, clutching my shredded neck. He was coming closer. I scrambled backwards along the wall, trying to escape from this small insane child. He tilted his head at me curiously. "Are you going to come to me like a good boy or not?"

I heard voices outside the mirror. Daisuke and that woman Emiko is out there, I thought. I looked out through the glass and saw them talking. When Daisuke moved, my eyes locked onto Satoshi's body. My eyes widened. Satoshi? I need to get to him fast! He needs-

Before I could finish that thought I was flung onto the ground and forced to bow before that insane little bastard.

"I said, are you going to be a good boy or not?" Nanashi demanded.

"Go to hell," I spat out.

(Satoshi's POV)

I struggled as he held me down. N-no! I don't want this! I tried to crawl away from him, push him off, anything to get him off. But he was too strong. Kariudo leaned forward and started ravishing my neck, his hands caressing everywhere he could reach. I squirmed and snarled at him. "You won't get away with this. When Daisuke comes here, we will destroy you once and for all!"

Kariudo paused in his kissing of my stomach. "You are mistaken little Tamer. Once I have consumed you, I will possess power beyond all magnitude. Besides, even if your little Daisuke did manage to find a way to rescue you, by then, it would be too late since you would already be mine." He purred. He nipped at my ear, his hands still roving. They were cold.

"You're wrong, I already belong to him and him me," I lied.

Kariudo chuckled. He grabbed me by the throat, pinning me down more. I attempted to pry his hands open but he easily ignored me. "I know what your mind already says. He has rejected your advances. So you do not belong to anyone but me." He snatched my hands and easily trapped them above my head.

He leaned forward and bit my nipple, making me wince. This was wrong. No, I have to get out of this!

Freeing one of my hands, I punched him hard in the groin. Instead of weakening as I expected, he only growled. "Stop fidgeting Satoshi." He snapped his fingers and I felt invisible binds snake around my wrists and ankles and I was hoisted up, dangling by my arms with my legs outspread. This was not a very good position to be in.

"Now is time for my feast," his eyes roved over my body hungrily.

"N-no! You can't do this!" I clenched my teeth.

"Oh, but I can." He came towards me and he bent his head down, nipping my thigh. "I have waited for this moment for so long. You are far more beautiful than I expected. I am grateful that the Hikari family has kept up their appearances quite well."

"You fucking pedophile bastard," I swore at him.

He grinned. Then, he lowered his head and took my member whole in his mouth. I gasped. This was too unexpected. His tongue flicked around the tip of my member, sucking on it greedily. He pushed his hands up and down along my body smoothly, almost petting me, and I felt a jolt. He had used his magic on me! I felt my body grow hot and I clamped my eyes shut. I felt myself harden in his mouth as he sucked harder on me.

"S-stop it you sonuvabitch!" I panted out. His goddamn magic had me under his grasp.

He stopped momentarily. "You should be having fun too. Perhaps a bit more magic will suffice?" He pointed his finger at me.

I moaned loudly as I felt something prod my prostate. He resumed his sucking, eyeing me. "Moan louder for me." His tongue flicked at the tip. I panted.

No! I'm going to come! I struggled to maintain my thoughts and hold it in but a sudden prod from inside made me lose my control. I groaned as I felt myself cum inside his mouth. He stood up and grinned, swallowing it. "Delicious." He purred.

I could barely think. I can't believe I let myself lose control with this guy. I thought in despair. I could also feel that he had become stronger. I thought bitterly, Is this what he meant by "consume"?

(Daisuke's POV)

I sat beside Satoshi, checking his pulse every few minutes for fear that he was dead and always felt relief when I felt his pulse, though faint. I sighed and grasped his hand. It was cold as ice despite the fact that he was sweating. I laid my head on his chest, biting back the tears that were threatening to pour out of me. I was scared because of what my mom had said.

Daisuke, do you want me to take over? I heard Dark ask kindly.

No, it's fine Dark, I answered firmly.

I promise I won't throw him in the nearest trash bin.

I had to laugh. It's not that. It's just - I want to watch over him. I want to make sure nothing happens to him, I said determinedly.

Dark looked at me worriedly. You have been through a lot. But, I know how you feel. Daisuke, could you do me a favor?

I looked at him inside my head (I know, sound's weird). What is it, Dark?

I'll have to use a bit of magic so we can split up for a second again. Is that okay with you?

Before I could think of something to reply back to Dark, I felt a warm hand grasp my shoulder firmly. I turned around and spotted my dad smiling at me. He took my hand and placed something in my hand. I looked at the item inside my hand. It was a ring.

"Dad?" I said uncertainly.

Kosuke smiled. "Instead of Dark having to use your body to use magic, here is an item that you two can use. It can only be used three times for about an hour each. It will leave you feeling exhausted, but not as much as if you used your own magic to do it. It will create less strain on your body as well."

I looked up at him. Did he read our minds? I leapt forward to hug him. It was the first time I hugged my dad for years. "Thanks, Dad."

He looked very surprised but then his expression changed and he hugged me back. Just as abruptly, we parted and he looked at me with newfound eyes. "Go and get him. Good luck!"

I stared after his retreating back. Did he know somehow?

I glanced down at the ring. Dark, do you want to use it? You can use it up to three times.

Dark sighed. Daisuke, I heard what he said. And yes I want to use it once.

I inspected the ring. The problem was I didn't know how to work the thing. I closed my eyes. I wanted so much to protect Satoshi. And although I didn't want to admit it, Krad. It was thanks to the homicidal maniac that I was actually still alive. We have to figure this out! We can't just stand here!

Then start thinking about Satoshi already you dolt, Dark scowled.

What? I asked blushing, confused.

That's how you work the thing. Now quickly think of how Satoshi kissed you!

Daaaaark! I yelled internally at him, blushing. A flashback of Satoshi's soft lips against mine made me blush more. Oh crap, I felt an intense burning sensation inside my body. Then, I felt as if I was being torn in two and I screamed, clutching my chest. I was sweating. Then, inner peace. I felt warm hands catch my shoulders.

"Heya, don't overwork yourself. Just sit down." I heard Dark say.

Those were the last words I heard before I blacked out.

(Dark's POV)

We had the place to ourselves. Emiko, Kosuke, Towa and Daichi had all gone out to research on this Mirage of Angels thing. I picked up Daisuke's body and placed him gently beside Satoshi (the couch was big enough for the both of them). The pain must have been too much for him to bear, but I didn't have to worry. He would wake up soon. Now to business.

I walked over to the mirror that was right down the hallway and I made sure to avert my eyes.

"Krad, I hope you will listen to what I have to say to you. I know that we've had this rift between us for so long and I can't take it anymore. I know that you hate me for what you think I did, but I didn't kill anybody." I wonder if he would even listen to me.

"Krad, you already know I'm a phantom thief. I steal things. But I do it in order to seal the magical entities and save the people. I never killed that kid," I said firmly.

(Krad's POV)


I stared up at the ceiling on my back in a pool of blood, staring up at the nonexistent ceiling. The little boy had disappeared. My body ached all over. Crazy fuckin' bastard. Ever since I had insulted him to his face, he had tortured me relentlessly, trying to turn me into the "good dog" that he wanted. But since I had such great pride and refused to give up, my reward was a constant horrific pain.

I heard footsteps behind the mirror. I looked out and saw Dark. A pang of loneliness filled my chest and I stumbled over to him. Dark…

"Krad, I hope you will listen to what I have to say to you. I know that we've had this rift between us for so long and I can't take it anymore. I know that you hate me for what you think I did, but I didn't kill anybody."

I stared at him. Didn't kill..? I felt the old anger stir in me again. Liar. I turned my back to him but could not help listening to his next words. "Krad, you already know I'm a phantom thief. I steal things. But I do in order to seal the magical entities and save the people. I never killed that kid." Unbeknown to me, I was straining to hear more of what he said, craving an explanation for what had happened years ago.

"Long time ago, there was an artwork I had to steal. It's called the "Fallen Angel". It was a masterpiece of pure horror. It was a Hikari creation, but it was a monster –like us. You know that boy? He got in an accident. The parents of that little boy asked the Hikari's to seal the boy's soul within a masterpiece. They created a monstrosity built on pure hatred and pure evil. That boy himself was evil, Krad. The Hikari's lost control of that artwork and the Fallen Angel broke free from his bonds. He started to suck people's souls. There are many people who died. If I didn't do anything, he would have destroyed this town long time ago." I heard the pleading note in his voice.

"But I didn't kill that boy. I sealed him within the artwork. But the Hikari creators did something with it and I don't know what happened to him after that. I don't know who told you I killed him but whatever the case is I didn't lie. You know I love you and I would never lie to you."

I leaned back against the glass, feeling the cool surface on the back of my head. Is he telling the truth? No, he's lying again….

I propped myself on my elbows, bending over the bridge, watching the trees sway with the breeze. Red-orange leaves fluttered to the ground, blowing in different directions. I lifted my hand and made it dance in circles, making a small tornado of red and yellow leaves. It fascinated me. I saw a beautiful dove alight onto a tree branch just a few paces away. I smiled. I felt as if the world understood my feelings. Throwing my remaining bread crumbs for the fish to devour, I turned around. There before me was my lover.

I felt ecstatic. "Dark!" I took a step towards him. But something wasn't right. Bright splotches of blood painted his shirt and he had several gashes.

"Krad, y-you have to help me," he winced, staggering. He stepped over and clung to my white shirt. Red blossoms bloomed on the fabric where his blood-soaked hand touched. "Y-you have to believe me. I didn't kill anybody!"

I was confused. "Dark, you're not thinking straight! What happened!"

Dark drew in some rattled breaths. "Your parents…they killed-"

"STOP RIGHT THERE!" A stern voice called.

I saw my parents standing alert. "Krad, step away from the murderer!"

I looked at Dark, at my parents, then Dark again. "He's no murderer," I called out.

My mother marched over, grabbed me roughly by the wrist and pulled me with her. "Do as you're told son! He's a thief! A murderer! He must be executed for his crimes!"

It wasn't making sense to me. Dark would never do anything like that…would he?

Dark struggled to keep upright. "Goddamn you, don't you have any shame for manipulating your own child!" He snarled.

My mother clapped her hands over my ears. "Don't listen to what he is saying Krad! He's just trying to seduce you again!"

Dark growled louder. "Krad! They're just trying to sep-" but before he could finish, there was a blast and something whipped past my ear, striking Dark in the chest. I whipped around and saw that my father had fired a gun at Dark. "N-no!" I choked, running towards Dark. My parents yanked me back, my dad's gun at the ready.

Dark cursed. "WIZ!"

In a swirl of feathers, he was gone.

"Drat that murderer!" My mother exclaimed.

I was still stunned. Filled with anger, I yelled at my father. "Why'd you attack him like that!"

My parents looked at each other. "Krad, you have to stay away from him. He kills people. Enough with the repeating.

"LIAR!" I shouted at them. "He would never do anything like that!"

"Krad, we have witnesses who saw it happen. They watched Dark murder that little boy!"

I was stunned. I couldn't believe my ears. It couldn't be true. Betrayal filled me and I felt a growing immense hatred. "Dark will pay," I growled. He had used me to hide from the law.

I clenched my fists. No, he's just trying to use me again.

"Krad, your parents were the one who were the ones who probably killed him. They paid off your neighbors to tell you that I did it. The neighbors didn't want to get on your parents bad side. Even you know what your parents are like! Besides, why would I want to kill a little boy?"

His forehead was pressed against the glass, his tears streaming down the mirror.

"Why don't you believe me Krad?"

There was silence.

Dark bent his head, his hair shadowing his face. "I'm going to get you out of there, no matter what it takes!"

He raised his head and despite the fact that he still had tears in the corners of his eyes, he grinned. "Because I'm the Phantom Thief Dark and I will be your knight in shining armor!"

I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. I chose to laugh at his cheesy line. "Dark, you bakka."

There was a soft tapping of a foot behind me. He was back.

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