written by Shaun Garin

Naruto is owned by Kishimoto-sensei. All charecters belong to him.

To prove my existence...

That is why I kill...

And that is how I prove my existence... because I kill...

A world born to me, or rather I born to it. A life born through death, and that cycle perpetuated.

Every night when I was young, I would sleep. And every morning I would awake to the accusing faces. Those cold eyes, and the tang of copper in the air as the blood from the recent victim of me was carried away.

The sands drink the blood, and the demon fights for control. My eyes are rimmed, dark and pale with circles and rings that signify a lack of sleep. There is no controlling factor over the demon I carry. The demon awakens when I sleep, so I do not sleep at all.

I walk the streets of the Village of Sand. I can still see the cold eyes, but they are tinged with mortal fear. The fear that consumes the human soul. The gourd on my back carries the will of my mother. Yes, she lusts for more blood, or is it the demon who lusts? I cannot tell.

Time passes. Missions completed. And then, my father calls me for a mission.

We journey to the Village of the Leaf. The country of Fire. The smell of grass underneath my feet. The smell of trees, the sound of birds singing in the air. And with it, the lust for blood all over again.

I find the one whom I deem worthy and strong. Uchiha Sasuke. His blood will feed mother well. I fight, killing mercilessly. Although curiously, I spare the ones who cower in the bushes.

The boy, his speed incredible. He cracked the defense I have. Still, it is not enough.

Then, I fight the Sound-nin. Pathetic. Overbearing. His blood was not enough for mother. And still I move on.

I fight Uchiha Sasuke. And then, I nearly loose myself to the grip of the demon. I fight, to prove my existence. I kill, to prove my existence.

And now, as I lay on the ground, staring into the eyes of one who is just like me, he utters words that seem to soothe me. Those eyes... so much like the eyes of one who cares. Who knows what pain is like.

And as I pass out before thanking Temari and Kankuro, I reflect on this curious state of events. Do I have to kill to prove my existence? Or rather, take another path and save life?

My answer is clear three months later as I stand in the field, staring down the unusual opponent of the Leaf-nins before me. And as I stood between them, I felt an odd stirring in my chest.

My hands clench and the sand rises around me. My opponent will not survive the hour.