"Momma! I'm home!"

"Hi honey," a mother walked out of the kitchen to greet her daughter. She bent down to kiss the girl on the forehead, giving her a light hug, "Now what do you have here?"

"There flowers for daddy," the young girl replied enthusiastically.

"Oh," the older woman crouched down so she could look her twelve-year-old daughter in the eyes. "Elyisa, honey, you know your father's been gone for a long time now." Her mother ran a hand through her blond hair. Elyisa shook her head and blinked her emerald eyes shut before putting a smile on her face.

"I know that daddy's gone momma," Elyisa opened her eyes, showing the sincerest emotion, "but that doesn't mean that he's still not a dad." Gracia cupped her daughters cheek, a large smile spreading across her face.

"You know what, you're right Elyisa. He does disserve recognition today, like any father." The green-eyed girl beamed in happiness.

"So can we go see him?"

"You bet," Gracia walked her and her daughter out of the house, locking up before leaving, and headed to the place where her husband now rested.

On the trip into Central, the two women passed very few people, and the graveyard was empty when they got there. Hand in hand, the two walked up the hill to where he rested. Elyisa ran ahead of her mother as they neared the top of the grassy hill.

Gracia slowed as she reached the top, watching her daughter place flowers on her father's grave.

"Happy Fathers Day," Elyisa beamed, as she ran back and grabbed her mother's hand, dragging her over by her father's grave. "See, look, even mom came to see you."

"And one other friend," a masculine voice echoed into the women's ears. Gracia turned her head to the side and let out a small gasp.

"Uncle Roy," Elyisa ran into the man's arms.

"Hey kiddo," he lifted the girl up in a bear hug, "fancy seeing you here." Roy let Elyisa down, and walked over to Gracia.

"Hey," Roy gave Gracia a customary kiss on the cheek, "Elyisa said that you may be coming here today. I hope you don't mind me joining you." Gracia nodded, saying that it was always nice to have company. The two adults stood in silence watching the little girl talk to her father's grave.

"She really is a living image of Maes," Roy commented, smiling as he looked at his best friend's daughter.

"She gets more and more like him every day," Gracia wrapped her arms around her self, "all this was her idea too."

Roy smiled, letting out a light laugh, "I'm glad she did this too! Everyone disserves a chance to celebrate Father's Day with their families."