Summary: Night time, and as Rose lies in bed gazing up at the stars, she reflects on her travels and the things she has seen with the Doctor. R n R please!

I Remember

Rose lay in her bed, gazing up at the stars.

She remembered the first time when she'd reached up to grab hold of them. She'd been three years old. Now she was doing it for real.

Saving new worlds every day, touching stars and cosmic dust, it was the Earth now her fingertips stretched infinitely towards as she hurtled through countless light years of space and time.

She remembered her first alien world, the exhilarating thrill of seeing a sky as alien to her as the ground that she stood on.

She remembered the eerily beautiful world, the one where the waves had frozen over, still waiting to crash down, still waiting to release all the energy that had been locked within.

She remembered the first time she'd met Captain Jack, the excitement she'd felt when his electrifying lips had brushed hers. They'd danced below a war-ridden sky, the sound of bombs in the background oddly romantic against the backdrop of Big Ben. She smiled, remembering how she'd swooned into his arms, nothing else mattering but his dark intense eyes, whilst below, chaos had raged as the dominion of the empty child had reigned.

Other memories were not so pleasant, like the ambush in the Pleiades cluster, or the destruction of the emerald world. Millions had died, all in the name of freedom.

But there was one living breathing memory that stood out most of all. Rose smiled to herself as she thought of the Doctor, the twinkle in his eye always giving away his true emotions. She only remembered a few times when he'd been truly upset, truly hurt, but somehow he'd always buried it beneath that impassable armour of his. He always looked out for her, just as she always did for him. He hadn't had an easy past, but neither had Rose. They had their own special link- two fragile beings thrown together in the midst of a storm, battling it out together. And they would win the war in the end, Rose would make sure of that.

Rose kissed the stars goodnight and went to sleep.

Good or not?